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Lime Base Set

Now.... as a heads up... there may actually be people that are offended by this.... hard to believe... but if you are offended by either Barbie-esque nudity or the female form.... you have been warned.

Ok.... so I came across :iconlimegreensquid:'s work one day.... and I adored the way he forms the curvier woman body. His work was gorgeous and there are soooooo many tiny and average bases in the pixeling community already. So I asked and lo' and behold..... he agreed to let me do bases from his work! ::happy dancy::. My pixels don't do his work justice so you really should go see it if you aren't offended by nudes lol.

I hope so much that you approve Lime.
I also hope this helps the pixeling community and perpetuates the joy of pixel art. XD

100% Ye Olde MSPaint

Besides giving base credit, it would be very much appreciated if you could also give credit to the original artist of these lovely ladies, :iconlimegreensquid: . His work is truly remarkable. Thanks!
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this makes me feel better about my weight. i mean, im not that big, but im sooo not skinny! wonderful job :)
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wow! really nice! ;) the problem with some pixel artists when their making dolls is they do just thin people, not enough variety. good job on these :aww:
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Oh, i didn't realize you'd done these. I can't remembe, i just saw a very familiar figure on a piece - [link] - and didn't know or forgot we ever spoke, heh.
Well, i'm glad you credited me (you need to type the word "icon" after the colon, but before my username in the link up there), i just wish you would have given me the link right when you posted this, so that i could enjoy it, too!
I am honored you'd choose my work to make pixelated beauties from!
Now i know not to be offended if i see my figure drawings being used in other works! But please put something in the description to make sure anyone use uses it credits me as well for the original body designs.
Thank you, and i'm sorry if i sound angry or negative. My art are my babies and i want to make sure they're being treated right! Hehe.
So, don't worry, i am not angry!
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I didn't know, that you didn't know lol. Yes we spoke a while back when I asked for permission. I did stop by and I left a comment on your page with a link to them. I naturally figured you were busy when I got no reply. We must've somehow just missed each other. I'll put a note up saying to also give you credit. I love your art.. and I know how you feel about your art, as I feel about my own. :)
And thank you for the correction on the "icon". I can never remember the codes for DA lol.
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I'm in love with this as well as *LimeGreenSquid's base. : > <3333
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I think these are gorgeous
there is no perfect women body
the media makes that out to be
and we choose to beileve it
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Thank you and I fully agree. :)
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:: overpowered with joy! ::

Finally, bases I can use to actually make a doll look more like me!

I love them!
Major kudos!
LimeGreenSquid's avatar
And let me know, too!
Dantes5thCircle's avatar
Tysm... I'm so happy they are of use.
If you do use them... let me know. I'd love to see and fav. XD
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One question: I can edit the skin-tone, right?

well two, what about the expression??

I'm more OCD about the skin-tone, though... ^.^

but I'll stick to the originals if you prefer.=^.^=
Dantes5thCircle's avatar
Sooo sorry it took me so long to reply to this. I have no qualms about skin tone or expression. You can even make them into mermaids if you like or make elf ears. :) As long as body parts aren't switched with other people's bases and what not...

Let me know when you use them. I'd love to see and fave them. :)
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I've already used one of them... I just gave it hair. I've already faved it and all that fun stuff... ^.^ idk how to link directly... >.>; sorrry... but it's marked mature cause she's naked...
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These are awesome. There really aren't enough large women out there in the pixel world... I'm going to make full use of this base. Mhm mhm mhm.

Dantes5thCircle's avatar
In full agreement there. XD

Let me know any time you use it... I'd love to see the results.
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I think you did an awesome job on these =3
Dantes5thCircle's avatar
Thank you so much. :D
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wow!!! but i'm sorry there is a too huge amount of fat in that character!!! try with a thiner woman and i'm sure i will appreciate more! anyway you pixeled in the same cool dante's way!
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: ) They were meant to be fat, darling. They're not supposed to be skinny.
tZuB's avatar was just an opinion!! they are nice fat models!
KittyChan12's avatar
thnx for understandind. you dont have to be crazy skinny to be beautiful. :disbelief:
tZuB's avatar
no you don't have to...
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