Apologize to everyone who I hurt

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Apologize to everyone who I hurt


I saw this journal and I want to answer to this at first for Dante-564

I am also sorry that I insulted Lightning from Final Fantasy with my Dante x Trish pictures and that I answered to that meme about hideki very bad to you.

I am happy to see you never wanted to have such idea.I also don't hate this beautiful character and you are able to see here

Trish and Lightning In Japan by DanteDevilKnight

Here I wanted to show that Trish and Lightning are friends and they don't fight for anything. I mean we also don't fight because we are friends 

Lady Trish Lightning are BFF by DanteDevilKnight

Here i wanted to show that lady also can be a member of this team and together to be friends

Welcome to Japan by DanteDevilKnight

here i wanted to show that i don't hate any of these characters as well

I know i was rude about that picture with lady and trish. But here you can see I support

Poll by DanteDevilKnight

lesbians too i mean the love is for everyone and i don't have any problem with it. i also support gay or any love in the world
I am trully sorry for what happened ,believe me,i was also wrong with you

And now I want to say sorry for other users I had a fight before


I am sorry for what happened.First of all,you have to understand that I don't have a problem with people who don't think like me and they are free to disagree with me if they like that,as long as we do it in peace it's ok.

I am sorry because you thought I hate people who do this pairing or lady x dante fans.

Poll by DanteDevilKnight

I showed this picture to let people know that these are official pairings but I didn't make this to tell other pairings which are not there'don't pair anymore because hideki doesn't agree with it' .everyone is free to do what they want and I won't stop anyone to do what they feel.I didn't use this picture to attack fans,i didn't make this to create war between fans or anything.

I am sorry because you didn't understand me.You know english is not my first language and I can't understand perfectly what you say and don't get mad if I get wrong what you say,it is because of this.

I am really sorry for these months we fight and hurt each other by journals.


The same goes here too.I am sorry because we had a fight on
Now and forever, we will be together! by AnthonyMidnight
 and continued to make spamm

harassed because i ship dante x trish by DanteDevilKnight
and so on to give bad insults just because of that picture was put wrong in a group.
How everything started by DanteDevilKnight
I know I should have ignored this and not create more drama about this
I am really sorry that it turned like that and say bad things to each other


I am sorry that i bothred your pictures with my fight with Cambion-Hunter . I didn't wish to create there drama and i am sorry that you needed to see this and I know you let me to this because maybe you thought me and Cambion-Hunter can fix this problem.Sorry


sorry that you were in the middle of this fight and you also tried to make peace between me and fail or cambion.Sorry that I haven't listened to you and cotinued to be stubborn with you and to not be the first to make a step and admit the mistakes. Sorry for all


I know we also fought on that picture with lady because of the pairing which we like and wanted to show this.i don't hate you because you don't like what i do. i am sorry that we needed to say such awful things ever

e Poll by DanteDevilKnight 


I took this as it was a message for me because I was the one who shared the post of Hideki and to be honest it was really pretty obvious that was about me because there wasn't fight with another guybut with me right?
Anyway I want to say sorry to you too that i bothred your group with my pictures as I said to DanteVergilLoverAR it's same here.
I didn't harassing anyone ok?understand this please? I am sorry for anything ok?no fight please i don't attack dante x lady fans fine?thank you

I am sorry that you had to give me block on tumblr because of what happened there or here on deviantart.


sorry too,we also had some fights 

If you want guys,we can take this to notes as well or how you like i don't mind

 and fix and maybe we can become good friends and never fight for pairings or characters or anything else.

I'm sorry.
I am sorry that I only ever mess things up.
I am sorry that I had bad attitude
I am sorry I can't do anything right and i hurt you.Please forgive me.
Thank you for reading.
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TrishGloria's avatar
That's very thoughtful of you. First I want to congratulate you because you said some wonderful words.

I am glad that you have apologized to : dante-564 , cambion-hunter , lissygudiya, solitarylaptoptvlove , ayanarin , angeljasiel ,sanson19 , anthonymidnight , marylander97.


But I have to say that you forgot to add Fail-Seeker in the description of the picture,but I guess now it's late.(I hope he doesn't mind)

This picture is wonderful and you managed to make your feelings into this and admit that you were wrong and become friends between you and them.

It is important that you can communicate freely without making spam and 
Fail-Seeker understands you well,even if english is not your first language.

I am thrilled that the fight between journals is over and now if one of you has something to say, you can do in notes,without quarrel and insulting because you think differently.

It is good that cambion-hunter understood what you wanted to say with this picture dantedevilknight.deviantart.co… and you have not sought to provoke disputes between couples.

Even though both of you prefer something different, I'm glad to see that you have befriended.

Devil May Cry 1 is part of series and even if the director no longer works for that game does not mean that what he created is pushed aside or forgotten.

So, nor what he will say about the game will not be set aside even if some things are not pleasing to fans of the devil may cry 3.

It makes sense that what he says about the Devil May Cry 1 to be true without any malicious discussion .I understand perfectly that Kamiya has no power to change the fate of the game 2-4 but also other people can't change the fate of Devil May Cry 1.

I do not want to destroy the imagination of fans who make images of dante and lady, but I can not accept it when people do drama because truth was revealed.

Trying to invent unnecessary reasons,journals or to speak behind your back with others, because they are bothered that dante and trish are an official couple, is the behavior of a small child.

What he said is not to sidestep fans dante x lady. If itsuno did the same I don't think they would have liked fans dante x trish to do so nauseous drama and look for reasons such as, you try 
foist us with dante x lady when we like dante x trish, or try break up the imagination for our beautiful couple dante x trish. And to say,we do not care for Itsuno and his 'facts' because, as you said, he can be changed and maybe another guy to come and change completely  the fate of the games

I bet if you had done so, it would have said so you overreact about this couple or you take this to seriously and you have to leave the internet because you can't accept others opinions XD

I am not trying to take your defense, because when you're wrong,you know, I don't agree with you, but now I feel annoyed because of this sucks attitude and this is what I have to say here.

I would agree if the things would be like that.

A fan comes and says: I like dante x lady.

Ok this is fine,you say : I like Dante x Trish.

He should say something like:It is right that each of us to think differently and I do not blame you for what you think because you have the right to disagree with me.

And you to say :Yes, I do not want to do drama or try to convince you with what  Hideki said or to change your mind.I have not shown what he said to discourage you or make you feel bad, you must understand that this is the truth about the first game.I don't want to give you reasons to like my couple because we think different and we will keep our preferences no matter happens.

He might say:Yes, but I like Devil May Cry 3 and the action there, but I don't like the first.

You might say:There is no problem, you like Devil May Cry 3 and me Devil May Cry 1 and everything is well.

Then,An usual conversation should end here without entering into other details and try to reach this level.Because each of them saw that might not agree with what may follow and it would be useless to argue.

But it seems that some people like to do it that way.

This picture is beautiful but you know I do not like Trish because she resembles his mother and it's strange to meet with someone who resembles a family member, that would definitely be incest.

For some people may think this is also the right to tell opinions.Ok,if they think like this,then you might say:

Not so, it's strange to meet with someone who has shot you in your head.You can not sleep with someone who wanted to kill you.
He can say: yea but Trish did the same.

Right,but Trish knew that Dante is a demon and he can't be killed while Lady didn't.

And see?where do you think the things might go?to create a senseless dispute between dante x lady and dante x trish.

Would not it be better if fans would not say anything about Trish?Because fans can say many things about Lady,and then?nothing,drama,journals and fights for nothing.Fights because you say that you don't like dante x trish and that one said that he doesn't like dante x lady,and then?just bullshit and nothing else 

Do you think it's safe to say that Trish is his mother dante without receiving something in return?Don't be so sure because people will not do this.Don't you think dante x trish fans can also say safe many thing about lady and why they don't like dxl?for sure they can. but in the end?the same thing,they like dxl,and others dxt

If dante x trish fans defend themselves and respond accordingly, that means they are crazy or stupid or something else... But why do you say that? Freedom of speech? That means we also have the  freedom of speech and can critize you,and then?what do you think you can solve by this?Nothing. Everyone will keep their opinions and will argue for something they know already

What is the purpose if you criticize each other? Where do you think you going with this?Nowhere!they criticize you, you criticize them and?each with his opinion and should understand that as long as you do not think as them, better no longer pays attention to you and they mind their business

But ,this will consume your energy to contradict each other and finally all you do is to keep your opinions and criticize just because you don't agree with him and he with you.

In a world where people are indifferent and keep their ideas to the end, your efforts would be useless.They will continue to say that about dante and lady's best couple others about dante and trish and so on.And why all unnecessary strife?You will do the same thing anyway and they same.

Folks, if you see that someone loves a couple, keep your negative opinions to yourself, if not, wait, and other will return you back till you y to get bored and quit.

If dante x trish fans start the first to say about their disapproval opinions at a picture of dante and lady, this is bad huh...like (yea they are the first who create drama but if you guys start first of dante x trish picture =freedom of speech,others have to not complain because they can be crazy huh

Or if you create pictures that you mock dante and trish and fans dante x lady come and say comment like haha right or yea trish is just dante's mother everything is ok ;) for you dante x lady fans,i think yea

But if fans dante x trish would create pictures about dante and lady like joke or to mock DXL fans,and DXT would comment and laugh to these pictures,then, they(dxt) are sick and need to treat the disease ;)

So to sum up: if you say something that they do not agree, for them, you are a psychopath.

if they can express their negative opinions about dante and trish, and you say something back for dante x lady, for them, this means,you take this seriously and don't want to accept what they say

That's all I have to say about that because those who continue to do drama about what said Hideki, it's ridiculous and it is pointless to spend my energy to read such disgusting and malicious messages about an official couple.

Back on the main topic,i will continue with this.

Apologizing doesn't mean you're right or wrong,it just means you value your relationship more than your ego.

You just you wanted to show that you do not want to argue with and get back together but seeing what you typed, I have something to say about that.

You tried hard to not talk about what each prefers and why, but you just apologize.Recently, when we want to annoy someone, we test them?

She felt that you can lie? And if she felt that?That does not give the right to come and point the finger to a dante x trish fan and say that she is like his mother or other crap things I've read over the years from people like her without being ready to recieve something back

But if she believes she has a right to say opinion and you have to accept this and do not object, then she should do the same and not to insult you when you disagree with dante x lady, especially when you say opinion.

What I can understand from this discussion is that she said Trish bla bla and bla bla, when you you left your pride aside and have you apologized to her.

If she is allowed to say her opinions that Trish is not suitable for Dante, but if you say that you don't accept dante x lady because you have your reasons, you are crazy and do not accept the opinions of others

 So Dante would find it awkward if he was sleeping with someone who technically looks exactly like his mom, or something.''

OK this is her opinion about this.Let's say you ''should accept her opinion'but what if you or me say something else about lady and dante?will she accept this without blaming people who don't think as her?I don't think so.

What else I should say about this?If I say that Dante just joked and tried to tease Lady, it means I do not accept her opinion,or that I take this pairing to seriously?She does same about dante and lady or to try to make dante and trish look bad.

Or to say that the relationship between dante and lady's just a joke and should not be taken seriously,this means I go nuts and I can't accept her opinion?Does she accept mine,yours?

If she can say her negative opinions about dante and trish, why don't you be allowed to do the same with dante and lady?

She goes crazy if other people dare to say that they don't like dante x lady and because of this she wants  to make dante x trish look ridiculous just because they said their opinion against dante x lady pairing like they did for dante and trish.

If you give them reasons for why you don't like this pairing(dante x lady),they tell you unpleasant words to create an uncomfortable moment for you or people who ship this

Exactly what she says about dante and trish exactly you do the same thing about dante and lady.

I am not trying to start an argument, but it annoys me to see  that she has too many foodie.She believes that she can test you. How would she feel as if you say something back and test her too or dante x lady fans?

I am telling her to keep her test for her and her groups.you are not her bait and accept such behavior then to blame you because you rejected her 'test'

I think it would come out great strife

For dante x lady fans,please keep your opinions for you about the couple dante x trish(especially those useless) because you don't like if they do same to you.And dante x trish fans would do same about lady x dante.

As long as everyone keeps to himself their ideas and doesn't come to write shit in my pictures or other dante x pictures, I wouldn't have anything to argue.


And again,I am happy because you have become friends with others and now is ok^.^

Kuraiko-chan349's avatar
I am honest with you - I was surprised when I read this journal and as well was sceptical and thought for a long time whether or not I should accept your apology. Well, I am still not to 100 percent sure about it but I accept your apology - Everything is fine.
DanteDevilKnight's avatar
I am happy to see you around here and thanks^^. it's not a problem and yes,i wanted to admit my faults and let people know that i didn't wish to hurt someone. I don't mind if it can be 100% but at least we shouldn't grudge each other because we think different. it is fine now,nothing else to complain about yourslf. I wish you to have a good day/night and take care yourself
Kuraiko-chan349's avatar
Yeah i think so to. I don't hold a grudge and it really is fine.
Thank you very much, I hope you have a good night/ day by yourself.
DanteDevilKnight's avatar
Thank you really,i am so glad to see we are able to exchange again messages
DanteVergilLoverAR's avatar
I'm surprised I wasn't notified about this tag until Cambion-Hunter noted me about it. Apology accepted but yeah, everyone has their own fantasies and beliefs about who they like to be as a couple, or not. So it's best to be tolerant with whatever people create. Then again, I'm not comfortable with crossover relationships (example Dante X Lightning, or Vergil X Sailor Jupiter, etc.), but I have to be tolerant with it. But I do have a rule about crossover couples in my group, so I don't have to worry about stuff like that being in there. But with me for character couples, I only go by facts with who gets into a relationship with who.
Like for the Dante X Trish thing, I found out not long ago that the word 'couple' is supposed to be the word 'partner' on Kamiya's Twitter post. As in a 'fighting partner', not a 'lover'. Yes, Google does translate it to 'couple', but then again Japanese language is complicated to decipher, so there tends to be quite a bit of mistranslations.
It was also stated on his Twitter, along with the Devil May Cry Wiki that Dante and Trish are not meant to be in a relationship. So for those that like seeing Dante with Trish can still fantasize about that, but they also will have to accept the facts stated by Kamiya himself. I even read somewhere that CapCom doesn't accept Dante as Trish's lover either, due to how Trish looks identical to his mother. So Dante would find it awkward if he was sleeping with someone who technically looks exactly like his mom, or something.
DanteDevilKnight's avatar
Usually when someone taggs me I can notice that.maybe you have this function off or who knows. at first I thought you blocked me or something and couldn't read this. yes,thanks to him,you were able to read this and thanks to pay attention for what i wrote here. now I wish to say something and let's fix this at the beginning if you don't understand something ask,or if i get you wrong,please forgive me.i am trying to answer good. so here it goes

about what you say,i feel same,but to be honest,i have never seen vergil x sailor jupiter? this is a bit strange(i don't judge but that was the last pairing i could have seen)

when i wanted to put this picture in your group,i wasn't mean to make dante x lady fans look down,but i think dante x trish deserves the right to read about their pairing and the info kamiya said no?that was my intention nothing else.sorry if this turned like that but i guess even so,some people read this and know about what he said and now the next thing i would like to say is this. you can consider this as a little japanese lesson and maybe you can see what he said from my eyes and i will do my best to make you understand

i will make it short,first of all,the japanese language has 3 systems of writing,kanji(the characters from china and they look like that 飲= the kanji from 'to drink'=nomu but the difference between china and japan is that we have 2-3 different readings from the same kanji which china has only one. the other reading is ''in''. for example this is another 明 and this has many readings like
mei, myō, a-kari, aka-rui, aka-rumu, aka-ramu, aki-raka, a-keru, a-ku, a-kuru, a-kasu) so this is kanji,the second one is hiragana and looks like that あ=a ,き=ki,れ=re) and the last one is Katakana which i would talk about more of this because it takes place in our chat here. Katakana looks like that ,カ=ka タ=ta カ=ka ナ=na)some of them might look like hiragana but they are different,but the same as many are hiragana,the same goes for Katakana.

The reason i wanted to explain you about this it is that i want you to look for some words that we have from english and wrote as japanese please

アイスクリーム=aisu kurīmu(this is how a japanese would say ice cream even if this is an english word some might be like that)) ;

ア=a,イ=i,ス=su,ク=ku=,リ=ri.ー(long i)ム=mu => ice cream

コンピューター or コンピュータ = konpyūtā or konpyūta => computer

デパート = depāto (depart(ment store) = department store

デスク = desuku = desk

エスカレーター =  esukarētā = escalator

モバイル = mobairu = mobile

I bet you also heard in many anime the word ''sankyu''
which means ''thank you'' = ''arigatou''

I hope you understand till here what I wanted to say because we move to the next part.

Like for the Dante X Trish thing, I found out not long ago that the word 'couple' is supposed to be the word 'partner' on Kamiya's Twitter post.''

Because the question was like if they are like that. when someone asks you 'are they partners'' you answer with yes or not,and this is what he did.

I don't know what you guys could misunderstand this because he didn't say'no they are not like that,he put this ','' and then he continued,it is really important how to use them and he did it well,but let's say he did a mistake in typing  or understanding but now we are in 2016 and let's move to this picture and watch close his words


''Which is the best couple?''

I think all amerika ,english,and all the world can read this word' couple'' yes?this is not a mistake,this is what he wanted to say.  please don't change his words.if he wanted,he could wrote partners. don't worry he knows english or at least here said this correctly. he doesn't need to put words in his mouth please.as long as there it is couplea,please take it as a couple.

I don't think you would like if capcom change itsuno with another director,then ,the new one come and say that lady doesn;t love dante, or that they are not even partners then,what itsuno said is nothing,if i judge by what you said or others that the last director come and he deserve to say things and the rest before him,is nothing.(i hope you get the idea where i want to go)

or maybe ,i think, you would like to say from me ,if itsuno would has done the same thing about dante and lady and to be the one to say 'no he didn't mean to say couple,he doesn't understand english,he said partners and nothing else,so please accept hideki words as they are and don't change with 'partners'' please ok? now let's back for what i wanted to explain

''Which is the best couple?''

if you pay attention to the japanese question it is like that

ベストカップルと言えば…? and now let's look to the Katakana words,i think you can recognize them isn't?

=======> ベストカップル <=====

ベ = be
ス = su
ト = to
カ = ka
ップ  = ppo
ル = ru


Besuto kappuru =  ベストカップル =  Best Couple

I am really sure this time he wanted to say BEST COUPLE. He fix his mistake from the past when he maybe didn't know english but now I hope you understand and don't say such thing that he doesn't make difference between the words  ''
Besuto kappuru =  ベストカップル =  Best Couple'' and ''partner'' which maybe it can be read like that パートナー

Of course,we also have the japanese words for those but he wrote in
Katakana to be sure people get his idea

DanteVergilLoverAR's avatar
For the Vergil X Sailor Jupiter, I was making an example. I've never seen any fan art of that, I was just giving an example on a crossover coupling.
And you're doing it again and taking this a little too seriously, sorry to say. But I already know my Japanese language a bit, so you didn't have to give me a lesson there. And I wasn't even changing his words at all. What makes you think I was?
I was going by from what he was saying with his replies to people about his Tweet. Kamiya actually got mad at people for misunderstanding him on his words, and he kept correcting everyone on what it was he was trying to say. Even a long time ago before that post, he said so himself, and it's even posted on the Wiki, that Dante is not meant to be in a relationship with Trish.
You can still fantasize about that, but you have to accept the fact that not everyone can agree with what you and some other people think. From what I can see, you need to let go and accept the facts, and even accept other peoples' opinions as well.
Heck, I even got a bit upset and tried to convince people that the novels are a part of the Devil May Cry universe, but I researched more and had to accept the fact that they aren't.
DanteDevilKnight's avatar
''And you're doing it again and taking this a little too seriously, sorry to say. ''

I think you are taking this too seriously because you continue to say this,even if i thought we ended up by saying this

''So Dante would find it awkward if he was sleeping with someone who technically looks exactly like his mom, or something.''

what about dante would find awkward  to sleep with someone(lady)who is like his sister?

wanna start this again?i don't want ,so please don't bring that again
because this is your opinion or others that dante can't accept this,it is not cacpom idea or itsuno or anyone else

i don't debate about your opinion or mine about pairings.if you started to say about company or the directors,let's chat say only

by their vision and not fans ok?

capcom don't care about who is dante shipped.they don't bother to say such things that trish isn't good for him.there is not a proof for what you said.

as you could see,they didn't care and made DmC5.(even if fans didn't like and  I know the whole story about this,yet they did this and i know they should bring what fans like and i know it wasn't success

and etc,it was just an example and nothing else)

they don't need your money. if they failed to continue with this,they can create anytime another game which can bring money.

all this mess about dante and trish and that she looks like eva,so what?this is like sparda and eva and now dante and trish.

japanese people for sure will buy their games

and they don't care about characters or who are they shipped or what directors says about pairings and that this is non official or something like that

there can be incest too,or anything else like that,we don't care,i don't care.it could be even incest,i would have shipped this.i like this i am doing this.

hideki also.even if it is only dmc 1,this is important for me. i like other games too,but for dmc 1,he can say whatever he wants,even he doesn't work for capcom anymore,as long as dmc 1 takes place in the rest of the game,what he says,remains like that.

even if he can't change something for what itsuno and the other director made,for 1 he can.

''Trish are not meant to be in a relationship. So for those that like seeing Dante with Trish can still fantasize about that''

''Lady is  not meant to be in a relationship. So for those that like seeing Dante with Lady or any girlcan still fantasize about that''

so both of us like different pairings but as you could see,at my first comment,i didn't say anything about dante and lady(to be bad or look like something that)

.whatever you say,i will make always dante x trish,no matter what happens.

and i know fans can do opposite dante x lady,but dante and trish is a couple in dmc 1

i read on his twiter and also that he said that trish isn't dante's mother.only you fans still continue to blame this thing to avoid shipping her and put lady isteand of trish.

and please read this


'But I already know my Japanese language a bit, so you didn't have to give me a lesson there.''

if you know,you woldn't have said this,really

''Like for the Dante X Trish thing, I found out not long ago that the word 'couple' is supposed to be the word 'partner' on Kamiya's Twitter post. ''

couple is couple,partner is something else,please don't mix this

'' Yes, Google does translate it to 'couple', but then again Japanese language is complicated to decipher, so there tends to be quite a bit of mistranslations.''

no,google translated good this word Besuto kappuru =  ベストカップル =  Best Couple

there is not a mistake,there is a couple,dante and trish is a couple.

''And I wasn't even changing his words at all. What makes you think I was?''

this : ''It was also stated on his Twitter, along with the Devil May Cry Wiki that Dante and Trish are not meant to be in a relationship. ''

he or capcom didn't ever said this! NEVER

 but again THIS IS THE PAST. read this picture 2016 PICTURE.this is how he thinks now! leave the past behind!


''You can still fantasize about that, but you have to accept the fact that not everyone can agree with what you and some other people think. ''

What I have done,was to bring this screenshot from his twitter to let fans know about the pairings. I am saying again,nothing to look down dante x lady fans.I don't care because itsuno didn't say anything so as someone said,people can imagine what they want,but also dante x trish can do same,even if it is incest or not ,they still do 

you also can do this for dante x lady or dante x someone else. you have to accept also dante x trish and that hideki said this is pairing.

''I can see, you need to let go and accept the facts, and even accept other peoples' opinions as well.

you also need to accept ''Which is the best couple?'' 
Besuto kappuru =  ベストカップル =  Best Couple

''Heck, I even got a bit upset and tried to convince people that the novels are a part of the Devil May Cry universe, but I researched more and had to accept the fact that they aren't.''

what novels?why should this be a part of dmc universe?

ps: i am not trying to convince people to accept dante x trish once for all. i just showed the truth. THE TRUTH. you can't accept?ok,don't accept.

you don't like dante x trish?ok move on.i also did same and i know i can't stop people for doing dante x lady but I DON'T CARE. they can do whatever they want,but don't say fake things about the games or to put words without reasons
DanteVergilLoverAR's avatar
...Wow....No offense but you're actually gullible enough to fall for that greenfairy girl's theory? About Lady being Dante's sister? That's not official, what source is this from that you heard that Dante is Lady's sister? No where?....Thought so....What was it that you said? "by their vision and not fans ok?" And you're a fan yourself....So why are you saying that Dante is Lady's sister?

I didn't wanna start anything either and wanted to move on, but I felt something was fishy and I was actually testing you to see if you actually were serious about being sorry to everyone. And I feel now that I want to take back what I said about forgiving you....I can see clearly that you can't take peoples' opinions and facts at all...You keep trying to prove people wrong for no reason, when they actually try to explain things to you, but you continue to dodge everything that people say, and argue with people to try to get them to listen to you, when in reality they won't.

And you don't know about the Devil May Cry novels? Well, here's what I'm talking about :pointr: thereddevilschronicles.jimdo.c…

And you don't believe me about what Kamiya said on Twitter and the Wiki? Look what I happened to find :pointr: twitter.com/PG_kamiya/status/2… Tell me....He says it's "More than that"....What is more than being in a relationship?...Is it family? Friendship? And you're saying that's not the truth?...

You just keep living in your fantasy world and keep telling yourself all these things that you call 'truths'....Because they aren't :) What I provided there IS the truth.
DanteDevilKnight's avatar
Yes for people who say that Trish can't be with Dante just because she looks like his mother ,yes i embrace her theory. Eva and Trish are different women.They are not related.

If you decided to'test me by saying that trish can't be with dante or to sleep with him just because she looks like his mother'in my ''apologize to everyone who I hurt' you did a wrong move ,really.And don't expect me to be nice because I won't accept this.

I don't think you would liked if i said the same thing when you wanted to apologise.(or testing you)it doesn't mean if i admited my faults,i have to accept such behavior from you

Take back what you want,i will do same. I don't have a reason to apologise for people who banish this pairing by saying'  So Dante would find it awkward if he was sleeping with someone who technically looks exactly like his mom, or something.''

About novels,i saw these pictures but nothing else,i don't know what's going on

About what you say,let's see,there that person said:''Did you intend Trish to be Dante's love interest in DMC1?''

do you know what is love interest dear?

-someone a person may have affection for, but not necessarily LOVE them!
-Two people, usually at young ages, who test each other with romantic advances and have sexual feelings for each other, but don't actually commit to each other.

So,from here I can understand that is nothing serious or it is like 'one night love' or summer love then,it's gone.

Why should Kamiya have answered with yes?His answer makes sense dear. Trish is more than love interest.So,I bet that's the reason why he said'No,She is more than that. '' Isn't this logical for an english speaker like you?

If the question would have been like'is Trish dante's lover?(without the word interest ) then,I bet,me and Kamiya did said YES.

And yes,to answer to your question .What is more than being in a relationship?...Is it family Friendship anything but not to use a person or to take benefits from it.

So,thanks for showing me this.this is a strong proof that she is more than''one night adventure girl''. There is not a reason to say that they are not cannon:)

You also don't understand japanase but also your own langauge.( if this is english). There is nothing to imagine,to leave ideas to interpret. This was a clear answer and strong answer.

And also please pay attention when this post was.

9:17 PM - 1 Oct 2010

so 6 years ago :) or so and compare with it dear


there is 2016,03,08

After all,people can change their mind.Anything was some years ago,it doesn't matter.If he decided to make things clear now,this is all the matter now.

So,i can keep my fantasy safe,because it's official and I don't have to worry because this is the TRUTH and you seem to not want to accept it. 

You can't change anything about the love of Dante and Trish. At least don't lie to yourself or to other to brainwash because it is not cool from you.
DanteVergilLoverAR's avatar
Gotcha :) You are taking this seriously...I guess I have no choice but to not forgive you anymore....You clearly don't understand how things work when it comes to facts and opinions.
You really do like to dodge around the subject and live in a fantasy world, don't you?...Of course I know what a love interest is...I'm not that retarded :facepalm: What was said there is not a one-night stand. What gives you an idea about it being that?
And you're forgetting that when it come to multiple languages, things can be translated differently, and there CAN be misunderstandings. You should already know that since you've confessed before that English is not your native language, so you tend to misunderstand a lot of things, too. I see through your lies, you can't fool me :)
And you seemed to ignore what I said with the whole Lady and Dante being siblings there. Why aren't you answering about that? Is it because you can't find the source of where you found that information? Thought so :)
From what that definition of 'love interest' is, it CAN mean being in a relationship....You clearly misunderstand everything that's being said, and you're being way~ too egotistical about your bilingual languages. You're full of yourself, no wonder no one wants to listen to you. And you're saying that I can't understand my own language? I've spoken English throughout my entire life, and I HAVE read what's stated there, and you seem to dodge everything that's being said :)
And you can't change anything, either. You don't work for Kamiya or CapCom, so why are you forcing people to take your side on things when they're nothing but head canons and theories?
And I'm not brainwashing anyone. If you ask me, you're the one that seems to be brainwashing everyone with your fantasies, and you seem to be gullible enough to believe in greenfairy's crap. People will find out one day, and that will bring you bad karma.
And the reason I don't accept 'your' truth? It's because I know for a fact that it's a lie because you said so yourself that you live in a fantasy world :) Give it up, man.....You can't handle opinions and facts...End of story.
DanteDevilKnight's avatar
Gotcha you too,i know there will not be people who can't stay cool and look for their life and forget.I know there should be one or two and it seems I wasn't wrong.

Don't worry for what you said now,be sure I will also not forgive you because you don't deserve this.Saying that Trish can't sleep with dante just because she looks like his mother and this is wierd for him' and you want me to have a nice debate with you?then,take this as lady is dante's sister.

''And you're forgetting that when it come to multiple languages, things can be translated differently, and there CAN be misunderstandings.''

No,it isn't because as I explained already to you is based from dictionary,not from my mind.I searched online and I showed you.So don't fool me with old posts.Accept the new one truth.Is like an online game.When you update one,you play as it is.You don't complain for the errors or bugs which had been before the company repaired them .The same here.I showed you something from 2016 which we are now.Don't live in the past.Move on.

And also don't think if you have a group with people you can't be egotistical.Don't be full of yourself and ignore this


You are the only who seem to dodge everything that's being said.First you said that Kamiya doesn't understand english at all,but he does.The question asked to him wasn't clearly and tricky.

But I showed you by this that now HE FIXED his mistakes by 'Which is the best couple?''

Besuto kappuru =  ベストカップル =  Best Couple

How do you know that I am not working for them?XD maybe i am XD

I am not forcing people :) they can believe and think like they want.What you are doing now it shows me how does this post bother you a lot that there isn't lady or something.There is Trish.The first character of DMC1. The first game,I also like Lady;)

You're full of yourself, too and take anything as I am the only one who does mistakes and you are clear and without mistakes.anything you say it's good and if people dare to debate and tell you something you don't like you use the same words again and again''You clearly don't understand how things work when it comes to facts and opinions.''. You also don't understand that i like something and you don't.I got already what you like but I didn't say first such things about pairing.

yes,you  brainwashing people. what anything else you can't understand from best couple in his post?lol,in vain you are english speaker,or maybe you refuse to accept this lol

Be sure karma will bring you bad time also for such liers and will not forgive you.

The reason you don't accept this,it's because you don't like dante x trish and u are ''afraid'' that for lady is nothing and there people really 'live in a fantasy world'' like yourself,editing pictures and ship this pairing

and i was being sarcastic when I said this XD but whatever XD

Give up also,you can't accept the truth and the new information not the old.Live in past and stay there as you wish.I live now and embrace this beautiful information about this pairing.

After all,this journal meant to say that I am really sorry,but if you want to start a fight again,then,will be your fault not mine.Don't think you can come here and bother me with silly stuff like that and then to judge me for what i am saying.if you wished to have a decent debate,you shouldn't have brought this in our conversation like trish is like dante's mother or stuff like that ,because you knew already how would I act,because it is same for you if i say that lady is dante's sister,but never mind

Have a good day
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You're appology is accepted now. I hope everyone involved learned something from that incident. :nod:
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thank you ^^ yea i hope so XD
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You're welcome and all we can do is hope. :nod:
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Everyone Is Sorry Of Course For What Had Happened :)
I'm Glad That This Is Over Now, And No Problem Dear :hug: :heart:
This Is Very Nice Of You, You Really Did The Right Thing Now :meow: :rose:

And Btw, Keep Up Your Amazing Art Works Thumbs Up ;) (Wink)  
Very Nice Gallery!! :rose:
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Hug Hug Hug thanks for forgiving me,same to you,nice gallery :D
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Your Welcome My Dear!!!! :meow: :heart:
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hello everyone i want to apologize too for the trouble i caused 
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