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Following the guest strip by Tiggs, I've just uploaded a new and 'disgustingly cute' comic at
One of those ‘ten things’ memes. Just ten random things about myself;

1) My name is Marc, but I’m also known as Maku-neko, Dante Kimachi, and Dante Graywards.

2) I often feel trapped due to how the current society works, I can’t go on further uni courses, can’t explore the world, and rarely have time to do a zillion other things I’d rather be getting on with. Need to win a few million pounds.

3) My friends mean a lot to me, I’m ecstatic when they’re happy and depressed when they’re sad.

4) I sometimes get some very violent scenarios played in my head, often involving me fighting/killing chav types. I’d like to think that in a real fight I’d fair quite well, very few have actually seen me in proper attack mode.

5) I have this thing about needing to wash my mitts after handling food, possibly linked with not wanting to get console control pads greasy, I dunno.

6) I know where my towel is.

7) I supply my own sound effects for most situations. I’ve also been told I “whistle like a dream”.

8) Very much like Ryoga from Ranma 1/2, I have no sense of direction whatsoever. I often get very lost in places I really should know after several years.

9) Can I have ketchup with that?

10) I’m a sword-wielding thief-mage classed tactical ninja, dread-pirate, time lord, cat boy who hitchhikes on spaceships. My level 2 limit-break is the 6-hit ‘Maku-neko rendan’. My CO power increases the spaces my tanks can travel and the distance my long-range units can fire.
..... Oh yeah, I'm also a browncoat and rather forgetful xD

If ya fancy doing one of these too, then I TAG YOU! *multi-tag* Then tell me bout it so I can have a read.
If not, then I do not tag you. It’s understandable, took me several months to get round to doing this one myself. Busy-busy.
Oh! Also, you have the “moo”, muhahaha! </moo-tag>
The rough scripts and sketches for Automatic Freestyle still haven't been fully sorted but at least I got a bit of a start on them all, it's really in such a state. Maybe I'll have more chance in the Christmas and New Year holiday.
Quick recap of life in general since the last update;
* Work at the office has been insane
* Keep catching colds
* Being hyper excited about going to Japan in March 2010
* Had a couple of epic nights out with peeps
* Had some more visits to other awesome friends
* Had a birthday (I'm 28 now)
* Ruth made epic Kuro and Shiro models which could possibly end up being official a3s merchandise
* The DSA finally allowed me to pass the often rigged driving test
* Lost lots of time buying and sorting Christmas pressies for people
* Read the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book
* Rinsed through New Super Mario Bros Wii
* Scoffed a lot of chocolate
* Saved the world from complete destruction and no one noticed
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I wanted to buy a shirt on the cheap to zombify for Halloween.

Most were around £20 but I found the clear-out section and saw this sticker on the one I bought;

"This item has previously been on sale at the higher price for at least 28 days in the past 6 months in at least 5 Next clearance or Lime stores."

I felt so sorry for the shirt. Poor shirt *sniff*

The price was £5... the till rang it up as £3.

I'm gonna feel bad when I rip it up a bit and splatter it with fake blood.
Finally found some time to update my dA and check out... erm...

5,835 Deviations, 2,113 Messages, 1 Note

Awhhh, crap.
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Me, the 13th Duke of Wybourne? Here? Updating my dA account? With my reputation? Surely not.

It'll happen some when... maybe.
So... so busy T_T
Gah, will I ever find time to reply to all the comments and upload new stuff here?
Anyway, yes, your Shikamaru & Temari photo requests!

This May (just before Expo), I’ll be cosplaying Shikamaru from Naruto and attending a photo shoot. There are various plots and plans, but I’m also open to suggestions from the fans of the character.

Is there any particular pose you’d like to see? Any scene from the manga/anime we could try to homage?
We’ll also be joined by a Temari cosplayer for some ‘ShikaTem’ photos, so say if you have any requests involving those two characters.

If your requests are based on fanart or the manga/anime, link me to the pic and we’ll see what we can do ^_^
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Christmassy '08 season note

Sun Dec 28, 2008, 3:47 PM
Header? This is new... oh I put the funky pictures other people have here don't I? Maybe a set of standard text too, ne?

Everyone been having a good holiday?

I'm still having a major catch up with the online stuff. dA will have my full attention at some point soonish along with new uploads. Sorry I'm not replying to everything right away.

A particular exceptionally awesome person I know gave me a dA subscription!
I have no idea how it works, how long it lasts or what it really does.... is this the full list?
# Get up to 120 Deviations per page while browsing (can't seem to find how to turn this on any more)
# Browse with No Ads (sw33t!)
# Browse Way Back all the way to 2000 (you mean you can't normally?)
# Make Journal Polls (no ideas for polls currently come to mind yet bet I miss this option when I lose it)
# Use CSS Templates (now that could be very interesting)
# Download Art to your Phone (lol)

*hugs the exceptionally awesome person*

People, people talk to me! I'm hyper on rum and jellybabies! >_<

This is the footer, hee ^_^
Yes, #084
12,618 Deviations, 1,019 Messages... oh monkey poop.

Mostly the same as the last entry, I'm still trying to get on with various projects and also do lots of other things. Full time work does somewhat get in the way of world domination.
I had an interview for a part time art/computer teaching job in a college and essentially got the job, but I had to turn them down because it just wasn't feasible due to the distance and the few hours they only needed me per week. Was a shame because I really liked the place for several reasons. I was able to help a little with a few things and some advice, but yeah, had to miss out on that one.
The anime convention, Amecon 08, was excellent, and hopefully I'll have a report up at some point, although don't hold your breath, I still have finished the one from 2007. It made me really happy to meet up with some new and old friends. The only down-point was that there was so much going off at once that we missed out on a lot of stuff.
Other weekends have been taxed by meeting up with people here and there for rather drunken nights out or just general chillage. I also recently got to meet up with some old friends from the school days for a catch up. More bars need Nintendo Wii's in them.
Also… Fish, Ven, and myself have been plotting stuff, yes… plotting… *says no more for now*
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The weather can't make its mind up, chilling winds and pouring with rain, or bright and hot clear sunny days. May is going to be a busy month, I'm going to be all over the place, visiting far-off friends on certain weekends, taking tests, going on a 'team leader' course at work… June is already starting to get booked up, no wonder it feels like the year is flying by already.
The past Free Comic Book Day and general hangout was fun even if illness befell some of our number. I'm doing what I can to chill-out lately, as I keep getting ill myself and generally slip into the old routine of excessively stressing and not sleeping well. Getting back to making time to play some games isn't overly productive but it is a lot of fun and makes for some nice escapism. 'FF:CC:Ring of Fates' on the DS does this well, and so does the excellent 'Mario Kart Wii'. At one point Chibi-Kiki and me were playing against Ven and Fish (on wifi) while using Skype to communicate. It worked rather well actually and was a lot of fun. Then I beat the French :p
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This journal-style bit seems to be more of a monthly recap for me. This would be a tad long if I dumped in most of the updates from the a3s forum, so here are just a few bullet points again;
* Louise's birthday paintball mission being riddled with 'Spaced' quotes and lots of other general craziness.
* Prizes (not won by me), pocky (certainly eaten by me), fortune cookies, and some manga sneak peeks at a TokyoPop Recon event in Leeds.
* Random chibi-snow storms now more recently followed by nice clear sunny days… very odd.
* 'Worms 2' for the DS keeping my over-thinking mind distracted when I can't sleep. Awesome game.
* YATA had a random 'Easter gaming special' where most of us played the Japanese version of 'Super Smash Bros Brawl' for the Wii. Was much fun and all social and stuff.
* A few visits from or to old and new friends for happy fun times.
* Bog-standard Mon-Fri workdays keeping me from getting on with stuff I wanna do.
* Various other junk I haven't got the energy to rant about right now.
* The best homemade cheesecake ever!
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The phrase; "so troublesome" in English or Japanese, seems to be coming out of my mouth more and more lately. Think I’ve nearly got myself in the right frame of mind to handle the rest of 2008…
So, what’s been happening since the late update?
* ‘Advance Wars: Dark Conflict’ for the DS taking up most of my gaming time.
* Visiting Vani and exploring castles in Scotland.
* Visiting Ave in York for cinema fun times and a good catch up.
* A crazy night out with a lot of friends to a mad goth/cyber dance event where I could easily dress up like a cat boy and look ‘normal’.
* Ruth’s birthday weekend that included a gig, 4-player arcade Mario Kart, lots of wine, and pyjama ninjas.
* Driving lessons on the go again, leading to yet another waste of time and money due to a crap reason to fail me on my test.
* More amusing YATA meets.
Kinda skimped there with the list as most readers of this will already know the finer details of each point.
Got some time on your hands? Surf on over to the Automatic Freestyle forum to join in mad conversations about crazy quotes, dark secrets, role-playing games, anime, earthquakes, and cheesecake.
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Yes, somewhat late with this due to not finding time to get the latest comic finished and uploaded, but at least it's still January. Here we go;
This Christmas and New Year, very much like the entirety of 2007, has been full of major ups and downs. I'm curious what 2008 will bring, as my plans for it are still rather nebulous.

The days up to and including Christmas had my parents and I joining my brother and his girlfriend at her mother's place in the Lake District. It was a good time overall despite my own silly head, an annoying cold, the bad weather, and the massive lack of mobile phone reception.

One hilarious night in the living room involved the lads all trying to play the precision games of ' Pop-up Pirate ', 'Bob the Builder tidies up', and 'Buckaroo' at the same time while very drunk. Triggering off one game often set the other two off. I miraculously won overall (I was rather drunk) and my brother somehow scared himself shitless twice. This was all after a game of 'Articulate', and 'Trivia Pursuit' where the team of us 'kids' beat both sets of parents.

Christmas presents included: a large bottle of cider (taste like snakebite but even better), a t-shirt, RC Mario Kart, RC helicopter (for dogfights against my brother's one), funky leather-bound note pad, pyjamas, scarf, a shirt, and some money/vouchers to go spending on DVD box sets. I brought series 1 of 'Heroes', the entire 'Blackadder' and the classic 'Jeeves & Wooster'.
I also bought myself the 'Asus Eee PC', a lovely dinky ickle (7 inch screen) notebook/laptop that will very much help me out when wanting to check email and type stuff up on the go or while lazing in bed. Not powerful in the slightest, but very handy and something I've wanted for a long time. It has been dubbed 'Chibi-Kiki' as it's my first 'laptop' since the original Kiki.

Also went to my grandparents and got to see my aunt, uncle, and (very cute/crazy) little cousin too. Everything was generally excellent although my dad got very ill at one point, which got me very worried. We set back home on New Year's Eve.

The New Year was missed by a few minutes because five lads (from a local game/DVD shop) and myself were all having a Halo death match on three linked Xbox machines. We wondered why the fireworks outside had got louder.

So, recently I've been back at work as normal, caught another little cold, and have been using my weekends to visit various friends. I've been rather busy yet a tad annoyed that I haven't been getting around to certain tasks and decisions I need/want to. I've been making a list to help me out that includes several things from drawing artwork for the upcoming a3s game, to figuring out if I'm going to a university again.
I've also recently gone through a bit of an image change to reflect the little adjustments within myself over the past months. I also have lots of friends requesting that I don't cut my hair, so it's staying for a while.
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I've had a few good and distracting things happen lately, but these events have been massively outnumbered by some major downs, some upsetting history repeating on me, some other crap, and blah, blah, blah. Prolly why the latest comic has took this long to finally appear even though I had it scanned pretty early… Feh.
Other than that, it's been the normal Mon-Fri working weeks followed by various weekend missions. Bit of an early Christmas party, a couple of meets in town with friends, and the appearance of my neko-self in a primarily goth nightclub scene. Ouh, I finally got round to paying for entry to Amecon 2008.
Last week of work now til after the Christmas holidays, in which I'll mostly be with the parents visiting other family members. Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
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My birthday this year (11th Nov) was fantastic again and it’s all because I have the greatest mates ever. The roll call featured Angie, Fish, Louise, Rennie, Ruth, and Ven. My brother and his girlfriend had also come to visit so it was a very packed house, especially as they were all crashing over. I still wish I could have invited more friends, and that others could have made it, but I think we reached somewhat of a maximum space limit (you can tell I’m so not used to having this many friends). I’m really glad everyone had a great time even if it felt a bit cramped sometimes in my ickle house.
Ouh, they all got me pressies! So many shinies! That’s literal too since most were wrapped in ‘future paper’ (tinfoil). Thank you again so much everyone! *hugs* Also thanks to those that sent cards and/or wished me happy birthday! *more hugs*
As well as the general craziness that’s mandatory when us lot are put together, other events included a tinfoil hat, two games of laser quest, gravity defying fairground-style rides, the great Panda-Z, and the lot of us laughing at stuff on the internet (cats and office linebackers… in particular).
So yeah, it seems I’m 26 now. I personally don’t believe it - I’m still blatantly not mature enough.
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Don't worry, I won't rant on again…
Right, let's see. I've mostly done very little lately really.
I caught some flu thing that's been rather nasty to me for a few weeks. Used two trips to the doctor, two weekends, and four days off work to try and recover. Even though it's calming off now, I'm still unable to get much sleep on nights. So troublesome…
The time has allowed me to view some of my DVDs I've been meaning to watch, as well as play some 'Metroid: Prime 2' for the Gamecube when I've been up to it. Plus I already have the next comic inked and scanned in ready so hopefully it won't be too long before the next is up.
The last couple of weekends have been fun however, meeting up with various friends. One had a few of us showing Kazu (a Japanese friend from London) around Leeds and York. There was lots of silliness, drinks, fudge, milkshake, ghost stories, and sightseeing.
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Ripped from my webcomic site's current babble which I add along with any new comic. Looky at ^_^


Well, I’ve had a mixed bag of stuff going off since the last babble. I’ve been feeling very lost lately, more so than normal, and I’m not talking about my rubbish sense of direction. I don’t know what I’m doing with my life in any aspect, my feelings are in constant conflict with themselves over everything, and I’m worrying about dragging my friends down because I can’t sort my own head out. I’m really starting to hate myself for it and various other things. I feel like I’m at a breaking point, and something is going to happen soon. I’m assuming I’m supposed to put up certain defences and just continue floating along in the hope that I don’t crash.

On a much brighter note, ignoring the fact I’m really late with this, Amecon ’07 was flipping awesome. I have most of a decent report typed up along with a gallery, so will post it all when I finally finish it. Also, I’ve been having fun most weekends catching up with the crew, while trying to not let my mind wonder to darker places. I love my friends and want everything for them, even with some of them reading this, they won’t know how much they truly mean to me. So yeah, lately we’ve been having barbecues, gaming nights, cinema viewings, birthday celebrations, and the YATA meets. The rest of the month looks busy too, with another birthday bash and me travelling about to visit various friends.

That’s all I’m gonna say bout me for now. Hopefully I’ll get the next comic and/or some artwork up soon, but you know how sucky I am with that. Ja.
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Ripped from my webcomic site's current babble which I add along with any new comic. There's been a large delay with said comic, hence this huge post. Also means, if you see one of these, check for a new comic ^_^

A couple of friends have requested that I keep this real-life based 'stuff and things' section (even though they already get to know about stuff I wouldn't even publicly put here), so here it is anyway. Blarg, the comic hasn't been updated since April… let's see, some highlights;

*Frequent YATA meets - anime on a big plasma screen for the win!

*The US release of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - addicted to the damn game and trying to build an ultimate death squad to take on the world's best via wifi.

*Doctor Who & Heroes - bring on the next seasons!

*Various fun meet-ups - often with the a3s crew and sometimes with additional peeps from YATA or the upcoming Amecon.

*G-chan's 7th birthday - we met up with Zoe and Cat and many scary little kids that enjoyed trying to beat Ven, Ren, and me up. One decided balloon attacks weren't strong enough and so attacked with his fists a lot. One particular somewhat 'stalker-like' little girl constantly pledged she would "defeat" Rennie and me next year. I did the coolest sliding dive off the stage when running away from one of the groups of attacking kiddies… well, it was more of a fumbled landing with minor damage which turned into a sliding dive that then got turned into a dog-pile. w00t for bubble machines and silly string! There was cake (yay), peanut butter & jam sandwiches (interesting), and many other yummies including jelly & custard. Afterwards we went back to Zoe's and G opened more of her pressies.
Later we had us a pub lunch (yorkshire pudding FTW!), and then drinks/dancing, in places I can't remember the names of, after meeting up with James (from YATA) and Angie. Saw many random people wearing costumes while on drink-missions.

*York night out - met up with Fish, Ave, and Pauline. There was Metal Slugging, Father Ted watching, and more drink and dancing. Ave forced me to buy and wear the 'funky underpants of doom' at the nightclub Flares. They were probably what attracted that random and rather drunk woman to me (that or it was because I was the only guy on the dance floor at the time). Everyone could tell I was rather scared and had no clue what to do, thank you for saving me Ave and Angie *hides behind you* The pants of doom were saved from being stolen as well lol.

*Dentist - blarg, another filling.

*Evil illnesses - I got what was basically a form of tonsillitis despite the lack of tonsils as well as the odd lesser cold now and then.

*Voice acting - for Ave's audio play 'The White Flame'. Something I'm looking forward to listening to when it's finished.

*My ickle cousin's 1st ever birthday party - Little T is one year old! It was great catching up with the family too.

*My PC died - but it came back for ice cream.

*Two weeks in America - I possibly had the greatest time of my life visiting Vani in Florida and then travelling to the San Juan Islands. Highlights include more free drink refills, rock accumulation, anemone poking, fighting 'dangerous' rapids, toothbrush flinging, mist walking, and the greatest use of 'big fish, little fish, cardboard box' in a badminton game ever. On top of that there was bubble tea, bug bites, swimming pools, meeting friends, evil vegetables, chibi crabs, and ninja-style "what is that" tactics to steal chicken from Vani's bento box.

*Wiibledon - James set up an awesome (hairdryer powered) BBQ and Wii Sports tennis event. I prolly only came second coz I got lucky with the match-ups, though there was a close match with Ven. James however has the mad skillz and thrashed me 3-1.

*Death Note - finally read the last book! You spoilers can't spoil nyu more!

*Final Fantasy 3 for the DS - oh dear yig. Why did I get another RPG? I'm liking it so far though, tons to do on it, though the wifi options are lacking.

*Cheesecake - oh yeeeaaaahhhh! ^_^
Other than all that, I'm doing that whole 'what shall I do with my life' kinda thing again. There's actually a surprising amount of options, but there's a large element of risk in every single one. Lately however, I've been feeling very adventurous. I say this to you all; don't live a life of regrets, life is too short, take risks, go for what you want, believe in yourself.
*pop* Have a banana!
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So, this four-day-weekend-stylie Easter I might actually get time to do some drawing! OMG! My Automatic Freestyle webcomic has been on hold for about two months or so due to stuff and things, and I really wanna keep it going (at least for the odd couple of people out there that want to see more of it).
Unsure if I'll get anything dA-wise up, but we'll see, ne?
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Hmm? What? Oh yeah, I finally updated a few things here.
No new actual art yet... *cough*  <--- webcomic that takes any drawing time up. It also has my babbles that i use for a journal (next to the 'today' thread with everyone else on the forum there).

Um... let's see what else I can do here... ouh, look, something shiny!

Yeah, yeah, I know ^^;
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