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The Expendables REMAKE

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Favourite Movies
Ghostbusters 1-2, Nolan´s Batman trilogy, Terminator Saga, Jim Carrey´s Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Castle, Navy NCIS, How i met your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Monk, Psych, Buffy, Angel
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Nana Mizuki, Spineshank, Evanescences, Nightwish(Classic), Ill Nino, Stone Sour, Papa Roach, Red, Combichrist
Favourite Games
Devil May Cry 1-4, Bayonetta, God of War 1-3, Resident Evil 4-5, Metal Gear Solid 2-4, Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning Returns, Dead or Alive 5
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, PS3, PS4
Other Interests
My Goddesses Inner Moka and Lightning
someone who has or know someone who has this model of Samus ? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-HZgtj9t14_U/T6PgCxUMVMI/AAAAAAAAAJg/xhXrCrcQPM0/s1600/Samus.jpg
I tried Marvel vs Capcom Infinite... and, it is true. The Game isn´t really that good like MvC3 ,FighterZ or battle for the grid. Tag Team is complicated, every character plays different than in MvC3, Dante´s voice sounds arkward(no wonder Reuben

i am playing Mega Man Games

i am playing Mega Man Games

Well, Mega Man is pretty much the Mario/Sonic from Capcom. And i only grew up with the Ruby Spears Cartoon and Mega Man NT Warrior. And my knowledge about the characters and story was only made by these shows. And now, since Capcom released the Mega Man and Mega Man X Legacy Collections i thought "Why not ?". So i played MM1-MM7 and MMX1-MMX3 so far. In the order of their releases. And they are quite awesome and difficult, but challenging. It is also nice, to play old games. xD But i can´t really say that i got a favorite MM Game so far. Since all of them are in a way the same. You have to stop Dr.Wily, he has 8 robots on his side and Wily is always the final Boss. Same goes to MMX with Sigma. Well, the most difficults i had, were Yellow Devil, Dr.Wily in MM4 and MM7 and pretty much every X Game with Sigma and his stages. So difficult that i had to switch into the Newbie or Rookie mode. xD But, i still have fun and i continue my marathon with the MM Games.

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Are you still taking requests?

Dante-564Hobbyist Digital Artist

depends on what you want.

well, if it fits my style.

Heather Mason falling through a dark void, screaming, while a giant Lisa Garland and a giant Alessa Gillespie look at her and laugh.

You can use the "Dead by Daylight" models of these characters.

Dante-564Hobbyist Digital Artist

not my style. sorry.

and I only use SH on halloween season. =/

CottrillStudent Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the fav!

When will the Square Enix Vs Capcom Part 4 picture be done?

Dante-564Hobbyist Digital Artist

it is in work in progress.