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Arts Center Illustration 2

This was done as a part of the Arts Center map project: [link]

The idea was to create two illustration associated with the Arts Center. This one features Photography (the photographer), Fine Arts (woman painting the photographer), and Music (the conductor).
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I just love the drawing (As I love all Dan's art)!

I'm sure it's my twisted sense of slapstick, but when I look at this, I just keep thinking why is the painter bonking the conducter on his head?
raekuul's avatar
Mmmm... redhead artist.

That's not a V-5'd Kat, is it?
Paladin343's avatar
I love the conductor! Maybe it's the eyebrows.
Squato's avatar
Again, I can e this used in a few places I know (partly as it is better then what they have already).
Avistew's avatar
I really like it, but I can't help but wonder why her brush his blue when she's painting the neck of the guy. And the brush has an angle that looks to me like it's pressed around something and not just in the air (it would be more "straight")
Kum-El's avatar
His shirt's blue, maybe she's painting that instead?
Avistew's avatar
I realise it's his shirt colour :p
I was just saying it looked to me like it was either painting his neck, or in the air, in which case the shape seemed weird.
tehspikey's avatar
I took it to be that she is using broad strokes, and it is shaped that way in the air due to flow on momentum.
But then, I know nothing about painting.. Its just how I saw it.
Avistew's avatar
I guess that's what it is. With that style, exagerating movements isn't out of place.
KosMos999's avatar
Woman has no face.
No, I know long hair is covering it, but from that angle, she looks a tad bit faceless.
InsanePyr0579's avatar
Hehe, I like this one better
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