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Ghostbusters #7

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Here's the cover for issue #7 of Ghostbusters, due to hit stands in August! Ever since seeing the Ecto-8 in the GBVG, I've been itching to draw the ol' tugboat :) Get your pre orders in, as the boys in grey are in for a chilly reception:)

Thanks again to everyone for the continued support! Cheers!
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Looks like the Ghostbusters have just landed themselves into a whole 'nother level of spooks with the greatest seafaring legend in all of nautical history; the legendary Flying Dutchman
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I wonder if John Carpenter would do with Ghostbusters today and the curse of a Leper ship like in the Fog?
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GhostDragonessHobbyist General Artist
Quick question: When exactly is this issue going to be out?
Because nearly every week this month I've been trying to buy this comic book issue at only one comic book shop in my town that carries the Ghostbusters comics, but every time I look at their shelves and display boxes, there is not a single copy of this available. I don't know if it hasn't been released yet, or if they're sold out, I'm not sure. I have thought of pre-ordering this product, but sadly I do not own a credit card, but I also fear that the people I buy it from would not have it available.
But in conclusion, I have been patient on waiting for this issue to be in stores and will continue to do so, as I do hope there haven't been any problems or so over this product continuation.

- Sincerely,
A Faithful comic book buyer and GB fan.
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SteamHead1880Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my god, thats amazing!
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Is that Pride, the pirate ship Jean Lafitte sailed on during 1800s?
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JoshawaFrostProfessional Digital Artist
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LelpelProfessional General Artist
Love it!!
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TTSnimProfessional Digital Artist
*First sees this while listening to "Welcome Christmas" from How the Grinch Stole Christmas*

I don't think I've given my self the right impression here... But it looks so soft and snowy!

The lil tug boat looks like Rodolph.
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AlexDeligiannisProfessional Filmographer
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Marine Ecto-8, good stuff!

"Did it have multiple eyes?"
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secoh2000Professional Digital Artist
You always come up with the coolest scenes; nice work! :D
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As always I love it! Also congrats on being the only folks to promise an ongoing Ghostbusters series and actually pull it off! I remember another company advertising that back in 2004 or 2005 but I'm glad they never did. Their Ghostbusters took place in the 2000s and it just didn't feel right. Incidentally I've been wondering what era the comics take place in. I want to peg the mid-90s what with the references to the game and all.
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I can't remember where it was said, but the comic starts in sometime in 1993. There's no official timeline (that's been released so far anyway), but I'm just guessing from the feel of the comic that it's currently (as the Volume 2 issue 1) we're some where in '94 or even '95.
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Bleu-NinjaHobbyist Digital Artist
No ghost series is complete without a spoooky ghost pirate ship!
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Ohhh! Spooky haven't a the Ghostbusters face a ghost ship since the cartoon series.
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Dylanio21Professional Traditional Artist
Surprising how much you avoid drawing characters when so many others rely on it, you get a great image where the focus is something awesome like this.
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AjnosFTWStudent General Artist
Them water and snow effects *___* Also, FUCK YES GHOST SHIPS!
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Asclepios91Hobbyist Writer
The "Fliying Dutchman" ?
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Who doesn't love ghost pirates?
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wonderfully-twistedProfessional Interface Designer
the boys better be careful, cuz 'dead men tell no tales'

great as aways
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TrueMefistaHobbyist General Artist
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Epic...glad to see Ecto-8 return.
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Yay! I've wanted to see Marine Ecto-8 since the ongoing series started. I'm sensing a Haunted Vehicles arc for the summer, kind of a funny send up of Haunted America last year.
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