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SCP-096 (The Shy Guy)

By dante-cg
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A new SCP fan art. The Shy Guy will eat you alive in a few minutes if you saw his face. Wherever you are.

Watch the process on YouTube:
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I love the different take on 096's face!

But since you didn't censor it with any form of safeguard, I guess I'm screwed.

Oh crap, ah- [[REDACTED]]




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I thinks that it's cool, but I dont now how to say that it's a little bit more strange
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Why do I hear screaming?

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That is really cool. Too bad that everyone will die because we are seeing his

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Don't Worry, a test they did with a D-Class in a ocean trench, not the MArina's the second largest one. After D-class looked at the picture he made a depiction, and when looked at DID NOT INDUCE A RAGE STATE so we are all fine. :)

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y'all, don't worry. Dr. Dan was authorized to terminate him, so he's probably got a case of aliven't right now and won't be coming for you.

Unless he can rip through heaven or hell or whatever afterlife there is just to destroy you.

Just so.
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I sense he's gonna be slashing his way out of the foundation just to hunt me down
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Hey this is pretty good!
Wait...why do I hear screaming?
Dude..what the f**k is that?
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You do know that it doesn't react to artistic renderings, right?

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To me this was so odd I had to like it. I appreciate the detail in the hands, feet, and face and the apparent lack of detail in other parts of the body. 
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for some reason he looks like a butt XD can some one kill me
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this looks amazing but 1 question i thought scp 096 was described to not have pupil and just be clear white eyes
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For your information, his real model has white & clear eyes.

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It states on his SCP page "His eyes are white and devoid of pigmentation"

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i feel bad for this guy hes shy and he doesn't wanna be near anyone 
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Good work. But...why do I hear screaming in the distance.
wooooow, oh my god... 
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On one hand the design is quite nice and creepy in it's own right, however on the other I am not buying this thing is the same thing that is documented on the 'log' in the wiki. If it wasn't actually physically cumbersome, maybe it be different, I get it's seven feet but I'm not seeing this as a convicning design as something that can absorb bullets in the face and still be wiping out a squad. Anyone with solid boots would smash those ankles for one. The arms have no muscle and too long for their own good.

I am being a little too critical here but for what the creature was intended I'd say he works better as lone freak that is dangerous to one person but is something that is living in constant pain because of how poorly starved and frail it actually looks.
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I T ' S T H E O R Y T I M E

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Lol he's an SCP. An anomalous object. Part of his anomaly is that he has incredible regenerative health, and that he's virtually indestructable. "Breaking its ankle" would only piss it off. 

Don't overanalyze the anatomy of an SCP. The whole point of them is that they're weird, and they work when they shouldn't. How can a concrete-and-rebar sculpture move without aid, and snap people's necks as long as they aren't looking? How can a seemingly empty cardboard box release hundreds of sentient origami dragons? And finally; how can a frail, malnourished and disfigured humanoid be able to run at extreme speeds and take a whole squad's worth of bullets? The answer is don't think about it, let what it is be what it is.

Edit: I just finished reading all of what you said, something I should've done in the first place. It looks like someone else has already said pretty much what I just did, too.

It's not one of my favorite SCPs, it's overpowered, and the author might've been trying a little too hard trying to make it scary. In reality, it's more boring than scary and the description clashes with the appearance, which can be confusing.

I guess it can also be viewed as scary though, when you think that "Aaah, it doesn't look like it's supposed to do that. How does it do that? That's weird and I'm scared."
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"Subject shows very little muscle mass, with preliminary analysis of body mass suggesting mild malnutrition."
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