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Yes, somewhat late with this due to not finding time to get the latest comic finished and uploaded, but at least it's still January. Here we go;
This Christmas and New Year, very much like the entirety of 2007, has been full of major ups and downs. I'm curious what 2008 will bring, as my plans for it are still rather nebulous.

The days up to and including Christmas had my parents and I joining my brother and his girlfriend at her mother's place in the Lake District. It was a good time overall despite my own silly head, an annoying cold, the bad weather, and the massive lack of mobile phone reception.

One hilarious night in the living room involved the lads all trying to play the precision games of ' Pop-up Pirate ', 'Bob the Builder tidies up', and 'Buckaroo' at the same time while very drunk. Triggering off one game often set the other two off. I miraculously won overall (I was rather drunk) and my brother somehow scared himself shitless twice. This was all after a game of 'Articulate', and 'Trivia Pursuit' where the team of us 'kids' beat both sets of parents.

Christmas presents included: a large bottle of cider (taste like snakebite but even better), a t-shirt, RC Mario Kart, RC helicopter (for dogfights against my brother's one), funky leather-bound note pad, pyjamas, scarf, a shirt, and some money/vouchers to go spending on DVD box sets. I brought series 1 of 'Heroes', the entire 'Blackadder' and the classic 'Jeeves & Wooster'.
I also bought myself the 'Asus Eee PC', a lovely dinky ickle (7 inch screen) notebook/laptop that will very much help me out when wanting to check email and type stuff up on the go or while lazing in bed. Not powerful in the slightest, but very handy and something I've wanted for a long time. It has been dubbed 'Chibi-Kiki' as it's my first 'laptop' since the original Kiki.

Also went to my grandparents and got to see my aunt, uncle, and (very cute/crazy) little cousin too. Everything was generally excellent although my dad got very ill at one point, which got me very worried. We set back home on New Year's Eve.

The New Year was missed by a few minutes because five lads (from a local game/DVD shop) and myself were all having a Halo death match on three linked Xbox machines. We wondered why the fireworks outside had got louder.

So, recently I've been back at work as normal, caught another little cold, and have been using my weekends to visit various friends. I've been rather busy yet a tad annoyed that I haven't been getting around to certain tasks and decisions I need/want to. I've been making a list to help me out that includes several things from drawing artwork for the upcoming a3s game, to figuring out if I'm going to a university again.
I've also recently gone through a bit of an image change to reflect the little adjustments within myself over the past months. I also have lots of friends requesting that I don't cut my hair, so it's staying for a while.
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darlosworld Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds like a jolly good winter.
dante-kimachi Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2008
Was certainly amusing in some places, lol.

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January 25, 2008