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El Goonish Holiday 2010

By DanShive
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Download for 1920x1200 "it's HUGE!" size.

Ginormous version of [link] (for those unfamiliar with the comic, that's a link to a subsection that is full of spoilers and won't make sense without reading the main section, which can be found here: [link] )

Additional commentary and links to previous holiday images at the EGS website.
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Susan, you died-in-the-wool romantic, you! ;)
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Makes note to share this on facebook come Christmas season. too cute.
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I don't think Grace could be happier!
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I'd say Grace is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed here . . .
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I Love your work it's awesome and one of my favorites.
As well as your web comic site EGS too.
You make great character in the website.
Keep up the great Work DanShive.
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And you could start some English studies.
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awwww, first off, I love grace's face in general, she's so...hmm, i seem to have lost the word, oh wait, expressive, and the big eyes are just adorable in any context.

also ellen x nanase forever! they're cute together ^.^
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So if the fairy acts out Susan's subconscious, we have 3 in-universe Ellen/Nanase shippers
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Wow, Dan. Thumbs-up!
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This is pretty... spectacular. Yeah that's the word. ... Well awesome would work too. Or cool, magnificent, or oo-oo I know - Awesome!!!!

Wait. I already said that.
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Grace's expression is magnificent!
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It's really BEYOND sexy-awesome.

It's about people that you know share a personal bond beyond just the usual high school 'hey there' thing.

..okay, I'm going to go in the corner and cry now.
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I'd still kill to know how you construct your backgrounds.
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I design them in Google Sketchup so I can have reference images from any angle. I also insert little indicators to keep track of where the characters are in the scene and keep their proportions accurate.
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I love Grace's expression!
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Either Grace is really happy, really excited, or is on a caffeine high!
Ah, how I miss redheaded Nanase…
But I think she's cute with the shorter hair.
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Somehow, I think it's all three...
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Oh... That's Susan's fairy doll, isn't it? *sigh* Pods are sooo much better, in my opinion.
Anyways, nice pic.
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Wait... If Nanase is there... OMG!!! Ellen, don't do it! It's a pod!
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