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Solitudo Robot

More wacom fun! I did this for another thread at, but discovered after I finished this quick pic the thread was closed. Spent just over an hour on this.

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An hour? Crikey O'Blimey. The robot looks great in itself, but the colouring and lighting effects turn this piece into something fantastically special - it gives off an almost tangible feeling of sunny dryness, like you're actually out standing in the desert watching the metal fellow pound across the sand. Simply splendid.
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Thank you very much! :D
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My you're fast!! This is top notch stuff. :)
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I seriously cannot understand how you speed-painting gurus manage to produce such beautiful work in such small amounts of time. Is it already sketched on paper or anything before you begin or is it really start from nothing to the final result all in an hour?
Where do you learn these speedy skills - self-taught practice, art school, tutorials - I'd love to learn how to do it.
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That's a pretty boss robot. I'd buy a figure of it, no question.
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Definitely I need to buy a wacom.
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It always amazes me when I see works like this on DA or CA and the artist says they spent maybe an hour or two on it; you all have mad skills. Great job with the colors and capturing all of the needed details without over-rendering any one area. Sorry to hear that the thread was closed, though.
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Beautiful art as always.
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Fantastic, I'm your fan!
1 hour!? Are you kidding me? Man, you are beyond talented dude!
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nice work looks a bit funny
NickNP's avatar
Awesome work :)
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I'm liking these new paintings. :)
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WOw. full digital. once again its not the machine but the man, too bad about the thread though, oh well, no such thing as a waste of art anyway ;)
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i like how kinetic it is. You can see that it was done w/o too much attention spent towards time consuming clean up or crispening of lines (if that makes sense). I think that's what gives it it's crazy energy.
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Gorgeous. It's like a mixture of the Iron Giant and Battletech.
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haha reminds me of the old rts Z, esp the video clip where their ship crashes into the dunes... nice!
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your a fast son of a bitch aren't ya, nicely done sir. I like this freer style
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