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Grand Gam (fto may prompt)
A soft and raspy sigh left the grem's lips as she looked down at her worktable in disbelief. Papers everywhere in a tragic display of unorderly mayhem that she dare not let the others see. Good thing it was in her office out of all places and more or less out of the way entirely. For a brief moment, she thought about sitting down and tidying it up a bit here and there to make it at least a tad bit better. But all drive had been sucked out of her to be productive when it started raining just that morning. She hated the rain so much. People tracked mud into her parlor, it made her fur all matty, and worse of all it made her poor old joints ache something terrible.
She was lost in thought for a for moments before she was jerked out of her mind with someone calling her name from out in the lobby. One of the Mistresses showed up it sounded like. No doubt to give her another young grem to pretty up into what she desired and to fit her tastes a bit more.
Gamma puffed her chest a bit and took
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hey yo
nice spoilers all over your da profile for deltarune you bag of nasty poatoes
that was nice of you.
every day I just hear this dude try to start his car outside my window that I sit at. And every time he sits there and CRANKS HIS IGNITION. like legitimately holding his key over and grinding his starter, over and over and over.
I'm not car savvy, but I know for a fact that is by far the WORST thing you can do to your starter. Dude is literally cooking it.
Short and sweet, right to the point
Looking for pixel icons, preferably furry ones for my sonas……

I will look at all though! I have human and other characters as well

Paypal and points, I don't have many points though, be warned.
1) Their first design vs. current design
they haven't gone through much, just went from Feral to Anthro, I still use both forms

2) Why are they your fursona?
I wanted something different but also me. I typically don't even like pink that much honestly but I adore it on them for some reason.
They represent self growth, learning to stand up for myself and to no longer be afraid of the world around me.

3) Whats different between you and your fursona?
THEY FUCKING TOLL. and I am of average height XD
they are also thin, while i'm a fatass turd

4) Their theme song
I can never settle on one song for characters why would you do this

5) Give them a canon voice!
They don't exactly have one? Their voice sounds glitched and wavors in tone and pitches when they are upset
Kinda like Defalt from Watch Dogs

Normally they can alter the tone and such on their own. But they typically land on a tone not male or female

6) What does your fursona love and hate?
mmm. Doesn't hate much besides the typical shit people tend to not.
Theives, shit talkers, people that lie to their face and backstabbers, all that fancy shit
They also hate cherries and coleslaw. That shit is gross

Likes? Music, certain people. Cute small fluffy things. I DON'T FUCKING KNOW MAN

7) Their body type vs. yours
they toll and skinny and i am an average height blob

8) How strong is your connection to your fursona?

9) Is your fursona shipped with someone elses character? If so, who?

10) Who/what is your fursona based off of?
the sheer amount of done i am with everyone's fucking bullshit

11) Do you wish your fursona was real?
no they would kill me

12) How much did you spend on art for them so far?
160 atm

13) Where would your fursona live if they were real?
In a city, probably Chicago

14) Have you ever sold/traded them before?

15) Their favorite holiday
Halloween because they can be a rowdy loud stomping lizard and claim it's them just being festive.

Thanksgiving is second because food

16) Pick a movie/tv show character they relate to most!
I don't watch movies or tv so

17) Pick another fictional character they relate to!

18) When were they last revamped?
Does feral to anthro count? like, a few months ago

19) Who is their best friend?
Leon, my other sona who is a tiny emotional bean

20) Did you create them?
I am fucking shit at designing. So i bought their feral form

21) Their favorite season
Automn or Spring, they are the most colorful

22) Do you have a fursuit of them? if not, do you want one?
Nah, and maybe! I have no plans for anything like that but not opposed

23) How long have they been your fursona?
a few months

24) How many times have they been redesigned/altered?
1 i guess?

25) Their favorite restaurant
Food is food they don't care

26) Do they have any phobias?
*thinking emoji*
no? (eventually I might put something here but they wouldn't share my phobias I don't think.)

27) Name one thing people forget when drawing them
Nothing yet

28) Favorite art piece of them…

29) Do they represent you or a part of you?
They represent the fact people have used me and thrown me aside, stepped on me, and generally treated me like shit for their own gain and enjoyment.
and how fucking done i am with that lifestyle

30) Tell me one fun fact of them!
Looks scary, typically very cuddly
Has no actual name. Goes by anything really
Names they have went by are: Pinky, Glitch, Maw, Princess, Lizard, Marbles and Baby (friends call them whatever, (I keep track of all the names people use lmao)
The cuter something is the less likely they will want to hurt it, in fact they like protecting cute fluffy creatures.

I'm tagging ColoradoBlues Because i'm annoying
But y'all free to do this i stole it from someone else SO I MEAN.


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Bored, lonely, asshole.

Well the third one is subjective but i can be one, years of being put down and manipulated has made me into a uncaring fracker that will tell you to eat a flaming dog turd if you cross me wrong.
I love writing and art. As well as making oc's, which i don't have alot of for the simple reason that the oc's i do have, i like to develop alot. So i generally don't have the time to make many as then they all would have to be super developed
and I'm lazy



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