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Fallout Pony Vegas

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"War. War never changes. Those talking pastel-colored ponies, however... they're new."

I shouldn't have to say this, but seriously: do NOT hold a gun with your mouth. No good can come from it.

I would make a joke about being a grown man who is a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but I think half the internet (including myself) have done that already, so let's move on.

I was given Fallout: New Vegas and discovered the new MLP show around the same time, and while playing FO:NV with all of it's western themes, I found myself picturing Applejack as the courier.

The downed ponies are meant to be feral ghouls. I played fast and loose with their color scheme, however, for added contrast with the Mojave wasteland. That pony in the back is a Nightkin. Their cutie marks are the symbol for radioactive and a crescent moon with stars, respectively.

The gun Applejack is holding (in such a fashion that nobody should ever mimic) is the Lucky .357 magnum revolver. I chose it for its western appearance and distinct look, but I later realized it was even more appropriate that I thought given that the gun basically has its own cutie mark.

That said, I have no idea how she fires the darn thing.

EDIT: Some corrections, anti-aliased high-res version.
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buj haha ehat the pnoey doing?

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I did an interview with a community fanfic author Kkat back when I was working with Equestria Daily. As a few people have mentioned here, she stated that her popular fic Fallout Equestria was "inspired by a picture by Dan Shive called “Pony Vegas”." At the time of the interview I had never seen the picture. Just wanting to stop by and say great work Dan.

To the people lurking in comments, take this as a great example of how passion in an idea and love for a community can transform into a beautiful work of art that can evolve beyond your wildest expectation.

You did an inteview with kkat? Where can I find it?

I am currently reading foe on fimfiction and I noticed that it was publiced before being uploaded to fimfiction, so I am now doing some digging into how and where it started.

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Have the interview here: for ya. I also did an interview with the biggest, and better developed of the side stories "Project Horizons" author SomberPony. That, along with FoE art galleries I've made go here:

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This one image inspired the entire Fallout: Equestria fandom. It's hard to believe.

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The pic that started it all.
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Inspired a question that got a particular ball of logic going in someone's mind, anyway.
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Yeah. Pretty crazy, isn't it?
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I think my youngest son would walk away from this.  But I'll try to learn that damn buttons to get into this game!
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this picture was the first step, that turned into an adventure.  thanks =D
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This is something the fandoms of MLP and Fallout needed. Is Applejack going to fight the sleazy Benny, the fascist Roman cosplayers, the evil brother Elijah, the mad scientists in floating robot bodies, the guy that salts the earth, and the mysterious Ulysses?
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How is she going to fight? She can't pull trigger of any weapons.
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My life has officially come full circle. I enjoy Fallout, and I do like My Little Pony. Fallout: Equestria is by far my favourite book of all time, I absolutely love the spin off books as well and I have a playlist on youtube that is half fan songs created for F:E. In fact, Fallout: Equestria is what managed to get me into seriously writing my own fiction. And now I realise that the very picture that inspired it all was made by the same person as the webcomic I have been reading since my teens? Dan, you are the muse of legends! :O
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Look its the picture that inspired the most trending and best fandom ever. thanks for getting me into Mlp, if it was not for this I would have still thought of every brony as a fucking horse fucking fagget and would not have gotten the most beutiful girlfriend ever :3 so I must say that we all have come from a long journy.
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Sunny Smiles is Pinkie Pie.
Mr House is Discord.
Arcade Ganon is Twilight.

I'm on board for this idea 😂
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Derpy as Courier 6! This is great inspiration! 😂
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It should be 'Poni Vegas' as "Vegas" is old-Spanish for 'Meadows'.
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So... this is where it all began...

I wasn't expecting Fallout: New Vegas to be honest (considering how little NV references there are in FoE) but I tip my hat to you DanShive for creating this inspiring and question-rising piece of art.
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Why are people still ponifying everything?!
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Considering I posted this five years ago, you're not asking in the most relevant of places.
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I didn't know that.
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Under the deviation title and "by _______", the deviations categories are listed. Next to that will be a copyright year, the earliest being the year the deviation was submitted. For this deviation, it currently says "©2011-2016", meaning it was posted in 2011.
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You just got roasted :3
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