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TECH.45 Visual Style



Tech.45 VS for Windows XP

This is my first visual style and first attempt at any kind of application/interface skinning ever. I stopped working on it while I've been using Windows Vista, but some problems forced a format and reinstall and I'm back on Windows XP; so I blew the dust off this project, finished up the shellstyle and zipped it up ready to share with anyone interested.

The package is pretty bare-bones. No icons/wallpaper/extras apart from a couple of xp user icons (including a blank/template icon). By all means if you like my VS and find an icon set or a particular wallpaper which works really well then let me know.

Only the one colour scheme for the time being, sorry. A black variation may or may not see the light of day in the future!

View the readme file for a few extra details, but it's all pretty straightforward stuff I hope.

Until next time!
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