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The Arts Center

This was for school! Yay! It's a map of the arts center for the school, which I suppose will help anyone attempting to determine whether or not I go to their school.

The icons I may post separately at some point, so I won't go into much detail on them here. What I will say, however, is that I had a mantra for this assignment: "When in doubt, add a beret."

Oh, and if the theater/music division looks weird, it's because they're actually one department, and were split simply so those of us mapping the arts center would have six symbols to make. In truth, they're both a part of performance arts.
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Wait.. Is that... could it be...?
Yep. I know which college that is. :thumbsup: to me. :)
It was one of a several colleges that made my short-list back when I was deciding such things. Ended up going elsewhere, though.

Nice map, by the way.
Dude I think you go to the same school as me. does this building happen to connect to the so called 'IC' building through an underground tunnel? (of doom!)
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yep; beware the minotaur
Haha! Holy cow! This is a small world. I totally love your comics fyi.
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You know, the school my brother goes to (and the one I want to go to) was told it had the best animation department in the country by the head of Pixar. Their fine arts building has like five floors, and it's pretty spiffy.
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pretty darn cool ^_^ think it deserves a fav. my college has more floors and departments but they are all over the place :| doubt anyone could condense it into a map. i really like your map though ^_^ very informative, and shiney 0.0 lol
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Dude now Nazi terrorists are gonna be able to raid us with this elaborate floor plan... TO THE IC BUILDING!
DanShive's avatar
What, you go there too? ^^;
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Im Matt, the Fat guy in the circle in Digital Illustration:P
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I just realized... We go to the same school !O_o!
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As a matter of fact, I think we're in the same department o_O!!!
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Seems to be the case. If you ever recognize me based on my sickly self portrait, feel free to say hello ^^

Incidentally, my Universal Movie Monster posters / DVDs are in SRC 1033 (which has open labs on certain days/times), and there's some "HOW" Magazine layout I did posted near the vending machines on the second floor of the arts center. I will also supposedly have a small clay Platypus on display in the upcoming "Out of the Box" display.
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I'll say hello if I see you.

I can't believe I only realized this now though, I stared at your bottled water illustration for a while here thinking "...I think I've seen this elsewhere..."

the FEED show >_<

I must say good job on the monster DVD covers, I see those all the time.
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I'm kind of jealous.
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That's the most adorable floor plan ever.
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that's adorable! great job! :)
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I'm impressed.
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Any chance you might be willing to release the icons on They're very nice.
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I see 6 berrets in this picture. Truely Jamie would be proud.
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Nice map. ^_^
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Why do I think that the guys in berets are missing a Walrus 'tashe?
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No parking lot? I think Krystal got you beat on this one! XP
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Most likely, yeah. Though in my defense, our professor doesn't care about the exterior of the Arts Center, only the interior.

At the same time, he wants the maps to be illustrative, and the parking lot helps with that. I just don't know if the prof will agree, but hopefully he will.
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Of all the places I would want to relax in I would say the Arts Center. Always had a better feeling than the rest of the college. The lounges were either too small or too full of loud people. I like it.
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