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Classic Universal Monsters

Dracula - Wolf Man - Invisible Man - Creature - Bride - Frankenstein's Monster

This poster wasn't required for the project, but my teacher requested I make it anyway to include as part of a student gallery that will be up soon. It won't affect my grade, but when the teacher in charge of the student gallery who also happens to be one of the heads of the department asks you to make a poster for the gallery, you make the darn poster ^^;

Since this is a handy-dandy grouping of all the DVD covers (sorta), the bulk of the actual commentary will be with this deviation.

The basic idea was a re-release of classic monster movies from Universal Studios, specifically the iconic ones that still get referenced today. This set would be geared at newbies and not the hardcore fans already in existence, so it is the monsters, not the big stars like Bela Lugosi, who take center stage on the DVD covers. The logos were made by me, as the classic films were somewhat inconsistent with theirs.

The descriptions and special features were all made up by me and are meant to both meet the criteria of the assignment and to show that I did research. Since I had three special features for each, I sometimes included features that were purposely ludicrous, such as a five hour lecture on the Bride of Frankenstein's hair.

All of the monsters were drawn entirely in Illustrator, though 3 used real life references. Both the wolf man and the creature (fish guy) used photos of myself for reference, and the invisible man (of all monsters) used a friend of mine as reference. I might post the wolf man reference photo at some point, as it's funny, but the other two are unlikely.

The color schemes are as follows:

Dracula - red, for BLOOD!
Frankenstein - green for his skin
Bride of Frankenstein - blue-green as I already used green
Wolf Man - yellow for the moon
Creature - blue for water
Invisible - purple, because someone had to be purple
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BleuReptorSkitt's avatar
I just fund this and it made me think of the dark universe and now I just want to cry
Gussilla95's avatar
Nice! Keep up the great work!
flying-katana's avatar
Does this mean that all the classic protagonists are going to come back too? Because in that case we're totally screwed.
Seriously, the protagonists of Dracula were idiots, at least in the book.
"Oh, Lucy died from a vampire. Now I'm anemic and have holes in my neck, but I'm sure I'm going to be just fiiiine~!" "Oh, Mina, that sounds completely plausible. Let's just leave you alone all night without even a guard!" "Sounds good!" (next morning) "AHHH HOLY CRAP I'M TURNING INTO A VAMPIRE WHY DID I NOT EXPECT THIS ARG!"
DrMusic2-1's avatar
I love this poster. Universal Horror nights are the best.
mdizzle999872's avatar
Drac: We can also beat up some of the more modern day monsters.

Freddy: But...but why?

Frankenstein: We've been around longer, we predate you. It's called senority!

Flicks Freddy in the forehead
Danieru1987's avatar
Pretty awesome, dude. But what about the mummy? Surely that'd count as one of the 'classic' monsters...

Nice use of colour schemes as well Also, what font did you use for the logos? It looks familiar, but I can't place it...
etile's avatar
*hugs* yay i loves the old school movie monsters. best of all Dracula.
Filby's avatar
I really like the sense of shape or weight you achieved with all those lines of varying thickness.
TMNTFAN85's avatar
wonderful simply wonderful.
Paladin343's avatar
It's a shame you did these after the EGS where they went to the video store. You could have worked them in as an inside joke/cameo apperance.
CabbyHat's avatar
Aww, poor invisible. Oh well, could've been worse.
YarKramer's avatar
It looketh pretty awesome.

I think I like the Frankenstein Monster the best.
jimmyinwhite's avatar
great collection of dvd covers.
Toonwatcher's avatar
These are awesome. I also like the contrast between the forboding plot summaries & the funny special features. 5 hour explanation of the Bride's hair? Yes please!
Dayantis's avatar
Cool, I like what you've done with the text! :D Looks really professional... teacher's pet. ;)
azureeyes30's avatar
Purple for psyonics!
Arkus0's avatar
Ascot-Man's avatar
Took me a minute to find the Creature from the Black Lagoon... White on white, he's camoflouged!!

But seriously, as a fan of classic movies and classic monsters, I love this.
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