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Hi Everybody! :D

I want to thank everyone for the :heart: shown towards my Vogue Princesses! They've gained a lot more attention than I ever thought they would.

Many have suggested or asked if I was going to do other Disney Girls (mulan, kida, alice, etc.) And I decided not to. I'm going to keep it exclusive to the 8 that I've done. I'm tired of them and I wanna move on to other projects lol

So here they are all rounded up, thanks again. :rose:

:thumb187795820: :thumb187689727: :thumb187413220: :thumb187248666: :thumb186754187: :thumb186953690: :thumb186871364: :thumb187220899:
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awwww, it's so sad that you only did these ones. I'm SO watching you
i really want to purchase these for my new house! please let me know if you are going to sell these
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can you make alice??
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Thank you for the watch, llama and love! Lol
hey Dante, what's up?!
I have a question for you,, can I use your images for paint a t-shirts?!

can you give me a permission!??!

I wait your anwer!!

my email
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Hi :D I absoluty love your disney princes voque covers! & you inspidered me to also make an account on devianart! So sicne ur not making any more voque covers with disney princess on it could i than make them?:$:$ with Kida, Rapunel etc..? ;D
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I want to buy these prints! Please consider it..I love them! I'm decorating my room and I would love to have them hanging on my wall. Let me know please xxx
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They're available now :)
These are incredible, I NEED them in my home, please reconsider selling prints!!!!
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Thank you! I have considered it lol
I really want to get the Belle one blown up and framed to put on my wall!! Are you going to sell copies??
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I was thinking about it at one point! But I just don't think I like them enough to want to sell them :P
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Aww Dude! I found someone that you forgot! Megera (Hercules is Zeus' son, and Zeus is the King of all Gods so technically Hercules is a Prince therefore Megera is a Princess).
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they were great ideas to begin with.. but the style you executed them was phenomenal..!
I totally envy artists like you, for you seem to have grasped a particular style of your own that reflects in all your work.

I agree, though, after 8 princesses-- it may be a lil bit of an OVERKILL. I look forward to seeing the rest of yo' ISH!!
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Thank you so much, it means a lot :') lol
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is a very original idea! ^^
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Well done of all of them. This was such a fantastic idea and you really made it come to life. Grats on the wonderful work and all the attention you have gotten for them! :heart:
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Well, maybe someday you'll be able to come back to it, I know I love going back to old projects every once in a while. I'm sure you'd come up with even more incredible and creative stuff :) Till then, I can't wait to see what else you make :D
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Yeah I know! I kind of grew annoyed with them lol. Maybe I will who knows! Thank you though! :)
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I understand that as well, lol. I can't think of how many projects i've started and gave up on, lol.
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