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20200731 Tribulation Campaign - Sending

By Dansome0203
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An important crucial - and often overlooked - aspect of D&D is 'responsible spellcasting'. So here's a comic about being responsible starring Dahlia blowing raspberries at a bunch of the NPCs she has infuriated throughout the campaign.

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Had that been sent any of the prank-happy spellcasters I know, then you can bet your platemail-covered butt that she'd get the closest sendable equivalent to an airhorn in return.

Or possibly a low damage "explosive runes" letter with a built in glitter bomb. :wink

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She blew a raspberry. She didn't actually fart.

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The most greatest use of magic I have ever seen.

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-bows- Thank you! Your words are too kind!

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No word’s are too kind.

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This is the MOST responsible spellcasting. If you're not constantly harrassing NPCs, why you even playing the game?

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Pfft, you got a point that's verrrryy hard to argue!

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I'm guessing just by appearances of the NPCs she chose those ones with good reason. From left to right, Pompous Asshole, Ominous Guy, Random Demon #5, BBEG Undead Lich and an Assassin they probably helped at some point.

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You know... not a bad set of guesses! Not entirely right but pretty good guesses.

  1. Mephistopheles, who is a pompous self-important asshole. He hasn't done anything *bad* yet but has been absurdly pissy with the party for the pettiest of reasons.

  2. Levistus, who was initially very ominouos. But we ruined his plans so now he can't do nothing for another 100 years.

  3. Dramath, a bone devil governor that we ousted and potentially ruined his career.

  4. Brom, undead paladin guy who serves as second in command to the current BBEG

  5. Tarback, a chain devil inquisitor. We're on weird terms with this sadist since he has been helping clean up a lot of our former enemies but might eventually turn on us.

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so I got Pompous Asshole, Ominous, Undead but he works for the BBEG right

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