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Sniffed You Out (Finished And W/O Blood)

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  • Mar 5, 1991
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My Bio

Hey, how's it going? I'm just a girl who works part-time as a cashier at a grocery store, and an aesthetician at a spa. My hobbies consist of drawing, gaming, and transformation audios.

I'm also known as MoonBeast-AR and MountBeastAmusement on Fur Affinity, and Adaru32 on Twitter, Youtube, Discord (Which I don't really go on), Twitch (Also don't really go on), Transfur, and Tumblr.

Any other profile you see with the name Adaru32, or Adaru32 mentioned in their description on any other site not listed here is not me! Report them if you see them! **I don't accept requests and art trades** **I don't RP** **Commissions are on hold till further notice. Watch for my journals for updates** **Please ask for permission to repost my creations**

Operating System: Acer E15 (laptop)

Favourite Visual Artist
Yoshitaka Amano, Andy Park, Kenichiro Yoshimura, Rick Baker, Yasuyo Kondou, John Kricfalusi, Naru Omori, H.R Giger, Masaki Yamanaka, Anthony Brownrigg, and Ayami Kojima
Favourite Movies
Too many to list but my favourite genres are horror, thriller, fantasy, comedy, animated, and action.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too many to list but my most favourite band's Disturbed, and my favourite genres of music are rock and metal.
Favourite Games
Too many to list but my favourite genres are horror, action/adventure, hack n' slash, side scroll, platform, and JRPG. My top favourite games are Devil May Cry 3 and V tied.
Favourite Gaming Platform
I don't have a favourite because I find that all consoles are equally as fun.
Tools of the Trade
Mostly an Intuos Medium Pro tablet, but I used to and/or still use pencil, a computer mouse, pen, and pencil crayon.
Other Interests
Dark/Gothic stuff, horror, animals, werebeasts, transmutations, Devil May Cry

Updates And Changes

Updates And Changes

Updates & Change of Plans Hey there, how's it going? Just thought I'd update with what's happening on my end. I've started taking a break from going on Twitter and Tumblr, and have refrained from chatting with most people on Facebook till further notice. Reason is because I feel that those are what's taking up quite a bit of my time from working on my stuff. I've got a couple commissions on my Fur Affinity accounts from months to a year ago that need to be finished, and a plate full of WIPs of my own stuff sitting in my folders from months to years ago. Speaking of my own stuff, I've decided to make some changes regarding my submissions on here. From now on if I ever create sequences, it'll require donation goals to be reached, like what happened with my Dante's Beastly Awakening sequence. For non-sequences, they'll still be shared freely. Commissions will still be on hold till further notice due to complex scheduling on my end, and I'm trying to get my own stuff done first before

7 Days Left! Comic Submission

7 Days Left! Comic Submission

Only 7 more days to make it to $40 for this comic to be posted! Just gotta clean up the last 2 pages & add some extras in a few panels. If $40 isn't made by then, despite the comic being finished or not, it'll never be submitted.

Recommendations? Future Stream Announcement

Recommendations? Future Stream Announcement

Hey, how's it going? So I may have found a solution to the lagging issues on my Twitch comic stream from the other night. I had a hunch due to what OBS Studio was displaying. I have really bad bandwidth. Living in the country side and having a wireless internet box that exclusively stays in 1 room is what's gonna cause a weak bandwidth to occur. Do any of you have any recommendations for free streaming services where wireless internet boxes or bandwidth strength don't matter? I thought of Picarto or Youtube, but not sure. Now that things have slowed down a bit on my end, I'd love to do more art streams, but lagging problems are what's preventing me from doing them. Also, if you're wondering about the progress of my comic, I've got most of the 1st and last pages done, while the 2nd and 3rd pages are about half-way done. If you guys want to see the comic being submitted out to the public, here's a donation pool I have going on for it. Goal is just $50, you can chip in however much you

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Thank you so much. But the link you sent me is broken.