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We're Ready to Believe You

"Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, no job is too big, no fee is too big." - Peter Venkman

Just a little teaser ;)
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Ah yes, the Ghostbusters:
Peter Venkman, the face (swindler) of the organization

Egon Spengler, the out-of-touch genius who created the very basis of the technology the team uses.

Raymond Stantz, accomplished researcher, and the only man on the planet capable of organizing and translating Egon's notes into something usable.

And Winston Zeddemore, the babysitter; the only one of the four capable of tying his own shoes properly.

What a team!
toatg's avatar
is any fee to small?
UltraMovieFan01's avatar
To me, it's like saying to the fans, "The Paranormal Just Got More Crazy When We're Here"
ekillett's avatar
Amazing! I love your work!
ekillett's avatar
Amazing! I love your work!
Drivaaar's avatar
Just... awesome!
grafffite's avatar
These are pretty accurate! Awesome job! =D
MatthewSmith's avatar
Superb. If they ever decide to make another Ghostbusters animated series, they *really* need you on board as the chief design guy. The crew have never looked better than this in cartoon form.
AjnosFTW's avatar
...Just have to say that I agree fully on that one!
DanSchoening's avatar
Thanks man! I'll jump at the chance to be a part of that :)
Piatnitskysaurus's avatar
"If someone asks you if you're a god, say YES!"
JoshawaFrost's avatar
Love the character designs! SO AMAZING!!
Solbet's avatar
And your not the art director on the next ghostbusters cartoon cause why?
zoephantom2795's avatar
wow, it's amazing!!! You're great with this, :clap: :faint:
zoephantom2795's avatar
JoniGodoy's avatar
Excellent caricatures and animation style, Dan!
Hey, did you know that they will be back in a totally new movie?
Yes, the Ghostbusters returns ...and with THE SAME CAST!!! :eyepopping:
BReibeling's avatar
Incredible!! You nailed the character's facials.
I love your electrical effects as well, just amazing man.
"Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, you say "YES"!
BustaToons's avatar
A BEAUTIFUL illustration, Danny-Boy - Will it lead us to greatness?! :)
Timmy-22222001's avatar
Your are a hero to all GB fans everywhere TraditionalDanimatio, bravo!

DanSchoening's avatar
Thanks for saying so, means a lot! Cheers :D
Timmy-22222001's avatar
Cheers indeed and hell with GB love again with the new video game out its so nice to see people returning to your favorite ghost hunters. And apparently a new movie shall be coming out to theaters, that's about all I know, lol.

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This is awesome.
Was playing the PS2 version with my friend after playing the 360, just becaue I've fallen in love with this artstyle.
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