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Anti-Shoplifting Mechanism

This is another one of those drawings where I feel like "alright, I did an awesome job and I've gotta share this!", but ALSO feel like "oh man, people are gonna give me weird looks for this one..."

Elements of this image exist because I had an idea for a short story, others exist because I wanted to practice proportions, anatomy, and other art-type stuff, and others exist because I knew a friend of mine would appreciate them.

I'd say this is probably THE BEST pencil drawing I've ever done, even before a small cleanup in Photoshop. Therefore, odd as it may be, it's getting posted.

Also both good and annoying is that all I used was an H6 pencil for the base and a mechanical 0.7 pencil for the rest. This is good because it's simple, but annoying because I have two really good sets of drafting pencils and the mechanical pencil seems to have outperformed all the pencils in those sets put together ^^;

Anyway, to make CERTAIN I get those weird looks, here's a story to go with it.


A woman intent on shoplifting wanders the mall looking for a good place to snag stuff from. She doesn't intend to pawn the goods that she swipes or really gain anything of value; she just loves taking things. Unfortunately, even with her trusty trench coat, just about every place has visible security measures in place.

Then she finds an odd store, one that claims to sell items of power and intrigue from around the world and created by the owner. She doesn't much care about that, but many of the things for sale are small, shiny, and best of all, there are no apparent security devices anywhere.

Quietly filling the coats interior pockets with trinkets, she stealthily makes her way out the door. She thinks she's in the clear, but can't help feeling that something is wrong. People are looking at her and the mall looks larger than she remembered, but she can't figure out why.

What she doesn't realize is that by leaving the store without paying, she's set off a magic alarm that will shrink her down to to 8% of her normal size to make her easier to apprehend and detain, and that she will be unable to realize this is happening until she inevitably trips on her own relatively huge clothes, which is bound to happen any second now.

Let this be a lesson to all: just because you can't see security measures doesn't mean they're not there.


Weird looks? Anybody? THERE we go ^_^

Anyway, I mentioned proportions and such? Well, she's supposed to be at half her normal size in this image, so that coat is intended to be 200% normal size relative to her. I used a reference for scale, and essentially just doubled every measurement. I tried to take into account that she can't fill it out at her size, but since people wearing clothes way too freaking huge for them are uncommon, I didn't really have a reference to work from ^^;
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Well, it looks like a great idea to me. And a very, very nicely rendered drawing.
Inclassificabilis's avatar
Dan, you have made yourself Internet-famous on a bed of "weird looks."

I see in her future a career as a sign-spinner... of a sort. (The "sort" whose uniform is sewn from a napkin.)
werekitty13's avatar
It's so random... When I saw the part about a strange shop, I knew it was Shrink Soda or something. I like the story, but the picture on its own looked like a lost woman in clothes far bigger than she was.
MetaKaios's avatar
The weird look from me is only at the "easier to apprehend and detain" part. Being 8% of her normal size would make her much harder to find, and she could slip through small spaces to escape... seriously, WTF?
DanShive's avatar
"Escape" to where? She's 8% her normal size. She can avoid getting apprehended by mall security, sure, but is that really the same as making a clean get away after having been shrunk? Best option is to just get captured for the chance to return to normal size.
MetaKaios's avatar
Unless she assumes it will wear off on its own :icondohohoplz:
redacegod350's avatar
Great drawing with a great backstory. Very fine work :thumbsup:
zwerg8's avatar
Great work as always Dan! (As a regular watcher [or is that reader?] of the EGS comics I sure can say that :P )

The-Typhin wrote:
"Why do I have the feeling that the shop's owner was a short, really old man wearing a bathrobe? *grins* People really should know better than to try to steal from Spells R Us..."
LOL! I had the same idea after reading the story :)
Stormspike's avatar
Wait.. your "best pencil drawing ever"?
Nah, IMO it still doesn't reach this... okay, mmmaybe I'm not really objective here ;)
but I'm still asking me, why that one has never been put on DA ^.-
LaHamletta's avatar
I've been a Bunny for too long to be taken aback by the shrinkage. Good pencil work, Dan. ><
FoxOFWar's avatar
I'm not gonna give you weird looks. Not with me having read so much "Spells 'R Us"-stories. The pic is... hmm, what's the word... oh yeah "awesome."

Shrinking is a hard subject to draw, so extra credit for that one.
Bakurakrazie's avatar
I didn't read comments, so I don't know if this was addressed, but she really doesn't look HALF her original size. Maybe, I dunno, 70-80% of her normal size? I'm bad at t3h maths.

Other than that, though I freaking LOVE how this came out. It's a really great drawing and I can see how it's your favourite pencil drawing.
Paladin343's avatar
Now THAT is a security measure. I love the look on her face.
foxdemon1's avatar
I like it. She's like "oh man I am so smart" and then a few seconds later she's like "something is not quite right here".
Seigmann's avatar
Cute idea, but wouldn't the things inside her coat fall down when her waist shrunk and the belt on the coat didn't? I know, I know, Dont ruin the fun with realism. ;p
DanShive's avatar
Actually, I have that covered; the small shiny objects are in pockets on the inside of the coat. There's a good chance they'll fall out of those pockets when she finally falls, but right now they're just nestled in the bottom of the now drooping pockets.
EclipseDarkmaster's avatar
This is a Nice job. A good break from the EGS look (First time finding your dA, Totally gonna toss it around to everyone I know)

The pencil work, while having that Characteristic "Pencil-shaded" look to it, is still quite clean and crisp, something I both like and Enjoy. Any chance of an Inked Lineart in the Future? Maybe a Coloration?
DanShive's avatar
I'm working my way up to inked, don't know if I'll ever do color off the computer outside of just for fun, particularly now that I'm messing with the multiply layer options and the ease of coloring scanned stuff has gone up about a bajillion percent.
EclipseDarkmaster's avatar
Sabertooth1980's avatar
You always are going to get weird looks. If you were a cat you would be one of those funny looking ones that look like they are going to kill you in five seconds. Even though you are trying to look cute.
BigNutter's avatar
Is she in this store? [link]

I saw this and thought of that comic.
DanShive's avatar
most likely yes ^^
Inclassificabilis's avatar
That girl should not have given her the idea.
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