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Magic Potions Tutorial

Tutorial time as I work on my next animation.  If you want an easy way to make potions and elixirs, this tutorial uses only a round brush (no special tools required) and a digital art program with some sort of glow layerstate, whether its luminosity (SAI), linear dodge (PS), or just a screen mode.  I hope you all find this helpful!

Please do not repost. Its been happening a bunch with my tutorials lately.
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Thank you for this tutorial) I have chosen this for my first illustration in Procreate ) I have never painted realistic objects before and it took several hours.

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Hmm, I might take some tips from this and try to see what I can do in Illustrator. Might be a very liberal approach to this tutorial though.

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I really wanted to try this tutorial, but I made it a little different lol. I love how it turned out! :D

Magic Glass
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Can this work in ProCreate?

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These were super helpful, thank you!

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question, which is the order of the layers? putting the bottle ones at the bottom make them invisible when the water and such is added, second can i ask how you do the water?

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Thank you for this! Great tutorial :heart:

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Really enjoyed this tutorial <3 Thank you

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Nice, but everything ends on /draw a fck circle/ ffs
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What do you mean by step 2?
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Thank you!!! :heart:
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Great tutorial!! :D
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This is as far as I go for now

  Potion Practice by sonolil
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Gave it a try.
I think it turned out pretty good. ^^

Blue Magic Potion by Luna4s
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flush out? round brush?
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Holy smokes! Interesting enough I never use those filters. Sweating [Disney]
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Very nice. The end result is super pleasing to look at
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Finally a simple tutorial online. ;w;
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Yooo! I tried to do the same pic you did. Turned out....surprisingly somewhat decent?
Thanks for the tutorial!
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Wonderful tutorial! It looks like magic. Thank you so much, it will help! Pixel gemstones - Amethyst 
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thats definantly gonna be helpful
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