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This is part of the first project we had for my digital illustration class. It was a test to see what we could do in Illustrator working off of scanned sketches. To that end, this was made entirely in illustrator using a scanned sketch as a template.

Though they haven't seen much play, I consider these critters to essentially be my mascots at this point, at least as far as class projects are concerned.

The reason I call them Raquirrets are because they make me think of squirrels and rabbits merged together. The reason they have two tails is that their design is somewhat based on what I used to parody Smash Bros in EGS. In El Goonish Shive, there was a video game squirrel with two tails that, together, would conduct electricity. As far as I know, these guys aren't zappy, and focus primarily on being cute.
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So...cute...(passes out from cuteness overload)
xxdante101xx's avatar
must... attempt... to.... resist... undeniable... cuteness...

InuJoshua's avatar
I would totally have one of those as a pet.
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These three remind me of my cats so much, just because of where they're placed and what they're doing, that i had to laugh.

That aside, lovely. I thought when I saw the title that you were throwing racoons in the mix too, but these little raquirret kits are lovely.
KosMos999's avatar
Very much excellent
DeeForty-Five's avatar
ClosetExtrovert's avatar
"As far as I know, these guys aren't zappy, and focus primarily on being cute."

Well, they certainly know their stuff then! ^^
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These are disturbingly cute.
PTGreat's avatar
Awww!!! They're adorable and I love their expressions :D
Ankhareon's avatar
The one staring at it's ear just seems so amazed by the prospect of fluff

well done
ShadyIMG's avatar
They do their job well. They're very cute. ^_^
ill-omen's avatar
Has a release date been established for Super Smash Goons Brawl?
manji-luo's avatar
just like Ryo-ohki from Tenchi Muyo! (who's a cabbit: half cat, half rabbit)
BTIsaac's avatar
Illustrator eh? I just acuired that myself. Did a thing or two with it. Quite usefull if I may add.
homicidalhero's avatar
They remind me of something from a Don Bluth movie... I don't know why...
Author-Man's avatar
That is the cutest thing ever produced. EVER.
Ah Raquirrets the creatures nature never intended because they're too cute!
BarGamer's avatar
We demand you create these creatures in Spore.

Which eventually evolve into Grace. XDDD
Exachix's avatar
They're so cute! ^.^
Greeeeeat now i gotta deat with long-eared fuzzy-tailed rats
Avistew's avatar
They're adorable!
They look like they can actually move their ears any way they want. That would be handy.
If I had one, I'd be so afraid they might walk on their own ears and tear them or something...
rubyluver's avatar
awww how cute X3
DragonicSoul's avatar
They're.... soo... CUTE! That bottom one looks a little ticked, but it's still adorable!
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