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Zetro XX (Foobar2000 Skin)

By dantenopolis
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Original Version :  Zetro

Suggestion :: Create a folder : "Portables" and  put the folder "Zetro xx"  (C:\Portables)  (recommended)

Install fonts : Guifx v2 Transports and uni05_53  (included inside Zetro xx folder)

Version :1.3.4
© 2014 - 2020 dantenopolis
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Unfortunately when you try to install normal, not portable after copying clean settings or my portable ones, the same error pops up all the time, ie Scripting Engine Initialization Failed (WSH Playlists Manager, CODE: 0x80020101)
Check the console for more information. (Always caused by unexcepted script error).
Right away, I want to save mode is unchecked how to fix it Foobar 1.4.4 ??
For now I will use the portable version :\

So I miss only this incredible fashion:

1. Radios eg: Last FM etc, if it can be somehow easily done, I would be grateful for the help ;)

2. Karaoke, if it can be somehow easily done, I would be grateful for help ;)

3. Cover flow on the entire screen, if it can be somehow easily done, I would be grateful for the help ;)

4. The icon in the lower equalizer bar is missing, if it can be somehow easily done, I would be grateful for the help ;)

5. I miss the icons somewhere on the side of the cover which after clicking you flip to eg: Wikipedia, you tube with a listening song, graphics, artist description etc. something like flex mod, if it can be somehow easily done then I would be grateful for your help;)

6. Extra Rating and love track under the covers as it was in Foava

7. Covers under the playlist + to change when changing the song but it's not possible, I've been looking for it in fashion for years and nobody has done it, so you can not :(
+ Possibility for each playlist of assignments, add a background but it's certainly not possible and medium needed hmm :)

8. There is a lack of file highlighting for a given playlist if you add any new files and a folder scan will be done to find new files  ;)

9. Lack of tutorial, description what is in these scripts so that everyone can fit under themselves, after rearranging etc., not that your mod is bad.

This is my 2 favorite mod after Foava 1.05 which unfortunately is no longer developed from the known panel ui is outdated and it's a pity but in your fashion I see great potential for rewriting it something ala Foava 1.5
I suspect that all this can be done but I am too short of it, I have slightly changed the Foav 1.5 under myself, but with you in the code I can not leave what is what: P

And now I have a few questions:

1. Do you plan any updates, changes etc?

2. Is it possible to get rid of the flashing when changing the song, it irritates a bit ?

3. How to set up like on the 4 picture that you have pasted on top of that next to the song is a small cover and on the right a rating with normal stars ?

4. As in the picture 5 Lyric, I understand that it is possible to give a background to the song, a photo if so where to paste the background ?

It's probably for now: P

5. If I have a txt lyric file, but how to configure it so that what is just singing was highlighted like in karaoke ?

Thank you again for this great mod I hope that you will continue to develop it further, I am sure that if you added a few things to it, you could easily sell it and people would buy it;)

There is no fashion that would have so many different things needed in 1 mode 
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I can't manage to make the visualization plugin works, I tried installing D3DX9 but it didn't help, did I miss a step ? Everything else seems to work fine
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EDIT : ok I managed to make it work, I wasn't searching in the right place, I had to go into the foobar options and search for Shpeck, can't set it up from the visualizer window as I thought.

Now my concern is to find out how to stop the player from sorting my library by artists and then per album because I don't like it at all I only want it to be sorted per album.
But it's not related to the skin anyway, I just have to explore foobar settings more I guess.
Really enjoying that skin mod, I was using Zetro 3 before, your version is definetely more accurate to my tastes, I like it a lot ! Thanks for your work.
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Tell me what I have to add to have visuals I am fresh in these matters because I spent most of the time sitting on Foava and I did not play with such things ??


I have already found a solution and it works, it was enough to change the path in the settings: schpeck and add a plugin :)
  Say where to download some nice plugins, your own, etc. ?

Do you know if there is any replacement for plugins that do not work with newer versions of foobar like:
CD Audio foo_Decoder

Or maybe you know some useful  ;)
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dantenopolisHobbyist Interface Designer
Yep, this skin is too cool, i glad you like it ,enjoy friend, soon new update (include vídeo)
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Standard Installation version please? :)
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Only one question, how can i get off the gloss shine on cover, lef-down on the skin? I like it plain.
In Playlist view i have uncheked "mirror effect2 or something like that, but still keeps appearing.
Thanx a lot.
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dantenopolisHobbyist Interface Designer
it´s easy.... go ::  C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\skins\ZetroMOD\Images    you can erase o rename  the image :: glass.png    it´s up to you
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Ahora lo leo... Sí, he quitado el efecto glass, muchas gracias.
Ahora sólo queda el marquito blando de alrededor.
¿Dónde quito eso? Dime dónde te mando las capturas, te gustarán. Y te marco lo de las miniletras. También es verdad que el portátil es un asus de 13 pulgadas, el converter, tablet y pc, la calidad de imagen es muy buena, pero las letrillas...
Gracias y perdona las molestias.
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tachyonmatrix: Instal DirectX redistr. 0.9c (latest) Download it complete from somewhere (youl find it in google) the web installer does not work with 7 and 8.1 because they use another version of DirectX. Agfter install, go to visualizations - Spech and follow the steps. Point folder of fake winamp.exe (inside folder of foobar2000 skinned, and it will work.
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This looks great... if I could get it going :-(

I've used your pre-built "ready to use" zip, it looks great but having added my entire music library the library tab isn't picking up on my full album, just the one I'm playing at the time?
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how i can move skin across the monitor. he is locked
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its a great looking skin, but i can't get the visualizer to work. any help?
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THX!!!this skin is pretty nice ,the best foobar's skin .
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Perfect skin  Love Clap +fav 
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