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20200916 Tribulations - Nemesis

By Dansome0203
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In the Tribulations campaign, Dahlia had a 'nemesis of sorts' named Bastienne. She was a self-absorbed aasimar who lauded herself as some 'chosen-hero', when in reality she is just a jock asshole. So kinda the opposite of Dahlia. A very fun foil!

This artwork is a parody/homage of the one DBZ cover of Goku staring down Frieza.

Dahlia Scratch © me
Bastienne © Sortelli
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© 2020 Dansome0203
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Wonder who the 'lucky' Belle-man is who has that strapping lass' affections?

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Omg, is Dahlia actually that little or is Bastienne just really tall? If it's the former, goddang she's so much more adorable now. Hahahaha

Fantastic as always, man :D

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It's both! Dahlia is incredibly short and Bastienne is absurdly tall!

And thank you!

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No one...boasts like Bastienne,

Fake victory toasts like Bastienne.

When mocking a rival no one

roasts like Bastienne.

She is exceptionally good at


Oh, what a gal that Bastienne!

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I shared this with the rest of the campaign players. They enjoyed it! Thank you

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Glad you and your rp group liked it.

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It was a wrestling fight and Dahlia never threw a single punch. She was too busy perfomance. Bastienne, on the other hand, punched Dahlia to half her hit points and then dropped her out of the ring.

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*Cue "Gaston parody" song!*

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that was my 1st thought

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