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As the journal title suggests, I’m holding a Watchers Sweepstakes. Simply make a comment expressing interest to get a chance to win a free waist-up illustration. A winner will be chosen randomly at 8pm Eastern Time on July 29th.

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I'll give it a shot!
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*shamelessly enters*
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Nice 8D I love what you've been drawing as of late, really interested uwu
Zil-Zeki's avatar
I'm a pretty new watcher, but let's go for it!
Devicon's avatar
I'm in it


win it
LittleMissFatCat's avatar
ArticBleu's avatar
Sorta interested o3o
coloumn's avatar
I'm interested
RobotnikHolmes's avatar
Oh, I have interest. :O 
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I am very much interested :meow:
kozispoon's avatar
I'm in it to win it! >=D
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I am indeed interested!
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Words cannot express how much each and every individual picture you're produced since I met you has left me in AWE and I am clenching my buttocks HARD in anticipation.
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Would be fantastic to win an illustration! I love how you do all sorts of body types with such smooth colors. Not to mention fantastic facial expressions! Got my fingers crossed.
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Comment. Creative right?
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Ooooooooo  Raffle!  All the interest!  
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You have my attention, interest, and hugs.

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Awesome! Thank you. Good luck to whoever wins.
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Oh what the heck - consider me interested! :D
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Dan son, where'd you find this?
Dansome0203's avatar
Where did I find what?
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