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Eat Your Rats Jeremy

This is a big painting I started on my channel a year ago. Finally finished it this week.
Watch the final take on it with some explanation in the final episode:
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Hello :-)
I was watching the progress of this painting for quite a while. I feel like I need to ask you one thing about it. Of course I should have done it a bit earlier (before you actually finished it) but unfortunately I had some busy time. But I will ask anyway. I was wondering about the backlight effect. Since the light source of this scene is behind Jeremy (the window and the door), wouldn't it be reasonable to add some backlight to enhance the silhouette (especially the face and hair) of the boy? Of course I'm aware that there are things like artistic choices to be made so omitting this effect could have it's meaning. And that's my actual question: what's the reason for not including that kind of lighting? You've said that there was a problem of separating Jeremy from the background which you've fixed by changing contrasts around him to make the silhouette visible. I'm wondering if a bit of backlight wouldn't be also enhancing the effect of separating him from the background even more.

Anyway, you're doing an awesome work. Most inspiring!
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Woohoo Jerry's painting finally Finished. Been following your Youtube channel for awhile now Boro and you have completely changed the way I digitally paint and do art in general. I am in my 40's and have been teaching myself to paint and draw since 2011. Your video's are indispensable to me. Keep up the good work Boro!! 
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Beautifully disgusting ^_^
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Love how this turned out! Wow!
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was amazing to watch being painted, and to see the final product now
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I DO care about this.
Nice work :)
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Looks gorgeous! Always love your work.
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You can always make Rats a roni for dinner with the leftovers I guess. awesome work.
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i think spongy is how i would describe this maybe? looks good though
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oh yay. i've been waiting for this. EAT YOUR RATS JEREMY! EAT THEM
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AH! I literally just finished watching your touch up episode a minute ago and came to DA to check my notification! Squee! I watch your channel for hours at a time while I draw just like I used to do with Bob Ross when I was growing up. I've learned so much from you about lighting and angles!! Thank you! I'm actually starting to see my own art improving again and I've been drawing for 30 years! XD
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id say it looks quite tasty
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I enjoyed fallowing along with the progress of this piece on your YouTube channel. Do you plan on posting this on patreon for download? This is very phone background worthy. I am excited to switch out my lock screen from your vampire witch overpain to this one.
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Oh yeah, thank you! Will post on Patreon in a moment :D 2K and Full-Res, as usual.
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