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Arya and The Hound 2019 fanart

A new fanart of those two.

Edit: I'm aware of the ear mistake! D:

Edit2: Thanks so much for all comments and feedback on my artwork!
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Really like this. 
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Just the best Arya and Sandor's fanart !
I got my new phone wallpaper haha 
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it's so awesome!i love them) thank you:nod:

This pic alone is worthy of a novel. And no, I don't mean Game of Thrones, because we know whose story that is.
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Very nice Cool Wink Blue Heart Icon Applaud fella (Reactions) 
Ok badass.....
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"Edit: I'm aware of the ear mistake! D:"

What ear mistake?  It all looks gravy to me! Sandor's left ear may be a mite on the small side, but that's nothing!  :) 
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(Or if people are saying "Sandor got that ear bitten off by Brienne!" then remind them that Sandor and Arya were travelling together well before Brienne showed up.  ;) )
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Yeah, thanks c: I should't draw his right ear, he lost it. Most times i do fanarts for fun without perfect knowledge or tend to forget details like this one, i've warned because on my previous Fanart of these two, i didn't make Arya a lefty and for four years i'm haunted by people pointing this mistake :P

Thanks so much, i love the way you think!
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You're welcome.  :)

And I wouldn't worry about those people too much.  Some people aren't happy unless they're trying to hammer your imagination into something resembling their imaginations.  It's ironic, considering that one's imagination is the last thing that should be subjected to conformity.  :/ 
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Love this! I really dig your style! :heart:
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Four years on from your last pic of these two, great work!
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Yes! I had to do it, i'm happy you've like it!
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brohem this is the absolute best. ty so much for this
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Epic work! I love it!
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The style kind of reminds me of castlevania... Good work.
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"Sandor... Thank you."

Great work!! :highfive:
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One of the badass duo to ever grace the TV landscapes. :D
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AMAZING WORK! :heart: :heart:
First of all: I really like both pictures of Arya and the Hound! Great design and execution.
I just want to point out a little mistake, that you did on both pictures, that is slightly bugging me: The alignment of the blades.
The edge of a blade always points in the same direction as the knuckles of the fist that is leading the sword (usually the dominant hand). Otherwise you couldn't really strike with it.
So a right handed person, like the hound, would usually place his right hand directly under the guard and his left hand slightly above the pommel of the sword.
I know that it is sometimes hard to find a natural pose that showcases all the details of a character and his gear. The presentation is perfect! But the pose has that little flaw.
Only few people will probably notice this, so it's not that big of an issue. I just wanted to point it out to you, since there is always room for improvement, right?!
All in all: 9.9/10 ;)

Cheers mate!
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