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TMNT Ghostbusters Trade Paperback Cover

By DanSchoening
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Thanks a ton to all that support the work we do at IDW. You guys rock :) Here's the cover Luis and I did for the TPB due out April 8th! Cowabunga!

Colors: :iconluisdelgado:
Pencils: Me
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Holy hell, I had no idea that it was you who was involved in this.  I've heard about this crossover, but I never would have guess that you were involved in this project.
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OMG! Do we get yellow jumpsuit wearing, short fluffy red haired, channel 6 reporting April O'Neil in this? :D
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great work, as a kid I tmnt and ghostbusters were so similar due to them being a team of four, so it this only makes sense that there would be a crossover like this.
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Great work and Happy Birthday !!!
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¿Who is the character behind the background cover:o (Eek)?
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THIS COULD HAVE MADE SO MUCH HYPE! Why didn't anyone do this when it was still hot and new!???
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Found this at my schools book fair this year. Had to grab a copy. Awesome work in it my friend as always.
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Mikey would scream like a little girl ifche saw a ghost promoting Raph to call him a woose which would probably get an angry glare and maybe a slap to the back of the head from Leo or an order to do some flips from Master Splinter.
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Freaking awesome!!!!!
ObiWanKotey's avatar
Almost done reading this but I have to say its amazing! Great Work!
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A match made in nerd heaven. Thanks for bringing two of my favorite franchises together, dude.
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I read the trade this week. Great work!!!
Phenometron's avatar
They ain't afraid o' nothin'!
LonelyImmortal's avatar
The miniseries my head said, "no way this can work," but my HEART jack-slapped my head and told it "stfu, this is gonna be AWESOME!" :D  The heart was correct!
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Definitely going to get this alongside Total Containment and Mass Hysteria; I really do need to keep up on the IDW comics.  ^_^
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Nice!!! Yep, it is on the Must-Have list :)
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nailed the turtles' expressions, love it
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Great cover.
DoomBringerNumber9's avatar
This should be awesome.
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Your art work on the "Ghostbusters" series is fantastic! Whenever I pick up the latest trade I go through and look at the art work first then I go through a 2nd time to read it.
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Another amazing piece. I love the work you, Luis, Erik, and Tom (with the occasional Tristan) have done on the GB comic over the past few years. 
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Nice cover, I really oughta get this soon.
sanshugroove's avatar
Preordered this one awhile ago, too.

Glad it's new cover art and not a reuse of a past cover!

Don't know how you, Luis, Erik, and Tom were able to juggle all this characters at once. Oh yeah. Pros.
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