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Commission Guideline and Slots



EDIT: Special Commission Promos ongoing! Check this link out for more details~!
:new: EDIT2: After realizing there would be people outside of deviantart potentially interested in commissioning me, I have updated the instructions to sending commissions. :thumbsup:


Heeeey, finally opening myself up to commissions~! :iconjunesplz:

Took me a while to set this up thanks to the numerous RL issues that kept delaying the process of making accounts among other things, so I'm really glad to finally have this up and running. :icongtthplz:


Send a note if you are interested in a commission!
:new: If you don't have a deviantart, please send commissions to my email: dantearan20@gmail.com

Please follow this template when commissioning me:

Commission Type:
Character Reference:
Character Personality: (This is just so I have an idea of who the character is when depicting them.)
Additional Info: (Optional)
Paypal Email:



1. [OPEN]

6. [OPEN]



1. Do you accept dA points?

Sadly, no. I will accept Paypal payments only, and USD is preferred. HOWEVER if you live in the Philippines, we can use another means of payment (i.e. bank deposit), and you may offer to pay in PHP instead. Prices will stay relatively the same though.

2. What do you mean by Simple and Abstract BG?

A simple background can include objects and some scenery, but nothing of extremity like the interior of a house or a fully landscaped forest.

An abstract background on the other hand can be words or random simple images against a gradient or flat color BG for example.

3. Can you do fanart?

Yes, I can. In fact, the two characters shown in my Full-Render sample are from the MOBA, SMITE by HiRez Studios.

4. Do you have a usual deadline?

Since I’m still new to this, I am currently trying to get a feel of how long I take to get a commission piece done. However, you are still free to give me a deadline, and I can easily conform to it--- as long as it’s reasonable of course (please don’t go asking me for art due in 1-3 days omg).

5. How do I know my slot has been reserved?

I will start reserving your slot once you pay the final commission fee. Afterwards, come back to this image and check the Slot Reservation section above to see if you got it.

6. Can I share your commission around?

You may, but please give full credit where it is due and provide a link back to my page.

In case I missed anything, please do feel free to ask me questions.

If you notice something wrong, I'll change it for free as long as it's minor. (Ex: Expressions and small details like scars)
You may crop and resize the image as long as credit is due.
Do not remove any watermarks and signatures placed unto the art.
You MAY NOT resell the art/commission in any way.

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//saves up BIG time for these! *O*