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Syron Grey - Reference Sheet



Syron’s reference was very out of date (last one was 2012).  Here’s the updated one with story fixes and a proper design overhaul!  Hopefully this one lasts a while!

This is current as of Oct 2016


Full name: Syron Grey (pronounced Siren)

Age: 19

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Power: Sound Manipulation/Audiokinesis

    Syron Grey is an anthropomorphic fox that harnesses the power of crystal resonance to conduct and control various wavelengths of sound (audiokinesis) and can discharge shockwaves and other weaponized forms of sound.  He is able to do so by utilization of the 4 massive violet crystals that follow him at all times, dubbed the Hylex Formation [pronounced Hy-lekz].  The Hylex crystal is a synthetic element which allows its user to mentally control the crystal’s attributes by linking their body permanently to them and taking full control of the properties of the crystal, which is linked via the central gem at Syron’s chest.  Syron is capable of using these crystals by changing their formation to change a different spectrum of wavelengths and sound-types.  By use of this mutation, he can also overcharge the formation to get it to transform into even more extreme states, unlocking more utilitarian variations.

However, the element can ravage his body if used improperly. Overcharging the 4 spines with energy past a certain point can cause parts of the Hylex inside his body to break off and enter his bloodstream. If this happens, Syron can enter cardiac arrest.  To supplement his sound, his shoes and gloves contain speaker cones to help with sound conduction.  His chest bracer helps disperse sound-shock around his sternum to prevent internal damage, and a visual equalizer appears across it when his abilities are used, with the equalizer color matching the state in play.

:bulletpurple: Balance Mode (crystals are violet and are suspended idly behind Syron)

This formation allows Syron to maintain a balance of his Speed, Defense, Agility, and Attack. This means he can use the majority of his abilities while in this mode, but he lacks some of the firepower, mobility, and defense needed in order to overcome particular situations.  However, Syron cannot immediately switch between states and must go back to balance mode before accessing a new state, which requires more time the deeper he is into the state trees.  He is also only able to use abilities which correspond with their particular Calamity Diamond fragment, as each piece allows Syron to gain access to a different base state and its extended formations.

:bulletred: Pulse Mode (crystals turn vermillion and form a large X-shape behind Syron, rotating like a metronome)

This formation allows Syron to enter a very precise timing mode similar to a metronome and can synchronize his actions very precisely with melee attacks (hand to hand), sound firing sequences (shockwaves), and causing objects to resonate (which can either power objects in particular instances or shatter other objects such as barriers made of certain materials.  Pulse formation also allows thrown shockwaves and the creation of sound projectiles, serving as the long-range counterpart to balance.  Pulse’s downside is that Syron is especially vulnerable during ‘offbeats’ or periods where the pulse is not being executed, as he will have very little defense or attack capability. It is possible to stun Syron in this formation by de-synchronizing him by striking him in the period when the pulsation isn’t firing.

The extended formations of Pulse deal with ranged attacks or ultrasonic blades.

:bulletgreen: Knuckleduster Mode (crystals become green and transform into tremendous gauntlets) Knuckleduster formation allows for incredibly raised attack stats while hindering movement to basic walking and running. Syron can ‘punch’ with enormous shockwaves of sound at close proximity. While his movement is significantly slower, the power behind each punch is gigantic. Syron does not actually punch or inflict damage with the Hylex crystals themselves, but the surface shockwave generated by them.  While this formation can deliver the required ‘knockout’ punch to a hefty opponent, it serves to be downright dangerous if used in a speed/agility required situation.

The extended formations of Knuckleduster deal with fist/weapons and hammers.

:bulletcyan: Dragonfly Mode (crystals turn light blue and form dragon-like wings behind Syron)

Dragonfly formation is specifically designed to use soundwaves for the sake of propulsion.  By firing shockwaves to adjust for movement, Syron gains a state of raised speed and agility, allowing the sound to not only push him to near super-sonic speeds, but use micro-blasts to adjust individual parts of his body for incredibly agility.  However, since all of the crystals become dedicated to movement enhancement, Syron is left with virtually no attack or defense capabilities.  Because of this, Dragonfly mode is only used properly when pursuing or fleeing from a target.

The extended formations of Dragonfly deal with speed and ultrasonic vibrations.

:bulletyellow: Tank Mode (crystals turn yellow and form a wall around Syron)

To make up for the lack of defense in the previous mode, Tank mode sacrifices almost all mobility for the sake of superior defense, literally creating a sound shield around Syron and anyone inside the shield radius. This mode leaves Syron very immobile, but the formation is a very valuable asset as Syron often finds himself in situations that require an escort of another member or protection of a precious item.  Syron is still able to attack in this formation, however it is limited to his competence in hand-to-hand combat without any Hylex sound assistance.

The extended formations of Tank deal with shielding, anchoring, and earthquake generation.

All extended formations are detailed here:


Syron suffers from a mutation nicknamed “Crystalaria” which has caused his normal body to erode and become crystalline, causing the eventual severance of his own biological arms.  While he still maintains feeling in the mutated regions of his body, it provides a challenge to his every-day life.  Being unable to hide the mutation from the public, Syron has opted to use the mutation to the best of his ability while keeping a humble profile.  The effects of Crystalaria are irreversible, and thus Syron will forever be crystalized and in command of the 4 Hylex Crystals that follow him wherever he goes.

Back Story:

           Syron Grey is a blue anthropomorphic fox belonging to a technologically-savvy civilization, which has primarily established itself on the habitable moon of Alaria that orbits a large gas giant nicknamed the ‘Sky Ocean’.  Alaria has a small moon of its own, allowing the planet to use this smaller moon as a launching post for rockets and other interstellar vehicles.  Alaria is also home to a space-colony outpost, Pasiphae 04, which resides in a small Dyson Sphere-like object in medium orbit around Alaria.  The inhabitants of this colony belong to the Pasiphae Space Pirate Legion, stationed over Alaria for trade purposes and gas-mining from the Sky Ocean.

           The society of Alaria is primarily situated in and around the city of Metanova, which Syron calls home.  The city is elevated on an enormous pedestal over an ocean beside a cliff, as the ocean has waves that are too enormous to build directly over.  The gravity from the Sky Ocean causes waves to potentially reach hundreds of feet, which in comparison to the pedestal propping up Metanova, are nothing more than large ripples.  This city is comprised of a tall city center core (skyscrapers and high-technology), with circular rings protruding outward to form trenches around the city for industrial transport, and then a highly factory-based outer rim (more mechanized and dirty).  The underside of the city contains a slum, which is anchored to the roof created by the pedestal’s underside beneath the city.  Large rail systems and transport lines branch from Metanova to the nearby cliff face, allowing supply carriers and trains to gain access to the Forever Line (a transglobal rail system) and Metanova’s counterpart city, Ignitia (a city renowned for its geothermal powerplant which operates on a city-sized combustion engine), Syron lives in a small 1-bedroom apartment on the outer edge of Metanova’s city core.

           Syron grey was born into a family of science to his mother Sophia Grey and his father, Kaius Grey.  Kaius, a leading innovator in neuroscience and synthetic technology, was revered in Metanova for many of the medical advancements that caused a tremendous surge in the lifespan of its denizens.  Kaius was eventually lauded as a hero and was appointed to the head of the Medical Sciences Institute of Metanova.  However, when Syron was 10 years old, Sophia Grey contracted an undiscovered fatal neurological disease, which slowly deteriorated her nervous system.  Unable to engineer a solution, Kaius became desperate to save his wife, and began outreach to other engineering/tech giants in Metanova for help, eventually befriending a shady weapon developer, Mathis Crowe.  Jointly, the two slaved for months to develop a solution that could save Sophia, and in the process accidentally engineered a synthetic element. This element was capable of linking a host directly with a crystal and was found to be able to reroute the entire nervous system using conductive resonance.  However, the crystal had immense weapon prospects, which lead Mathis Crowe to want to sell the element as a bioweapon rather than use it to save Sophia. This caused Kaius to attempt to take the project away from Mathis, attempting to use it to cure Sophia rather than become a tool if disaster.  Mathis, malcontent with Kaius’ decision to keep the project for himself rather than bring it to the masses, alerted authorities to Kaius’ developing of a super-weapon, which caused the seizure of the project and destruction of its components.  Kaius was removed from the Medical Institute, arrested, and sentenced to exile from Alaria or face life-time imprisonment.  Kaius never discovered Mathis to be the reason for the project’s seizure.  Shortly after his exile, Sophia succumbed to her illness.

           Now exiled and a widower, Kaius took Syron to live on the outskirts of a decommissioned Lunar Launch station (Lunar Outbounds Facility), where Syron and Kaius befriended the colonials of the Pasiphae 04 Space Colony, who witnessed the events of Kaius’ exile.  Kaius began to make do with his life, although in an irreparable state of mourning, through the assistance of the Pasiphae Space Pirate Legion, helping him gain enough supplies to take care of himself and his son.  During this time period, Syron became close friends (and eventually a love interest) of a young Pasiphaean Space-Pirate cadet, Cassira Solarov.

           Kaius, finding himself unable to heal from his loss, began to lose a grip on his well-being, spiraling into a state of disarray.  Using a loaned ship he was given by Pasiphae, he made frequent trips to the upper clouds of the Sky Ocean in search of himself and maybe an answer to the events that killed the only project that could save his wife.  One day, however, he went missing…

During this time period, Syron was under the care of Pasiphae, presuming his father lost to the depths of the Sky Ocean.

           When Kaius returned months later after countless search parties were sent for him, he was a very different man.  Something sinister had brooded deep within him and an enormous gash had been scarred into his face.  Kaius largely began to ignore Syron for days on end, locking himself into a makeshift lab deep underneath the Lunar Outbounds Facility as he tinkered and toyed away at fully weaponizing the Hylex element out of revenge.  Kaius’ new goal?  Exact revenge on Metanova and everyone on Alaria for killing his wife, using Hylex as the instrument.  In tandem with the complete weaponization of the Hylex prototype, he created three synthetic gems: Hylex isotope Alpha (the strain used to mutate Syron and allows use of sonic frequencies), Hylex isotope Beta (a variant of Hylex which controls infrared and heat radiation signatures), and a gem with interlocking parts, whose wavelengths could stack and form a singularity if overcharged.  This final gem, the Calamity Diamond, became the engine to a superweapon under Kaius’ development, a massive crystalline titan that would eventually fire this singularity deep into the mantle of Alaria, causing a destabilization of the surface.  This would ultimately lead to Alaria collapsing under its own gravitational field.

           However, to utilize this super-weapon, it required a host from which to mutate.  This host had to be completely interlaced with the weaponized strain of Hylex to allow for the Calamity Diamond to properly resonate and mutate into Hylexus, the eventual name of the bio-weapon.  Also, because of the Hylex strains, Hylex mutations could only stabilize on those with a proper blood type, in this case the blood type used to assist in the genetic link of the prototype (which coincidentally was Kaius’ own blood type).  This left only two candidates for the mutation; Syron and Kaius (who shared the required blood type).  Kaius opted to use Syron as the test subject, feeling no remorse for offering his son to a brutal project.

           Syron vanished from the public shortly after, causing Cassira to think both he and Kaius had both been lost to the Sky Ocean.

           Kaius contacted Mathis Crowe and an incredibly bright young engineer on Alaria to engineer a machine that could finish the union between Hylex and the host.  Mathis, eager to see the weapon applications once-again, agreed.  However, the experiment aftermath left the other engineer horrified at the machine’s application.  Syron was mutated with strain Alpha, becoming the key to Kaius’ super-weapon, with the central Hylex mutation crystal impaled through the center of his chest.  Over the coming months, Syron’s “Crystalaria” mutation began to consume his own body, claiming his arms, heels, and large portions of his head.  Syron also learned [from Kaius] that the Calamity Diamond segments could be utilized by linking sections to his chest, leading him to correctly assume he would be used further as a tool for Kaius’ plans, which were told to him during the mutation process.

    Syron was able to escape by assistance of the young unnamed engineer and alert Alaria of the impending threat of Kaius’ superweapon. Kaius, in a fit of desperation to not have his project fail again, mutated himself with strain Beta just before a strike team of both Alarian and Pasiphaean forces swarmed the facility.  However, due to the mutation leaving Kaius unable to defend himself as his new neural attachments were still forming, he was promptly captured, separated from his newly formed crystal pillars, and was locked away to never see the light of day again.

The director of Metanova attempted to have the Calamity Diamond fragments destroyed, however they seemed to resist any attempt to shatter them.  As a result, the Calamity Diamond fragments were then scattered to the corners of Alaria and beyond in an attempt to permanently kill the project Kaius set to accomplish.

           Syron attempted to heal from his experience after his escape, residing with the very engineer that rescued him.  His newfound friend, Faulkner Reidd would eventually become the head of Mathis’ direct business competitor, Datastorm Industries.  Mathis, left unpunished/undiscovered from his involvement from Kaius’ operation, continued work at his company, Crowe Corp. which is stationed directly across from Datastorm Industries on the Metanova skyline.

           Syron, having to deal with his permanent mutation and new-found abilities to control sound-waves, began to pick-up the pieces of his life, snagging a job as a delivery-boy, using his speed to deliver high-importance packages for Faulkner and Datastorm.  By keeping a relatively low profile, Syron avoided being classified as a weapon by Alaria, and while he is unable to hide his appearance from onlookers besides being able to use soundwaves to distort the light ever-so-slightly around his crystals to have them appear transparent, he has been able to live a relatively normal, yet chaotic life.  Now 19, Syron is the prime parcel deliverer for not only Datastorm, but large portions of Metanova, using his immense agility and speed to maneuver mail/delivery routes faster than any vehicle of similar size.  Faulkner has become Syron’s immediate employer, but also best-friend following the events years before, and Cassira still presumes Syron to be dead.


           Recent news reports have come in stating that Kaius has managed to escape from his prison with assistance of an accomplice (Mathis Crowe), and is preparing to gather the Calamity Diamond fragments.  Syron, Faulkner, and Cassira must race against the clock to find all FIVE components and destroy them before Kaius can use it.  However, there’s one slight problem…

All five diamond components must be completely merged to destroy it.


           Syron, while a bit leery to trust others after the events surrounding his father, is very dedicated and loyal to those he cares about.  While the bureaucratic nature of Metanova often annoys him, he usually finds a way to circumvent a situation using his own tenacity, often irritating the Alarian Director. However, Syron acknowledges that he is still learning his abilities and can be a bit timid to try something new using the Hylex formation.  Because Kaius often lashed out at Syron after his mother’s death, he often blames himself as the cause and, being a weapon engineered by Kaius, often has difficulty accepting himself at all.  His fear is so great that it’s actually prevented Syron from reaching out to Pasiphae to contact Cassira, fearful of what she would say knowing he’s still alive and a key component of a very destructive force.  Later, when Cassira rejoins his squad, Syron is incredibly bashful and embarrassed of his own appearance, and shows visible insecurities with himself around others.  He later learns to accept it entirely, becoming more comfortable in his own skin.

Despite Kaius’ treatment of him, the relationship between Syron and Kaius is complicated. His communication with Kaius was not completely severed after his imprisonment as Kaius is allowed to send brief communication in the form of written mail, although it is almost always destroyed by the Alarian Government upon reaching a sorting center.  Because of this, Syron is able to intercept the messages, being a delivery-man.  While brief and often riddled with Kaius’ secondary motives, Kaius makes it very clear that not only does he not hate Syron despite still placing blame on him incorrectly, but also looks forward to seeing him again.  Whether or not it’s out of love or out of desire for his plan remains unclear.

Syron still keeps a family photo in his apartment, a solemn reminder of the current state of his life.

Syron is competitive, slightly optimistic (unless referring to himself), and a bit naïve.


  • Syron’s primary formations are all representative of electronic music genres according to the genre attributes.  Balance represents electronica as a whole, Pulse as breakbeat/trance due to rhythmic patterns, Dragonfly as drum and bass, Knuckleduster as dubstep, and Tank as glitch-hop.  

  • Syron has a hobby of collecting and caring for plants, and his apartment contains a large number of various species.

  • Syron is very well-versed in medical background, having grown up in a medical family.

  • While his arms are suspended beside him, they do provide resistance from being separated by proximity.  However, when learning to cope with his detached arms, he has misplaced his arms before, similar to losing car-keys.

  • Separating Syron’s Hylex crystals diminishes his ability to use sound.  After separation of about 100m, Syron can no longer sense the crystals at all.  However the force required to separate them is massive, and forcing him to separate with them also requires Syron’s effort to do so.

  • Syron’s abilities do not operate in a vacuum, and using his ability in space requires a material to transmit sound energy.  If he is floating in space and not in contact with any objects, he is rendered completely helpless.  Similarly, when Syron is in a denser-than-air medium (water, fluid, etc) his abilities are magnified to the extent where they also can become self-damaging.

  • The blue hair bang is not a natural hair color, and instead an aesthetic coloration by Syron.  His natural accent fur color is strictly white.

  • Syron collects headphones, speakers, and other sound related items of all makes and models, and his apartment is said to contain more than 100 unique headphones and speakers ranging from budget to luxury.  

  • Syron’s crystals float using Ultrasonic suspension.  If not suspended, his crystals’ combined weight exceeds 500 pounds, excluding his bodyweight.  Syron, if he stops suspending his crystals, his net weight is nearly a half-ton.  With suspension, he weighs 150 pounds.

  • His most prized possession is a golden locket given to him by Cassira prior to his mutation.  The picture inside remains a mystery to everyone but Syron, Cassira, and Kaius.


Syron Grey © DanSyron

Artwork © DanSyron

Vox Vulpine (IP) © DanSyron

2016.  Paint tool sai, photoshop

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