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How to create an almost-parallax RMXP map

By DantonSlip
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Just a little gif about my process.

Here for the result : 
Village by AnselmSgt    The Village (2) by AnselmSgt
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Wow thank you very much! All the tuto that I found were about rpg maker mv, it's definitely more easy with xp apparently! But is it possible to make parallax backgrounds with xp? I mean, I would like to make a background like sky or whatever behind the actual playable terrain, is it possible? such as what we can see in the game "Ara fell"  
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You're welcome! But for the background I'm not sure but there is maybe a script which can allows you to do that. 
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...You know what? I'd been trying to figure out parallax mapping for a while now, and I gotta say, I think this is a FAR easier solution.
Not ideal, but definitely worth the extra effort.
Thanks a bundle!
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Great works. Can you say where did you take all this trees?
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Thanks ! That's the basics trees you can find with the original assets of RPG Maker XP :) 
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Great work ! Btw, how do you do parallax mapping with XP? I think it's only available in VX/A and MV :/
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Thanks !

I cut my different pictures and assemble them on a new template for RMXP. Then, I just have to prepare each tile in the editor (if the player can walk on it or not) and I put all of that in the map editor on the different layers. 

Here is an early footage. www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0uY2G…
-> Btw, In this footage, I just found a script to handles the fogs differently. So, there is an ugly test of water. I've fixed it since. I will show that later. :)
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Thanks for replying! And could you let me know where I could get the water wheel ? :P
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You're welcome !

It was made for the game by a friend of me :) 
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Dude! That is so freaking cool.
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Thanks a lot ! ;)
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Wonderful job on the light effects ! Try to avoid the waters autotiles doe. They create a stair effect that is not on the same skill level as the rest of the map !
Good luck, I hope to see more soon, it's promising !
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Thanks a Lot ! 

Yeah, I know for the water, that's one of my weakness. ^^' Somebody gave me a script to make a better water, without that effect of stairs. I'm learning how to use it ! And I will test it before because I'm afraid it may lag. So !

Thanks for your opinion ! haha ! :)

I hope the demo will please you when it will be downloadable !
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Dang dude, you must have a lot a patience to do this. Pretty awesome work btw
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Hahahaha ! Yes I have. It's because I really want to create a map in which I could take pleasure to travel. x)

Thank you !
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150 layers errrk
J'adore voir l'évolution, c'est super cool ! Bon travail c:
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Ha ha, merci ! En fait 150 à cause notamment des arbres (et de mes retouches incessantes sur l'herbes que je fais sur plusieurs calques de peur de foirer c'que j'fais) ! :) Mais si t'en mets pas ou moins, ça réduit vite. x) Après t'façon ça s'pack vite ! 

Ravi qu'ça t'plaise en tout cas ! :)
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De rien. : )
Arrf ouais, je comprends le truc de faire des calques par peur des erreurs !
Ça ne peut pas ne pas me plaire. c:
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So it acts the same as a parallax? How does the effect look after that?
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It does exactly the same. :)

The Village (2) by AnselmSgt     Village by AnselmSgt
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God Freaking Damn it °-°
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