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Sweden x Reader: Growing In Love
It was another world conference today; which meant more of America going on about being a hero, England arguing with him, France jumping in to argue even more, almost all of the other countries being useless, and then Germany finally yelling to try and control the chaos.
Honestly though you couldn't care less about any of that today; you were far too distracted. You had a goal and a plan in mind for the day…
'Today is the day for sure this time.' you thought to yourself. 'I'm definitely going to tell him today exactly how I feel! No chickening out!'
Yes you were giving yourself a mental pep talk. Today you going to try to confess your feelings to your childhood friend…something you had been trying to do since you were twelve years old.
"____________! Dude!!!!" a voice shouted from behind you.
You had barely managed to turn yourself around, when you were pulled into a ridiculously tight hug.
"Agh! A-Alfred…you're crushing me!" you choked.
"Oh!" he exclaimed, pulling away
:icontheexplosivesushi:TheExplosiveSushi 941 496
~See you again~ *Popular!Sweden X Reader*
~See you again~
*Popular!Sweden X New!Reader*
'Has he really talked to you?'
'Oh my God,you are so lucky!He barely even talks!'
'The only moment I've heard him talk was in class,when the teacher asked him something ... I can even remember what!About Karl the 12th!'
'He has such an sexy accent.And his voice!Oh,his voice is so deep I could melt!'
'He's good at all!I haven't seen him once make a mistake.He certainly is the perfect boy!'
'His pale complexion and those blue eyes of his ... glasses make him look even more hot!Not to mention his perfect blonde hair!'
'If only he could express his feelings better!'.

(Name) took her books from the locker,listening to the daily gossip of the girls.And as always,they were praising the tall Swedish male who has gotten all the attention upon him - at least they didn't do any harm and that was good.
A soft sigh escaping her glossy lips,the teenager closed the locker,heading towards her next class - most hated by people her age,as if wa
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 345 70
Your smile *Farmer!Male!Ukraine X Reader*
~Vasha posmishka ~
*Farmer!Male!Ukraine X Reader*
"(Name)!(Name),hello!Are you even listening to me?" the Estonian female waved her hand several times in front of her friend - but it was of no use,as she seemed to be captured by something else.
Dreamily sighing,the (h/c) couldn't help but admire the Ukraineian's well built body and how sweat tricked down his muscles,making his plain T-shirt a see through.
"I think she isn't paying anymore attention,Erika!" the Lithuanian tied her hair up into a ponytail,an apologetic smile plastered onto her features.
"To think of it... Have you seen Beatrice around?" Erika asked out of pure concern,but all what she gained was a shake of Agne's head.
"(Name),snap out of it,damn it!Nikolai is ... " but the brown haired hasn't got the chance to finish her sentence,because the liliach eyed male already plopped himself onto the dirty soil,watching the (h/c)'s reaction as she picked - strangely - the good beans and threw the others in a trash can.
:iconvanillasuu:VanillaSuu 154 32
Australia X Reader Story of my life
Australia X Reader
Story of my life
You were at the zoo with your Bff , looking at animals "KYA ! LOOK AT THAT CUTE DOLFIN ! " your friend said , you giggled "yeah it's cute" you said , your eye caught some kangaroo's "Hey Imma check the kangaroo's out" you said "okay~ Awww your so cute ~" your friend said talking to the dolfin , you laughed and walked over to the kangaroo's , you watched amazed at the kangaroo's , oh how they were your favourite animal , you sighed "who could ever hate kangaroo's , they so beautiful" you said to yourself" "aren't they ?" a voice replied , it was from an Austrailian accent , you turned around to be met with the most handsome lman you ever met "Ello the mate , I'm Cody a pleasure to meet someone who cares about kangaroo's they way I do " he said his hand waiting for you to shake it , you smiled and took his hand "Pleaure to meet you Cody I'm ______ " you said shaking his hand , he looked familiar to you
:iconhetalia524:hetalia524 32 23
Request-Ferris Wheel in the night-Hong KongxReader
It was the middle of your summer holidays. Right now, you were waiting for your friend, Leon. You haven't seen him for the whole duration of your holidays, because he was busy with family matters.
But today he promised you, that he would spent the whole day with you. You were looking forward to see him again.
"[F/N]?", you heard a calm voice call out.
"Hm?", you turned around, and saw your awaited person standing there. You ran over to him and greeted him.
"What took you so long, Leon?"
"My cousin was being a pain again..."
"Did he try to claim your 'breasts' again?", you grinned. Leons cousin was always like this, and most of the time it ended with him getting scolded by Yao.
"Something like that. So what do you have planned for today?"
"Well, there's this festival today. There are rides and everything like that. How about we go there?"
"Sounds good.", he answered. Was it just you, or did he just smile?
"Then let's go!"
:iconfrozenkirby93:FrozenKirby93 44 10
To draw the truth. Hong Kong X Reader[read bottom]
America had no place to hold the party. The last party had been a disaster. Zealand went crazy, in "mecha mode" he called it, so America was in the process of fixing his house.
You readily agreed to this proposition and prepared the snacks and your bedroom, instead of a closet.  You got to be the one to draw from the names today since you were the house donor.
As you finished cleaning, a few people were already walking into your house.  
"Whoa! Hey guys! You're a bit early! Sorry about the food...I'm not quite done.." You smiled.
"It's quite fine, I'rr herp you if you want." Japan finished placing the snacks on the table while china threw streamers and panda goodie bags around the entry way.
Suddenly, without your noticing, your entire house was full of people. America made it to the center with a speaker. "Listen up guys! Get yo fine booties over here! It's time! It is time!" He stepped away and allowed you to the center, where'd you choose.
You took the very first name. It
:iconretartedfangirl22:Retartedfangirl22 147 32
Oneshot: Hong Kong x Reader - Tongue
"C’mon, show me again. I want to take a picture!"
"Jeez, Leon! I’m just asking you to stick your tongue out!"
"Fuck no."
Leon looked annoyed, but you could tell he was enjoying all this attention you were giving him. He leaned back in his chair, casually kicking his feet up onto his desk with a dull thump. He gave you a look, squinting his golden brown eyes and pursing his lips. You smiled. This Cantonese boy was ridiculously good at making funny faces. Maybe because he always looked so damn grumpy all the time. He wiggled his eyebrows and you stifled a giggle.
"So, how does it feel to like, I don’t know, eat stuff?" you asked.
"What are you talking about?"
You pouted at his fake innocence.
"You know what I mean, dummy."
He took his time drawing in a long breath before answering.
"Mmm… Just like how people normally eat, I suppose. There’s not much difference. Well, nothing that I’ve noticed so far anyways. Basically, I don’t feel
:iconpastichine:pastichine 496 107
Iceland X Reader - Stars
Iceland X Reader - Clouds and Stars
  Life being a girl wasn't easy, especially when its that time of the month. You lay your back on the couch, placing you right arm over your arms over you [Color] eyes. You were exhausted. It was summer vacation, it was hot and your younger sibling is free from school which means torture. Your family didn't have the budget this year to go anywhere, so your vacation place is [Number][Street/Level], also known as 'home.' The lower part of your ache again. Sometimes you wish, you had someone who loves and takes care of you. Your parents can do that, but there so busy working, they can't give you that attention.  I'll go take a walk... You thought, heading out the door, grabbing your phone. 
  You stayed at the park, staring at the sky. It was late, the sky was already enclosed by darkness, but with white stars lighting the sky up like Christmas lights. Not only did the stars light up the sky so did your phone, it was a text message from your mother. Com
:iconanimenerd2001:animenerd2001 8 8
Iceland x Reader - Late Night Study Sessions

You frowned, glaring at the sight before you. Homework. A few stacks of it, actually. Anything and everything from worksheets to book reports. All of it do in nearly a week.
A sensible person would start on it, saying that just staring at it would be no good, and others would plan out time to study everyday until it was finished. That wasn't what you did, though. Not you, [Name] [Surname], Procrastination Extraordinaire. You grabbed as many stacks of homework as possible, your bag, and your laptop as you headed out the door and down the street. You were going to a friend's house. A friend you knew would be able to help.
"Hey! Emil[1]! Open up, you tightass!"
Banging on the door of the cream-colored house, you called out to your good friend. He was a genius and your only hope of ever finishing your homework. Sure, he wouldn't be able to help with all of it, but he would help with the things he could. He was such a nice g
:iconawesomeperson26:AwesomePerson26 226 48
JapanxReader~Yo Mr Honda!~(Quickie)
Kiku Honda has recently had a visit from Mr. America. However Mr. America was very loud. Even for Kiku-the calm Japanese man he was-he knew when things were too loud. After Mr. America had passed by and his home was back to peace and quiet, he felt a little...lonely.
He remembered Mr. America always shouting "YO MR. HONDA!" every time he saw him. It began to ring in his ears.
He tried listening to some soft soothing music. No.
He tried taking a warm steamy bath. Nope.
Closing his eyes and lying in bed...nothing.
He still felt incomplete.
So, before the insanity and before the voice in his head said "YO MR HONDA" again, he called up _________.
She was a very nice person, he took a liking to her quickly.
But she'd never been to his place. Why was that?
Was he nervous? Couldn't be.
He diled her number, and waiting for her to answer.
"Heeeeeello?" said a very LOUD voice on the other end.
"Miss _____ i-is that yo--?"
Holy...Kiku nearly dropped the phone.
For on the ot
:icon1meh8:1meh8 55 25
This is what went down a few short days ago...
"Come on bro, don't lie!" Alfred Jones boomed at his friend, and once brother, Arthur Kirkland.
"No you bloody git! I am not lying!"
Alfred, being the loud and obnoxious man he was, knew Arthur had a crush on (Name).
(Name), was a pretty girl they met a while ago, who turned out to be the country of (county name)! She was (insert personality here), and no matter how hard Alfred tried to ignore it, he could see Arthur falling for her like a ton of bricks.
It was high time he got down to business, and brought them together. However, Arthur was being a pain in the keester.
"Uggh dude, your no fun! Can't you see I'm trying to bring you two together!" Alfred admitted, tyring to hide his excitement.
He had a plan. A very...serious plan. It would for sure get Arthut to confess to (Name). But it would be hard to fulfil because nobody liked his ideas in the first place.
You see, Arthur really didn't go for girls..
There was Sey
:icon1meh8:1meh8 743 483
Sister, My Sister by lulubellct Sister, My Sister :iconlulubellct:lulubellct 414 17 Oh, Cleverbot... by Textingpuppy4047 Oh, Cleverbot... :icontextingpuppy4047:Textingpuppy4047 3 44 Lyra by LazyMort Lyra :iconlazymort:LazyMort 4 5 Japan- Hetalia by FlameRiverAlchemist Japan- Hetalia :iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 4 10
A WhiteDove-Creations MLP Plushie Giveaway!
Summer Plushie Giveaway ...What? :iconfluttershywhatplz: There's a pony plush contest by the greatest MLP plushie maker in the universe, :iconWhiteDove-Creations:?! :iconpinkiepiegaspplz: I hope I win! Good luck to everypony entering! :icontwilightclapplz:
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My RANDOM favourites!!



I am very confused by the app for DeviantArt
So very confused



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