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Needed to update the crap out of this. Anyway, spent some time tonight animating a stamp. Put it on your page if you please. :3

Stamp done in AE.
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It was very, very good!!!!
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ooo flashy.... rainbows... perfect...
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This thing looks so professional! Jeez, is there anything you've made that looks normal, and not over the top amazing??

I'm just kidding. :XD: But seriously, I'm jealous. Your small animations are so smooth and well done. :) This is probably the most amazing animated stamp I've ever seen. It's so shiny... *u* Great job as always, Dan!
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Looks great. So shiny... must... touch it.
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awwwwwwwwwesome!!! No clue what it represents but its awesome!! :D
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:icondragonwant: Wow, this is amazing!! XD
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....wuuaaaaaaaaaaau o,o......:clap::winner:
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:w00t: Totally spectacular stamp here dude! =D
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Hmm... I saw the previous one, and thought that was perfectly fine. But given the size of the stamp, it's near impossible to tell what's moving in the background. Maybe about half as much of the white overlay?
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Uugh, let me think. Time for the preparation of the images will not be count. So I'd assume that a little animation like this, setting the images, the movements and setting the keyframes for special movements and effects (if you have the experience for this) will be done in ... I guess an half hour, max. an hour :O_o:
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well my comp was running a tad slow so about 45 mins
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Well, then my assumption wasn't that bad xD
If I may ask, all the adobe softwares e.g. Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects etc. need a powerful computer. Or am I in the wrong?
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well i have a 4gb ram laptop with a solid state drive, which helps, but sometimes it gets hung up on stuff.
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Well, I need to admit that I'm not experienced with computer technologies lol
But I'd say that's alright to use good softwares. I'd assume that it can hung up because of a bad graphics card which happens to me if I'm trying to edit large image files.
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looks good
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lol i need to draw him more first. maybe when his ref is done over break
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yes yes yessss >:I! do it or I WILL asjk

yeee needs refs too:cookie::meow:
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*adds to her little stamp collection*
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Hm? I guess I'll update my page I guess...
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it autoupdates xD
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