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From my comic: [link]

This is a larger version of a sketchbook entry and is shameless comedic fan service. More so than I intended, actually, because Grace is supposed to wear a black top under her sweater that should be covering up her chest a little bit more here and I apparently forgot to include it.

I considered correcting the mistake, but as I said, it's shameless comedic fan service, so it's actually sort of appropriate.
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i can see grace doing this just to screw with tedd
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Tedd's face = priceless.
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Poor Tedd, everything seems to go wrong for him...
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What makes you think he sees this as bad? xD Did you forget who Tedd IS?? He PROGRAMMED the bloody TF GUN! This is, in a large-scale sense, HIS fault!!

Which brings me to my next question.... where's his blush? Knowing him, he should be really turned on right now. xP
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Very true, but don't forget that after a while Ted began to not only grow out of these mannerisms (much to his dismay) but to also grow jealously fond of Grace and dislike seeing her with anyone else. But, given this is a deleted scene, I suppose we'll never know ^^
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he has junk...well most of the time.....ok only win he cant be female but he was a guy in this......i think o-o but hay hes tedd
midnightpanther's avatar
So? Doesn't mean that those feelings are COMPLETELY gone. ;P
Cyanide-kun's avatar
There no words to express my overwhelming love for this picture.

I shall now go squee like a fangirl until I lose my voice.
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I reiterate what was said earlier... you broke Ted!
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Grace comforting mild manner girl. The best way she can sweet girl 8)
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No matter how many times that gets qouted it will always be true here!
MountainMan246's avatar
I think you broke Tedd.
waffliesinyoface's avatar
The look on tedd's face.....

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Gabba-hababada? Geh nak twa? I-I think y-you broke my brain. T-Tedd's too...
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:-O That's mild-mannered Girl-Elliot? Oh, my.
Grezar15's avatar
I think you broke Tedd
thedugan's avatar
This makes me laugh...
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I might have been giggling like a schoolgirl for the past thirteen minutes.

*shifty eyes shifty eyes*

DON'T JUDGE ME *runs away*
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