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Valhalla Statcard

music: Light & Darkness - Twilight Princess OST

Statcard for SLYMaster58's Scarfox, Valhalla. 

Be careful, prolonged exposure to his eyes can cause violent hallucinations and persistent nightmares.  In all seriousness, very fun to draw.  I'm really sorry it took as long as it did to finish (school and work are mean).  I really hope you like it as much as I did making it for you :)

Valhalla belongs to :iconslymaster58:
Scarfox species (c) :iconkawiku:
Music (c) nintendo
Artwork and animation (c) me. 

Sai + PS + AE + Flash
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© 2016 - 2021 DanSyron
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nightmarefoxy999's avatar

this is amazing i love how creepy it is scary stuff is my favorite amazing job

Blyz5's avatar

This is so freaking cool!! WHAT THE?!

RubyCookiez's avatar
Honestly these should actually be made into real cards
WillieManga's avatar
Zant's theme? Totally fitting.
Nana-Yuka's avatar
so i just have to say even if im watching you i never really saw your animations... shame on me

and this is the best thing at animation ive ever seen ! really ! its justs o good it could be from a game! just those effects and all HNNNG i could stare at it forever
DanSyron's avatar
wow you were really missing out
Nana-Yuka's avatar
i first saw the chibi for Teranen! then today i just looked threw you whole gallery and i was like omfg why didnt i do it at the beginning xD
Kaiyaru's avatar
this is so creepy and the music makes it even creepier
love it!!
FatalToBeLucky13's avatar
I thought the music sound familiar!
Ryujins's avatar
not sure...if you made Grim Reaper would be epic. 
Ryujins's avatar
......i love it *=*
Belomey's avatar
Oh my this is super cool I love your work ; v ;
Kiro13's avatar
THIS IS SO COOL! Sorry if this is a dumb question but do you still do commissions for this kinda of stuff? And what are your rates?
DarkLaW6's avatar
Mother of god.
I have a have favorite piece of artwork.
bluewingfairy's avatar
my friend, nice flash animation art, really Darkness.
Astiin's avatar
The fact this has the music from The legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess makes me so happy.
Amazing work! 
CreativeCinnamonCat's avatar
Dude this is amazing! Great job! ;; O ;;
Aqua-The-Smiter's avatar
The name is Valhalla.
That just makes this badass.
Selkra's avatar
I don't often come across art that completely takes my breath away.
But this has. Awesome work dude!
GriffinPhillis's avatar
Oooo, I love this one~
Very alluring n' spooky. c8
SVBLE's avatar
The animation on this is beautiful! Those little glitchy moments really add that final spooky touch to the card.
shoucchin's avatar
Holy crud this is amazing o.o
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