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Serra Baneslayer Comic

My Magic Parody Comics

I am not a fan of the Baneslayer Angel. It's a good card and I was lucky enough to get one at a 2011 prerelease tournament, but I don't feel it's balanced. If it cost more mana, or didn't have both first strike and lifelink, or was legendary, I'd probably like it. It seems the only "balance" to it is its supposed rarity, however, and I don't consider rareness to be a valid balancing method.

This comic was a bit trickier to make than the previous two. For one thing, I had to do some research regarding Serra Angel's original outfit. I'm not opposed to the new design, but it made much more sense in the context of this comic to go with the earliest Serra Angel design, and her original cards only showed her from the chest up. Enough, perhaps, to excite teenage boys back in the day, but not enough to know what the rest of her dress looked like ^^;
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Lord, seeing this comic again from the perspective of 2020 is. An experience.

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AND you got mtg fanart? Man, I'm so sad I'm so late to this party
DollsInTheNight's avatar
I can relate to this.
BTIsaac's avatar
I come back years later to find this. AFTER I've gotten into MTG. I...

I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to say right now so I'm gonna escort myself out.
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Fun comic, love the Baneslayer's innocently excited expressions and nice take on the Serra Angel's dress, is it not nice to have additional artistic lisence with artwork like the original SA's?
Awesome, the story of my angel's deck
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When i depleted enough cards to the graveyard, I summon forth CONSUMING ABBERATION! * i do have this card*
kittypetro's avatar
my magical sparkly blade... omg all my lulz
bishoujosavior's avatar
Like sibling rivalry.  Cute comic and a gave me a good laugh
95wave's avatar
"opponent plays killing wave, lulz are had"
Ultimateheroes's avatar
that's adorable!!! and beautiful
Frik111's avatar
Igot Serra and she is awesome !
MechaKraken's avatar
Lol, great comic! My favorite panel is the third one, the way the serra angel is looking at baneslayer. Spot on, spot on!
moogle707's avatar
I actually have serra angel in my magic deck, it's a pretty good card.
I play one in my deck and two Serra Angels. There. Balanced. Because, you can only afford one.
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You portrayed Baneslayer Angel like those happy, go-lucky "I wanna be everybody's friend" type of annoying girls that they put on television shows. Yeah I would expect her personality to be like that! HA!! Serra Angel wishing upon Plummet to be cast is just the icing on the cake!
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I love the way that the serra angel totally drops the holy routine and goes full "Die in a fire >_< " when Baneslayer hits the scene and then reverts to prayer again... to pray for something painful to happen to her rival :P
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
will there be more of this
McCUNECLUBM's avatar
1G, always get its target XD
artemis3120's avatar
Oh god, this is perfect! My sentiments exactly!! Baneslayer is the ultimate Mary Sue.

I know it's over a year, but I've been loving your mtg comics. They are the awesome.
Phantom-Brave's avatar
Wait...Cost MORE mana?
Serra Angel's face in panel three is the same as the one I had when I learned she was getting replaced as White's go-to five drop flyer. Ah the good old days.
oOSplashOo's avatar
It was funny, thanks^^
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