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New JaJ logos

There are days when I have to be more than a writer, editor, tea boy and provider of sexual services at Jazz and Jess .com. I sometimes do the odd extra thing, like make logos. Here are two examples, both results of 5 minutes f**king about on photoshop. The first is for Jazz's work place "Suicide Direct", a call centre and suicide helpline. This logo has already turned up in the "Does not Compute" issue of Jazz and Jess. The other is for a TV show that will be mentioned now and then in the JaJ universe, Jazz and Ben (his best friend) love this show and it is a send up of shows like the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. The name is a turn on the name "Kamen Rider", a Japanese show that shares many of the same staples as Power Rangers without the big gay robots.

Check out the comic here: ---> [link]
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I'm feelin the logos!
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Bit worried about the sexual services lol...... oh well it's a free country :rofl:
Great work as always :D

Blessed be
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