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Hi people! I wanna thank you for following my work . I'm posting today my favorit monster of all time . The most brave and heroic citizen from Japan and the whole world . :)
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can you do a male muto?

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Long live the king my guy. Seriously this looks amazing.

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How would you describe his body? I’m working on a story and it has a miniature version of legendary’s godzilla
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Godzilla is a god!!! So cool!!!XD
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Well, I guess you could say they put the "God" back in "Godzilla"! *badum tss*
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Gorgeous lighting and composition! 
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This is awesome work. 
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Wonderful view

Saif the little boat under godzilla's croch.

But seriously,
It's amazing.
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Holy crap that's just beautiful!
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Oh definitely. Would you have interest in doing a comic book?
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Thanks for the invit! Did you receive my note?
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Oh I did! Sorry!haha. Thanks
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Maybe I could work on the art cover, but that's it (sadly). You can follow this profile, if you want, and be in touch. We dont know.. Everything can change in a short time. If my situation get better, I could start working on comic books.
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I'll follow you to the ends of the earth if you continue doing art like this!
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So amazing!! Great work, he looks fierce :)
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Thanks a lot Soultree :)
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