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Mario and Luigi

By DanSchoening
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...just kidding!"

After looking over the NES pics I've done, I noticed it's tough to see the characters really well. Thus, I thought I'd post some of my favs bigger for viewing. Hope ya dig the remixes!

Link to bigger pic: [link]

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I love this style you did there, it so goofy but I like it because of that. :3
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Mario and Luigi must be the most fun characters ever to draw for artists... it's so easy to deform them, strech them, caricature them to the point they look really different from the original, but they still look amazing in the end lol
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I love your style!
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very unique colors :/
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they are amazing
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THIS IS A BAD PIECE OF WORK(NO AFENCE)I mean come AWN mario and luigi do NOT look like.
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This is how they used to look before they look like... well, what they look like now.
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Are they supposed to look alike? I don't get what you mean
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no,find a mario and luigi video on youtube(guy with baloons:YAY I HAVE BALOONS!!*starts to fly*uh oh.....)
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In one of the older, official versions of Mario Bros, they wore the same colors as the Mario and Luigi in the pic.
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Luigi has such a fantastic shape in this.
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That would make an awesome mouse pad...
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This looks like something I'd see in the "I Am 8-Bit" video game art book. While it depicts Mario and Luigi, you still put a lot of your personal style in design into it. The poses are dynamic and the colors really grab the eye without being garish.

I think you did an excellent job capturing their spunkiness and perpetual will to save the day when the day needs saving.
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Love this! What a awesome Style!
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That's fantastic. Keep it up!
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Awesome piece! Brings back fond memories. You have such a marvelous mastery of these characters. Awesome job, man!
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it's always fun seeing your stuff.
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AWESOME! old school colors!! ^^
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Mama Mia! The Princess has COOKIES? We're there!
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I like the energy and animated style here.
their feet are TINY, but overall I thumbs up this!

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Great sense of style.
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