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STvSW: The Old Frontier


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STvSW: The Old Frontier


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BSU: Battlestar Nautilus

Battlestar Ulysses

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Theory of Relativity ch-9

Comment if you fave. Chapter 9... The Maelstrom Janeway stepped out from tactical. "Harry, is there anything we can do to quell the storm from here?" she asked. Harry shook his head. "We can do something about it," Harry said. "but we'd have to be in a pretty low orbit and we'd be reconized." Janeway groaned. "What about a shuttle?" She asked. "Is there anything we can do from a shuttle?" Harry shook his head again. "No ma'am." He said. "Tom and B'Elanna are on their own." Kathryn couldn't believe it. She was gonna lose two of her most important officer's and one of her closer friends. "What's he doing?" Miral asked, shouting abo

Danny Phantom

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RW: Guardians of the Arts

Comment if you fave. Chapter 1... Muses and Masks     I sat down by the fountain at the Outlet Mall in Ellenton with my laptop at my side, about a mile from my house. Not exactly walking distance but it's close enough for me to fly there via my ghost powers.     It was a hot Saturday afternoon and I had some time to kill so I thought I'd look for some possible characters for a future story to post on the net. The Outlet Mall was the perfect setting for such an activity.     The heat and sun light reflected from the concrete into my eyes and through my green Flogging Molly t-shirt. I wasn't wearing shorts though, we never got along. I a

Robert Wraith

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Shattered Reality ch-1

Chapter 1... "Surprise!"     As the day rolled on in Amity Park, one lone little ship flew through the vast ghost zone back to the portal with one Robert Slezak at the wheel. Danny was the one who decided recording trips into the ghost zone would be a good idea and Robert agreed. He pressed the record button on the CD player. "November 30th, 2012," he began. "I'm returning to Amity Park after a Mixed MArtial Arts tornement in the Ancient Roman area of the ghost zone. Dan thought I need to blow off some steam after last weeks screw-up and he was right and if I didn't know better, I'd guess that my frusteration gave me an edge in the matches.

Mirror Mirror Saga

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DPxST Hurricane Vortex

Star Trek

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Adam's Landing Season 1

Comentif you fave. Adam's Landing season 1     Season 1 of Adam's Landing follows four high school students who gain ghostly abilities from a still repeating radio distress signal from a shipwreck off the coast of Oregan. Now they discover their abilities allow them to see, hear and ultimatly hunt the many evil ghosts that reside in their small home town and ultimately leads them to discover a faction of ghosts trying to take over the world. A.L. High Keith Csatlos has finally talked his best friend, Drake Kilmer, into asking out Sandra Xerxes out on a date and strangly enough, she comes up with the idea of a fishing date as long as her

Adam's Landing

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ST:OL Polaris ch-1

Chapter 1... Drinking on Duty      First Officer's log, stardate: 9748.5, ever since we received orders from Starbase 19 to search for the missing light cruiser, Polaris, I noticed Will's behavior sort of changed. He's been late for his duty shifts, he looks like he's been through hell and back plus he's making mistakes on the bridge. I know it's probably none of my buisness but I went to the forward observation lounge to find him.      The large doors slid open as I approached them. The doors reveiled one big room with three circular windows that are two decks high. Actually, that was the s


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Ghostly fight Club c. 2

Chapter 2     The scene opens back up to the cell where we see the shocked expression on Robert's face to find out he was cellmates with Drake. Danny's old friend from his freshmen years. Robert: Drake?! Drake: What's left of him. Do I know you? Robert: Uh...no. I'm Robert. Drake: Nice to meet ya kid. Robert: (frowns) Okay, don't call me kid. So how long have you been here? Drake: (remains silent) Robert: Hello? I asked if--oh. That long huh? Drake: Yeah. Robert: Have you tried to escape? Drake: A few times but as you can see... Robert: Yeah, yeah. i get it. So you must know the layout of this place. Drake: Somewhat. Robert: Th


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The Author's Guitar


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F.W.I. The Boss

Fenton Works International

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ST:OL T.R.V. Fatherland bridge


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Firefly: Anastasia Express


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My first Trek model.


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