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20201005 Tribulations - A Bunch Of Devil Lickers

By Dansome0203
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Dahlia's first encounter with Bastienne was on a wrestling ring within a refugee camp. Instead of actually fighting, Dahlia sung a song heavily inspired by the Gaston song from Beauty & the Beast. Which is great since Bastienne takes inspiration from Gaston.

Dahlia lost the match but undeniably won over the crowd. It was great. Definitely a campaign highlight!

Dahlia Scratch © me
Bastienne © Sortelli
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Ah so she just takes a lot of inspiration from Gaston...

Still, it'd be funny to see her practically pushing herself on a nerdy, Belle-male sort of guy :)

Bastienne: Is this porn Bellemont?! You actually find scrawny, puny women like that attractive!?

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Such charisma :D

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Dahlia definitely has a BIG personality. That's for sure.

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and it comes wonderfully across in your art :) quite fun.

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...The fuck is a "simp"? Dose she mean shrimp?

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Simp is slang for like 'a obsessive and submissive enabler/fan' or something.

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oh i thought it was short for simpleton.

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I thought so originally too! Maybe it is though, and the definition was just expanded upon?

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In the words of Dorn: "That is Dumb."

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"Reality is funny"

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“No it’s a term for a person who... never mind.”

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You can call me Sir Simp, buying all THE SCRATCH merch. Like the big foam horns!

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