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I call this critter "Bowlbit", a combination of bowling ball and rabbit. While this is my own creation, the inspiration was Pokemon (owned by Nintendo, in case you live under many rocks).

[EDIT - After doing a test of the curve on the tail, I found it was my sketch that was mistaken, not the people who pointed out that it "looked weird". I have since corrected this.]

If Bowlbit was a species of Pokemon, I would describe it approximately as such:

Type - Normal
Bowling Ball Pokemon

Ability: Hippity Hop
If this pokemon avoids a ground attack, it does light damage to the attacking pokemon (about the same as what weak poison would do each round).

Bowlbit would have above average HP and speed, average attack, and defense, and below average special attack and defense.

Default attacks:


Level up attacks (in no particular order):

Double Edge
Body Slam
Zen Headbutt

As for TMs, I'm not gonna bother going through the list to figure out which ones this critter should be able to use, but it would likely have access to quite a few while not necessarily being able to use them well (type normal and low special attack, after all).

As for HMs, Rock Smash and Rock Climb would be about it, I think. I wanted to say strength, but I think the poor guy would roll out of control before successfully pushing a huge rock out of the way.

I may make an evolution for Bowlbit at some point, which would basically be the same except for looking different and having beefed up stats (with special defense getting the biggest boost).

And yes, I HAVE put way too much thought into this. Thanks for pointing that out, you MEANIE.
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