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The Expendables REMAKE by Dante-564, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
My Bio
I am a very kind person, who tries to entertain people. =)

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Dante Fan Stamp by FatalFrameFotography Goku Fan Stamp by Furiael Vampire Moka Stamp by InuHoshi Light-san Stamp by o0Hikari0o Sazh Stamp by o0Hikari0o Lumina Stamp #2 by NinjaYuffie16 Christie stamp by WhiteDevil350 DOA Hitomi stamp by ScionChibi Lili Rochefort Stamp 02 by LegendaryDragon90 Honoka stamp 2 by WhiteDevil350 Kazuya Stamp by UltimaArrow Phase-4 stamp by WhiteDevil350 Mila stamp 2 by WhiteDevil350 Sarah Bryant stamp by WhiteDevil350 Jacky Bryant stamp by WhiteDevil350 God of War stamp by AndrewDent Ryu Hayabusa Stamp by LegendaryDragon90 Sherry Birkin by HeOmaism #STAMP... Deeh Leon S. Kennedy by DemonLeon3D Jill Valentine Stamp by SilentImagery Chris Redfield Stamp by Claire-Revelations Claire Redfield Lover stamp by Claire-Wesker1 :thumb174956421: Silent Hill: Harry by Kharizmo Raiden stamp by WhiteDevil350 Silent Hill 3: Heather by Kharizmo Silent Hill Homecoming: Alex by Kharizmo Solid Snake Fan by dragonXtail Otacon Stamp by MetalShadowOverlord Cloud :: Stamp by Saphitri :thumb74943216: Vergil Fan Stamp by SamThePenetrator Batman Animated Series stamp by Bourbons3 Ghostbusters stamp by Kaisuke1 Extreme Ghostbusters Stamp by Wastelands-Knight Parasoul by DennyVuQuach Valentine - Stamp by Teen-Zetsu Juliet -Lollipop Chainsaw Stamp by ISpitInYourMcflurry Sailor Venus Stamp 1 by aoi-ryu Sailor Moon Stamp by Dinosaur-Ryuzako Babydoll Stamp by whatever-kathryn Delsin stamp by WhiteDevil350 Stamp Darksiders War by VanoVaemone Erron Black stamp by WhiteDevil350 Garcia Hotspur stamp by MonsterOfStorms Scorpion Fan Stamp by Kibikayuki I Love Both Batmans Equally Stamp by Carriejokerbates I Love Both Nolan's Batman x Burton's Equally Stam by Carriejokerbates Harley Quinn Stamp by Calaval Knight Rider by phantom Rock Howard 06 by just-stamps Terry Bogard Fan by GhostlyCandi Angel stamp by KOFAngel Leona heidern Stamp by GhostlyCandi Ken Stamp by 2ndCityCrusader Cammy White Stamp by AylissoL Vanessa 06 by just-stamps RGB stamp by SeishinKibou Cassie Cage stamp by WhiteDevil350 Sonya Blade stamp by WhiteDevil350 Johnny Cage Stamp by DevilZukin7 Bayonetta Stamp by GameAndWill Static stamp Commission | 2B by SnowEmbrace Katarina Alves stamp by WhiteDevil350 Static stamp Commission | A2 by SnowEmbrace :thumb708304748: :thumb708305118: Richard Castle Stamp by TwilightProwler Kate Beckett Stamp by xRounax Castle: Caskett Kiss Stamp by TwilightProwler Black Canary by AnaFrost .:Android 21 Joins the Fight, DB FighterZ Stamp:. by MarshallLeeAlh :thumb305127879: Digimon Animated Stamp 007 by hanakt Red Like Roses by BigYellowAlien :thumb620949634: Mirror Mirror by BigYellowAlien Arkos (Jaune x Pyrrha) Stamp by misawafujisaki-stamp Jaune Arc stamp by HystericDesigns FFXV: Aranea Stamp by Lucerna-Leonis Noctis 1 by Jinze FFX Stamp - Auron by Hraesvelg-Factory Final Fantasy X Yuna Stamp by JackdawStamps :thumb684257951:

MLP is not for me by Bitchtits-McGee Anti-Pony Worship Stamp by NatThePopcornFairy Anti MLP FIM Stamp by Distelblatt *Requested* Err... just no... by VergilsBitch

I am not a Fan of:
Chun-Li Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshi Alpha Ryu Stamp White by ice-fire Fang Fan by QuidxProxQuo : RE Alice stamp : by Tibb-Wolf Piers Nivans stamp by yuuki-rin :thumb557168420: Marie Rose stamp 3 by WhiteDevil350 Static stamp Commission | 9S by SnowEmbrace Moira burton stamp by Weskervit789 [Stamp] FF XV - Prompto Argentum by Akuma-no-Hoshi


Favourite Movies
Ghostbusters 1-2, Nolan´s Batman trilogy, Terminator Saga, Jim Carrey´s Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Castle, Navy NCIS, How i met your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Monk, Psych, Buffy, Angel
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Nana Mizuki, Spineshank, Evanescences, Nightwish(Classic), Ill Nino, Stone Sour, Papa Roach, Red, Combichrist
Favourite Games
Devil May Cry 1-4, Bayonetta, God of War 1-3, Resident Evil 4-5, Metal Gear Solid 2-4, Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning Returns, Dead or Alive 5
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, PS3, PS4
Other Interests
My Goddesses Inner Moka and Lightning
after 2 years, the first Gameplay. And it looks amazing !!! :D Well, i only played a bit of Overdose. And i watched the Anime 2 years ago. OMG ! Tetsua Shibata, best known for the Soundtrack to DMC3 and DMC4 will work on the OST in GUNGRAVE G.O.R.E. !!! :D together with the composer of FFXV
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watching Free Guy on Disney+. pretty cool movie. ;D
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Sorry Saber... But arcueid is my Type Moon Waifu. And damn, i love to main Red Arcueid. *.*
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Is there a video game franchise you once liked, but lost interest in?

not that remember.

sure, there were a few games from franchises or fanbases i dislike. but i never lost interest.

oh wait, does RWBY franchise can count ?

I'm not into RWBY, so I wouldn't know.

As for me, I lost interest in Mortal Kombat and Metroid.

Well, i have a friend who dropped Resident evil, just because of the story of RE5.

And he told me, that every Game, after RE4 was non-canon to him.

But if that could count... i lost interest in God of War, thanks to the 2018 reboot.

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Love those crossover parody comedy animation ^^


Getting tired of ”Trouble with a trolley” craps (reference from Spyro 2), then end up stressing out into Rage Quit state by banging his/her head (0:20 - 0:27)

Edit: Dialogue when stress rage quit:

”Enough with this “trolley” s**** already!?!?”

i never played a Spyro game. ^^;