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Elyre trudged along the dust road, eyes sweeping over the lush grass around her. She had been walking for hours since leaving the city around Knight's Tower, and hunger had begun to gnaw at her. Despite her former confidence in her stamina, she had quickly learned that a long journey was far different from sprints between villages. Still, the rations she had packed were meant to ward off imminent threats of starvation, not to act as travel snacks, so she pressed on. Aiming her gaze forward, she saw a village up ahead.
No, it was more than just a village. It was big. A town. Practically a city, in fact. Her spirit revived, Elyre's steps regained their usual enthusiastic bounce as she hastened towards the bustling sanctuary.
The courier had never set foot inside such a large town before. Strange new scents filled her nostrils and the marketplace around her bustled with activity. A loud groan from her stomach reminded her of her priorities. Glancing around, she spotted a hanging wooden si
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Footsteps echoed along the moonlit rooftops, their origin a phantasmic blur in the dead of night. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared, soon landing before a small wooden door with a sonorous tap. Removing a hand from the worn brown fabric wreathing its form, it reached to the door and firmly knocked on it.
"Coming!" a woman's voice called from the other side. "Just a second!"
Soon, a metal clack came from the door's lock and it swung open, casting the light from within on the figure outside. "Oh!" the young lady cried. "It's Elyre! I take it you have another delivery for us?"
"You got it, Ed!" the courier replied, casting the excess cloth from her form. Beneath it, a large wooden case, standard for deliveries, sat strapped across her back. Setting it on the ground, the girl swiftly retrieved a smaller wicker container and handed it over. "And I know what you're going to say. It's no problem, I'm just doing my job, yes, I would like a biscuit to go please thank you."
Smiling, the eld
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Sorcerer's Strife
"Zephis Altyria: Encant!"
Solid wooden double doors rocketed across the vast mansion lobby, blasted aside by the concentrated explosion of air. Through the doorway they once barred, a tall figure emerged, cloak billowing in the residual breeze. Sighing, he lifted his crystal sphere-tipped scepter and rested it along his shoulder. "So you're going to make me play Hide and Seek first..." he murmured. "...well...maybe it's more like Seek and Destroy."
A thin smile appeared on his lips as he strode forward, taking in the exquisite decor around him. The plush crimson rug yielded under his hard black boots, bright light glinted off of the golden girandole and chandelier, and wonderfully realistic paintings hung from the walls. He steeled himself and began muttering.
He reached the center of the room, stopping directly beneath the chandelier to choose from among the various doors available to him. A gentle rush of air rustled his wide-brimmed hat. Showtime.
The falling chandelie
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Leaf Blade
The Machop next to me staggers, the venom in his body eating away at him. From the wound on his shoulder, he should be on his knees, but the way his body tenses, he seems stronger than ever. I had heard that their kind was resilient, but to actually gain power...? He lowers himself into a strange stance, eyes focused on the Beedrill that had us backed against this tree. I simply wait for their attack.
The two strike as one, each a mirror of the other. I leap up the tree's side, the hooks in my feet digging into the bark at the apex of each jump. Below, I see the grey figure masterfully parry the massive stinger and strike an ineffective blow to the buzzing body. Reaching the knothole hidden in the leaves, I take my sword and call out to the insect with its stinger buried in the wood.
"Look up."
I bring my tail down on its head with all the momentum my small frame could gather, then spring from its floored form to slash an arc across its partner's chest. Thanks to the hard shell encasin
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Leaves crunch beneath my feet as I make my way through the forest. Although my arm and chest are still injured from yesterday's ordeal, the wounds have closed, the one on my arm now beneath a tightly-wrapped leaf, and thanks to the berries and long rest I had taken, the pain was now nonexistent.
My foraging skills are improving. Besides the blue-skinned berries I learned can restore one's vitality, I have found, though not yet tried larger, even harder yellow berries, their spherical surfaces marked with green rings. Presumably, so many are left unscavenged due to the force required to crack the solid peel. Still, I already miss the colourful, mind-clearing berries that grow in the sun back home. I should have gathered some before leaving.
A low droning fills my ears, borne on the gentle breeze between the trees. A different sound brought this way would be welcome, but this one fills me with a strange sense of anxiety. The pitch of the buzzing seems to change as it grows louder. I move
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Pain surges through my wounded arm as I weave my way closer to my opponent. The blade-adorned being known as Sharp may be a ruthless and seasoned warrior, but he also lacks a means of attack once I pass the reach of his limbs.
This battle carries more importance than any I have faced before. If I fall here, the forest of the acorn-beings, and almost assuredly my life, as well, will be lost to this creature and his underlings. I cannot fail.
The side of my hand strikes his side and I feel that metallic ringing again. Despite his impressive composure, he produces a rasping sound in pain as he leaps away from me. I think I hear him muttering as one of his blades narrowly misses my other arm.
"It doesn't have to be like this," I call to him, stalling as I plan my reapproach. "You can leave this place. Move on, approach the next colony in peace. A home doesn't need to be gained through domination."
I can tell from the movment of his triangular eyes that he's making just as much use of the p
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Ultimate Attack Chart by Dante8411
Mature content
Ultimate Attack Chart :icondante8411:Dante8411 8 33
Inspector Gadget was a hero.
FADE IN to a heroic image of INSPECTOR GADGET, followed by several redrawings of scenes (or original footage, if necessary to conserve budget) with Gadget on-duty from the original series.
Time and time again, he single-handedly went up against M.A.D. -the Malevolent Agency of Destruction, and every time, he came out on top. It didn't matter how badly the odds were stacked against him; Gadget always persevered.
The scenes shown change to times when he was with PENNY and BRAIN, off-duty.
Even with his boundless dedication to his job, Gadget was still able to care for his ten-year-old niece, Penny and their dog, Brain. Most people have to decide between being an officer or someone with a family, but Gadget was both, and he never failed in his duties as either.
The scenes change again to DR. CLAW'S many escapes.
Despite all of this, though, not even Gadget could capture the nefarious leader of M.A.D., Dr. Claw. E
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Serohn's Fortunes
Serohn sighed in aggravation, a toxic mist wafting from her jaws to tint the air near them purple. Her cards had failed her again.  Their information was always accurate, of course, but whether it was decipherable or useful was entirely a matter of luck, something she apparently had run out of.
With a flick of the wrist, her deep blue hand cleared the table, scattering the deck of alien tarot cards along the floor of her hut. "If the cards won't help me," she hissed, "then perhaps it's time that I introduced myself to the locals. I need a snack, anyway."
At a snap of her fingers, the diffuse cards fearfully flew into the pocket of her hanging coat, tightly bunching themselves together therein. If only they could be intimidated into showing solutions rather than problems. Swiftly crossing the room, the fortune teller gathered her things and passed through the door.
The night air swirled around the flesh she had left bare, which was most of it. A richly purple headband held back ebo
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"All right, girls," Ashley shouted, a hand slamming down on the desk before her, "let's get this party started!"
Ashley was a tall, athletic, long-haired blonde with bright blue eyes and a button nose. She was absolutely beautiful and the natural alpha of any group she entered. In her final year of high school, this party became her study-group-turned-best-friends, who she now had assembled before her. Today, she was wearing a white button-up shirt, a slightly askew studded white belt, and tight navy blue jeans.
"Don't you mean 'research project'?" Eile quipped, adjusting her glasses with the length of her middle finger, "That is, assuming you think it's possible to dig up a cryptic language which isn't the Voynich manuscript and present a plausible theory as to its meaning within a week?"
Eileen was an outwardly distant girl with neck-length red locks, loosely-fitting round-framed glasses, and a penchant for being a buzzkill. She was fully capable of being fun, it was just her last pr
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Night Slash
"Just what do you think you're doing, boy?" the towering monster asks me, "Interfering with plans that don't concern you. Shouldn't you be up in some mountain, tossing Graveler around?"
"No," I reply simply, "I've had enough of mere weight-lifting. Now I want something more...and I think defeating you will be a good start."
The being known as Sharp laughs, sending out pulses of a sound like grating metal before locking my gaze once more. "So you've decided to make a hero of yourself, have you?" he surmises mockingly, "Well, allow me to teach you about the real world. There are no heroes. The only ones who matter are the ones with power. All others exist to serve them."
"Is that why you're trying to take their home?" I ask, glancing over at a crowd of terrified acorn-people, "Because you think being strong gives you more right to it than they have?"
"Because I KNOW that being strong gives me more right!" he bellows, proudly raising a bladed arm, "Might MAKES right, boy! I and my underli
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Metal Claw
When fighting a less skilled opponent, the most important thing is to maintain focus. A well-trained fighter battles mostly subconsciously at all times, and almost entirely subconsciously against weaker foes, using their conscious thoughts to process additional factors of the scenario.
My attackers are out of sync. The spacing between their attacks makes it a simple matter to counter each in turn. A chop to the base of the first one's head blade, a spinning kick to the second's core, an elbow to the face of the third behind me. All three lose consciousness immediately.
The second most important thing when battling weaker adversaries is to resist your ego. Although taunts, flourishes, and intimidating poses are tempting, they should never be employed without a good reason, no matter how unskilled the opponent. The momentum of a battle can shift in an instant, given an opportunity to.
I sweep the legs out from two more of them. I can feel that their bodies are light, but not so light tha
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I bite down into a round blue berry, a bag bearing more dangling from my other hand. Some prefer berries with a certain flavor, but my interest in food lies with its texture and properties. Crushing the solid blue oval is made all the more satisfying by the mix of flavors doing so releases.
I had been keeping my rations in reserve before, but through the leaves just ahead I caught glipses of more berry trees, and had let my appetite get the best of me. Restocking my supplies, however, will have to wait. As I approach the trees, a panicked creature resembling a giant acorn rolls by at an incredible speed.
While the first nearly startles me off my feet, the second I see coming. Steadying myself, I thrust out my foot, easily absorbing the creature's meager weight with my leg. I had expected it to weigh as much as the unChanged form of my training weights, but instead it made them seem like mountains.
"Please help us!" the acorn shrieks, its somehow-attached feet wiggling violently as it s
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Pt. 1 - Karate Chop
Two balls of jagged stone slam to the ground, clouds of dust billowing out from beneath them as they take the opportunity to roll away. I let them; my training was done for the day. As they send themselves down the rocky slope, a chorus of loud cries echoes behind them. It annoys them to be used as weights, but they allow it so long as I carry them up the mountain.
I wish I had a name to give, but I don't. Not yet. That's why my goal is to make one for myself. My peers have always believed that true strength comes from Changing, but I see things differently. I won't pretend I can't see the allure of a larger, stronger body, but to say that taking on a new form is the only way to be strong is wrong, and no matter how difficult it is, I'm going to prove that to the world.
A loud sigh escapes me as I take a seat on a tuft of grass. I've heard that some creatures believe my kind never tires, but that's not true. We simply have far more endurance than other species and never show our exhaus
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"What is it?"
"Merin found it. Somehow, it got through the barrier."
"No way! No way! Nothing gets in without The Elder's permission! One time I went to the forest to pick flowers and I was stuck outside for three hours when I tried to come home!"
Voices flitted through his mind, but meant nothing to him. What was he? What was his purpose? It felt like there was just a void where his identity had been.
The bickering continued as his mind slowly reassembled itself. The sounds around him began to take on meaning, though they were still so faint and distant.
"It's a male," one voice spoke calmly, "The Elder has mentioned them before."
"Like a warlock? No way! If a warlock was coming here, The Elder would have warned us!"
"Stop saying 'no way'!"
"Enough. Are you sorcsourd? It's not a warlock. It has no magic at all."
"Why would you ever use that word, Merin!? You and The Elder are the only two who can even pronounce it!"
"There are no other terms for 'unable to sense magic', though..
:icondante8411:Dante8411 4 16
Clash of the Machina
"Matchup 1: Artemis Jensen versus Aloysius Vyle."
The modulated voice cued the contestants to take their places, though from the looks of the arena they were in, the event was a contest in advertised name only; the friendlier name used in hopes of drawing young blood to what, from the tension, Sen could feel was going to be competition on par with mortal combat.
From his vantage point atop his sister's shoulder, he examined the competitors with the device The Masked Inventor had given him. They had the same function as binoculars, but with them, he was easily able to observe minute details, and even capture and review moments with a press of a button. No camera where he was from was sophisticated to double as much else, especially while being so lightweight.
The first one to his platform was Vyle, a hurried-looking man with a brown suit and hat which shaded out his features, staring intensely at what resembled a clipboard in his hand. He had the air of a man who perpetually expected so
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Went looking through all my PMs (to purge all traces of sour relationships from them, tbh.) It's surreal realizing how much you forget. Was I ever even here, or just a facsimile of me who's since left this world?
Nah, I just have a bad memory.
Sorry if I never got back to you, it's been over two years since my last anything. I still swing by to look at PMs sometimes, but if I don't get a reply, odds are I won't remember we were talking.
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