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Ghostbusters - Egon Cadaver

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13 Days of Hallowe'en Part 2

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Flip Side Egon first appeared in the Real Ghostbusters episode "Flip Side." Peter, Egon and Ray are transported to another dimension via a supernatural tornado. They arrive in Boo York and not only do they have to worry about getting home, but also the ghostly Peoplebusters.

I took the liberty of giving the Peoplebusters last names as well. Something that kinda went with the theme, and their original last name. As far as the design, I strayed from the shows designs, since the designs I have created look more movie based. I still took some tips from the original art. Hope it gives you chills! Muahahaha :pumpkin:
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firepaw119Hobbyist Artist
Alternate dimension concepts in media are always interesting, to me at least. 

These guys are no exception. I can agree that 'Flip Side' is definitely one of the better episodes of the later seasons, and while I do think their OG designs are already unnerving, this looks even more ghoulish.  

Great work! 
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KayleetheDragacronHobbyist General Artist
Another case of predicting the future sadly :(
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That is soo cool! Creepy but soo cool! 
TheDUDERulez's avatar
Please tell me these guys are gonna appear in the book!
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Great work with re-working the Peoplebusters. You got a good balance between their cartoonish original designs and what you see in the current comics.

I like the Dedmore one too, it was curious they never gave Winston a counterpart... but that made something occur to me I never thought of before.

What would the Flipside analog of Slimer be?
Ryusukanku's avatar
*Chuckle* Oh yeah. Akroyd did go on record saying that Slimer was the ghost of John Belushi.
Phenometron's avatar
He's part of a world where ghosts are citizens and people are the ghosts' enemies.
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egon cadaver coool
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TheOctoberScarfHobbyist General Artist
I thought it was Egon Strangler.
SharazDestler's avatar
Strange-ler, surely?
TheOctoberScarf's avatar
TheOctoberScarfHobbyist General Artist
Makes more sense doesn't it?
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girlgunnerHobbyist Writer
GhostMaster12345's avatar
GhostMaster12345Hobbyist General Artist
Nice, another ghost for me to control.......... LOL
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The-12th-Doctor86Student Artist
That is so brutal! I'd love to see how that "reverse" pke meter works. Clearly I know it would be used to detect people instead.
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girlgunnerHobbyist Writer
The peoplebusters... That episode was hilarious!
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:O_o: Does indeed give me chills sir ^^
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RobisherProfessional Artist
What other Ghost baddie is next? Al Capone? :-)
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DocShanerProfessional Artist
Holy cow I remember that episode from when I was a kid, jeez that was terrifying.

Love that you're pulling all this stuff from the old cartoons, Dan, they're turning out great!
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RobisherProfessional Artist
It just occurred to me there are eyeballs in their biosludge packs. Me thinks I know now what that gunk is made of.
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