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Cross Necklace (Prussia X Reader)
Cross Necklace pull out a cross necklace.
Knowing three people who have the same necklace you hold it up into the air.
"Who out this into the hat?" you ask.
"Zat vould be mine!" a familer voice says from across the room.
Gilbert walks up to you, takes his necklace and puts it back on.
"Ready to have an awesome time vith ze awesome me?!" Gilbert asks holding out his hand to you.
"As long as you are ready to have an awesome time withy the way more awesome me." you smirk as you take his hand.
"Oh I see how it is." Gilbert laughs then brings you inside the closet and shuts the door behind you.
This is truly awesome! You get to be alone with the awesome albino that you've been crushing on for years! You've noticed him flirting with you these past few days and now is the perfect chance to tell him your feelings...also posibly ask him out as well...
"So vhat do you vant to do?" Gilbert asks you as he wraps his arms around you.
"I thought you where going to show me an a
:iconphasewalker96:Phasewalker96 130 67
You were an only child, living in the orphanage. You had friends here, and you actually kinda liked it here. Everyone was nice and you liked that. You were currently sitting on a chair in front of the window. It was a nice day outside. The sky was blue, there were a few could not many, and the window was open letting a nice cool breeze in. You would have been outside, but you didn't really like going outdoors. Most little boys would love to go out and play, but you didn't want to. You would rather stay inside and not get your clothes dirty. You were a quiet child, and kind of shy. The only reason you were in an orphanage is because your mother was a teenager who got drunk, had sex then got pregnant with you. She couldn't take care of you so she gave you up for adoption.
Later that day you were walking around. All of your friends were outside playing, so you had nothing else to do. Then, a young woman walked in. She looked friendly enough. Then, a taller man walked in behind her. He loo
:iconalliekat1008:alliekat1008 154 33
Switzerland X Reader ~ Nightmare
You wake up at three o'clock in the morning, because of a nightmare. You sit up in your bed covered in sweat and with tears dripping down your face. You reach around in the dark on your nightstand for your phone.
You go to call your best friend, but stop. "I can't call her at three o'clock in the morning. I would wake her up. I won't be able to go back to sleep now. I need to talk to someone" you mumble to yourself. You stare at your phone for five minutes, but to you it seems like hours. You decide to go on your computer and see if you are able to talk to someone via the iinternet. You discover that your friend, Vash Zwingli is on. You send him a message and wait for his reply in silence.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Switzerland's Point of View ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I was sitting in my room cleaning one of my many guns, vhen my computer goes off. I valk over to my computer and find that there is a message form _________ on my screen. All the message said was hi, but it is unlike her to be
:iconswisswolf25:Swisswolf25 38 25
  "I-I'm sorry Switzerland!!" Italy yelled as Switzerland pulled the trigger again, missing his feet by a matter of inches,"P-please! I-I need to talk to Germany!"
  "Man up!" Switzerland yelled to him,"Or I'll beat you with my peace prize!" He watched as Italy bolted out of his sight.
  Putting the barrel of the shotgun down, he sighed,'That idiot.' He turned his gaze over to his home,'I hope I didn't wake Liechtenstein up.' He made his way back to the small home that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere on a beautiful plain.
  But something seemed different, like something would change tonight. He pushed the thought aside and entered into his warm little home, laying the rifle by the doorway on its side,'If that idiot comes back, I'm blowing his brains out.'
  You made your way through the little town of which you lived for so long in. It was so peaceful, so charming. Yes, you were completely new in this country but you looked at the positiv
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 275 197
Hetalia Heaven (Emerald Green) (Reader Insert)
~7 Minutes In Hetalia Heaven~
[Colour; Emerald Green]
The young and cute Liechtenstein, along with her big brother Switzerland accompanied you to the party. Switzerland spent a lot of the night sitting off by one of the walls, his arms folded over his chest and a permanent pissed off expression gracing his features. Liechtenstein, for the first half of the party, stayed loyally by his side, but you could see within her quivering eyes that she wanted to get up and dance, and so you asked her to dance with you. You were a little worried about looking like a fool; especially in front of Switzerland, but at the same time, you wanted to see Liechtenstein smile and have fun, and you knew the Swiss blonde would thank you for taking your time to make Liechtenstein feel more involved with the party.
However, you never anticipated all the nations being dragged into a game of 'Seven minutes in Heaven or Hell' as America called it. The 'hell' bit must have been a reference to anyone sp
:iconuraharasteph:UraharaSteph 210 65
SwitzerlandxReader Christmas (request)
You hummed to yourself as you hung Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree with lily. You were celebrating Christmas with Lily and Vash this year. You hear a gun shot outside. Then you hear a familiar laugh in the house.
"Keseses so this is where Vash is hiding my frau"
You see Gilbert hug lily
"How are you Gilbert?" asks lily happily hugging him back.
"I'm awesome and you?" asks Gilbert.
"I'm good" says lily.
Prussia looks over to you and smiles.
"What is up __________?" he asks
"Nothing, you?" you reply.
"Nothing much" he says
You hear a gun being reloaded behind you.
"Let go of my sister Gilbert!" you hear Vash say.
"I don't wanna" says Gilbert hugging Lily closer to him.
Vash's frown deepened as he raised his gun at Gilbert.
"Brother, there is not shooting in the house. And why can't Gilbert visit me? He is my
boyfriend after all" says Lily.
"He is a bad man lily. I won't let a guy like him destroy your innocence." says Vash.
"A bit late for that brother" says lily.
Gilbert laugh
:iconanimefan5228:animefan5228 64 18
HetaliaxReader: Dating Game (Switzerland)
You held the very symbol of neutrality in your hand. Yes, you had drawn Vash’s flag!
Alfred didn’t say a thing. Must’ve been afraid of getting shot. Anyway, you looked out into the crowd to see a very flustered Vash. You giggled ever so slightly at his cute expression.
“America I didn’t say you could put my flag in there!” he snapped at Alfred.
Alfred just sighed in boredom. “I told you I was going to do this, so just go with it,” he rolled off in a bored tone.
Vash muttered in an irritated way as he moved over for you to sit next to him. You did so with a little blush of your own. You’d never tell anyone, but you had a pretty big crush on the Swiss man.
“Okay…if that’s out of the way, we really need to get moving,” Alfred stated with a glare in Vash’s direction.
The glare was returned ten-fold and the meeting continued.
The second the meeting was dismissed, you and Vash walked in silence ou
:icongracee314:gracee314 125 32
Switzerland x reader - Being Big Sister part 3
Liechtenstein reappeared downstairs following her brother closely, smiling with relief that you had stayed.  When they sat down Switzerland looked at you nervously and you took it as a sign to take charge.
You placidly began to explain the dangers of being out alone, talking to strangers – most of all shifty looking men, while Vash nodded vigorously along with you.
“So you see lily, the world panel made up the law that female personifications can’t have intimate relationships with male humans for our own safety. We can’t get pregnant to another country because they are unfertile but we could if it as a human. That’s really not healthy for us or our country and the law stops our human leaders from taking advantage of us! But either way as long as you follow Vash’s instructions you won’t have to worry about this understood.” You said taking a deep breath after all the talking.
The young girl nodded then smiled and ran over to hug Vash.
:iconmistress-raconteur:Mistress-Raconteur 209 49
The secrect is out!
Alright today me and my bigsister went on a sightseeing bus around Stockholm just for fun. Not that we don't know anything about our town!
I suggested that we should pretend to be tourists from either Norway or USA. Why those countries? Well because I love accents! And that's why I thought norwegian would be fun because I just need to change my accent :XD: but I think swedes will recognise that I am a swede. And I also love to speak english in an american accent or english But sadly we broke that idea :XD:
Anyways when we got on the bus and took our seats we heard two loud americans sitting behind us so it was hard not to listen to their conversation. They were from Minnesota and Pensylwania, I was like wow that's far :O
But One of them said "Oh look they have 7 eleven!"
"Why yes" I thought mentally I found that so cute x3 So the secret is out we have 7 eleven here problem??
Oh and one of them said that he liked Stockholm better than Oslo (Capital in Norway) that he went to last year.
:iconstoneunicorn1:Stoneunicorn1 3 64
Switzerland x reader - Being Big Sister
Your jaw dropped. There in front of you was the last scene you would expect in the middle of a village in Switzerland.
You had been on an errand down to the village markets to find a few groceries. In going to and from the markets you had to drive through a few lesser ethical parts of the village. You drove up to the corners joining you to the better side of town, the change marked by a large pub. Glancing around as you drove past the pub what did you see but a young girl you knew quite well sitting on the lap of a big muscly man drinking strong alcohol from a cup.
You parked the car slamming the door as you got out and stormed towards the pub.
“Lily! What do you think you are doing?!?!” you said sharply making the girls head whip around in shock. The large man’s face curled into a sneer as he took a swig from the alcohol bottle, “Well hel-lo babe, enjoying the view.”
“Lil” you practically growled, “come here now.” The blonde went t
:iconmistress-raconteur:Mistress-Raconteur 185 9
Switzerlandxreader What My Sister Doesnt Know 3
Switzerland x reader What my sister doesn't know 3
~Your POV~
  It was finally the weekend. Nothing but hanging out with your two best friends and your older brothers. Sounds like fun right? WRONG!
  i sat in the piano room with Lili and Eliza after running from my brother Gilbert who should by now be annoying the heck out of Roderick. Yep it's a normal weekend for me. The only thing that could make it MORE chaotic would be if Alfred and Matthias came.
  ...That's right Mathias. What he told me...could it be real? Did Vash really think about me that way?
  I pushed some of my (h/c) hair out of my face and looked to my friends. Lili looked at me puzzled as Eliza smirked.
  "Blushing a lot there aren't ya (Name)?" She taunted. I blushed more and folded my arms over my chest.
  "Wh-What? Me? Blush? NOO! Don't be stupid!" I tried to avoid eye contact as my friends giggled. There were only a couple ways to make them shut up.
  "Don't be silly (Name) we all
:iconspicecat7:SpiceCat7 130 47
SwitzerlandxReader: What my Sister doesn't know 2
Switzerland x Reader: What my sister doesn't know Ch 2
   You looked around into your Homeroom with Lili to see what crazy ass things you guys were going to see today. So far all is normal, accept for Netherlands and Denmark laughing as loud as they can at the top of their lungs over some joke.
   You looked over at Lili and wiggled your eyebrows suggestively and she giggled. She knew how much of a joke it was to see the Dane and his friends act like idiots. You two found it hard to believe they were some of the more hit on guys around the school. Even more popular than Francis Bonnefoy himself.
   Rolling your eyes you took your seat next to the Dane just in time for the great Roman Empire to present himself as your teacher yet again.
~time skip~
    You were writing down all your notes for English like your life depended on it, when a paper airplane landed on your notebook. You picked it up and looked over to Matthias with an annoyed look. He s
:iconspicecat7:SpiceCat7 127 22
Switzerland x Reader: What my sister doesn't know
Switzerland x Reader: What my sister doesn't know
~Vash's POV~
 I woke up to the buzzing of my alarm clock. I almost smashed it into pieces when hitting the snooze button. 
 Yep, it was just like any other morning. Well almost ever since Austria moved in with Hungary I wake up to piano music but unfortunately that was not the case this morning. Instead it was to the sound of a frying pan hitting face. Francis must be stalking Roderick again.
  With a sigh i go downstairs preparing to see the worst but surprisingly didn't. I mean yes there was Francis and minor bleeding but other than that there wasn't much else.
  "Should I even ask at this point?" I say with tad annoyance drawn in my voice.
Roderick and Elizabeta shake their heads and Lili comes in with a bag of groceries.
  Lili I told you not to spend any money. We are trying hard enough to live on our own and go to school." I was about to go off on her about money the way I do but Elizabeta stopped me.
:iconspicecat7:SpiceCat7 234 31
Switzerland x Reader - Aiming for You
Aiming for You
Switzerland x Reader
[Axis Power: Hetalia]

Dodge ball. It was one of your favourite games you enjoyed playing in gym class. You were really good at dodging; you were decent with catching; but you absolutely sucked at aiming. You were almost always completely off target.
To your surprise, you had found yourself being the very last member standing on your team, but the other team only had one member left as well, so it should be okay, right? Nope, of course not, because the person you were up against was none other than Vash Zwingli.
Vash was well known for many things; one of them being having a killer aim. You mentally cursed your bad luck for being the last person standing. You didn't mind getting hit by anyone in the game, but it's a completely different story when you're the last one on your team. All your team members are shouting and cheering you on while the others are trying to distract you. It was very nerve wrecking and put a lot of pressure
:iconavistella:Avistella 760 307
Estonia x Reader - Victim of Bullying
You were walking down the hall when you saw a group of boys trip up a blonde haired boy with glasses. They laughed at him ... calling him a geek ... and breaking his glasses. They ran off laughing and he laid there, understandably upset. Riddled with guilt, you approached him
"Are you alright?" You asked
"Y-yes ... it happens all the time. My mum's going to kill me ..." He mumbled
You helped him up and he looked at you
"I can't see a thing ..." He complained, looking around the hall
"I could be your eyes" You said, smiling
He looked at you, confused
"Really? But ... why would you do something like that for me? I don't even know your name" He said
"It's (Name) (Last Name). And you?" You said, smiling
"Eduard von Bock" He replied
"You mean like ... Baron von Kiss-a-lot?" You asked
He chuckled, blushing
"I guess so" He said, unable to stop smiling
You smiled
"So ... where do you need to go?" You asked
"I ... was going to the library to read, but ... I can't now ..." He said
"I could read
:iconswiftninja91:SwiftNinja91 216 175
Denmarkxmermaid!reader Den lile havefrue
Denmarkxmermaid!reader Den lille havfrue
"(Name) Where are you going?" your friend asked when she saw you swim away
"None of your business!" you said and swam faster, what was different about you compared to the other mermaids was that you are very facinated of the human world. Everyone said that humans are dangerous but you didn't want to believe that. They seem so friendly and you also love their music. Especially that boys with his blonde hair and blue eyes.
You swam up to the surface and saw that guy as usual sitting on the bridge near the beach playing on his harmonica. It sounded weird not the music you were used to. You didn't know why but you really liked him. He seems so full of joy and friendly and he was also handsome.
You sadly looked down on your (f/c) tail if only you were a human then you could be together with hin. But what was the difference anyways? That you lived in the water and he on the shore, that he can't breath under the water and he got legs and you have a tai
:iconstoneunicorn1:Stoneunicorn1 91 41
My RANDOM favourites!!



I am very confused by the app for DeviantArt
So very confused



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