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This is part of the first project we had for my digital illustration class. It was a test to see what we could do in Illustrator working off of scanned sketches. To that end, this was made entirely in illustrator using a scanned sketch as a template.

Though they haven't seen much play, I consider these critters to essentially be my mascots at this point, at least as far as class projects are concerned.

The reason I call them Raquirrets are because they make me think of squirrels and rabbits merged together. The reason they have two tails is that their design is somewhat based on what I used to parody Smash Bros in EGS. In El Goonish Shive, there was a video game squirrel with two tails that, together, would conduct electricity. As far as I know, these guys aren't zappy, and focus primarily on being cute.
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So...cute...(passes out from cuteness overload)