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Ghostbusters 1

Here's the cover for Issue #1 of the new monthly Ghostbusters Comic, coming out this Sept! It's gonna be bigger than Stay Puft! Swing by your local comic shop and say you want this puppy pulled! Do that, and we'll keep makin them ;) Hope you digs!

Colors: :iconluisdelgado:
Pencils: Me
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what time line is ur comic still in 90s, 2000's?
Too awesome!:ghost: GhostBusters v2 
I REALLY REALLY  HATE that Paul Feig is doing what he's doing with the remake! I'm no sexist at all, I just know he, or someone else could've handled it better!
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Come on, show a little optimism.
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Wow is looks great Eyepopping  although I've never heard of a Neutrona Pistol before :? (Confused) 
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i live your comic style ;)
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It's an amazing Art! :#1:
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if Justin Bieber...gonna rape you off...who ya gonna call?
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I liked the Ghostbuster series, especially the Ghostbusters cartoons. It got great humor and great action.

But to me personally, I like it because it is EMPOWERING. 
 Ghostbusters is a franchise that empowers the spirit of the audience - its premise is a good set up for all kinds of horror stories, but rather than doing that, they have the heroes who refuses to cower against the horrors of the unknown, and instead use the scientific method to understand all the ghosts, demons, monsters and dark gods that threatens mankind, then using that knowledge to develop the tools and technology needed to take the fight to them. 

It is a story of Humanity's ingenuity tested against the unknown, and with mad, MAD science, grit (and the occasional sheer dumb luck), the Ghostbusters take on the supernatural, and WIN!
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Hell yes! :D

"Supernatural? Ha! We just haven't done enough science yet! We'll have the nuts and bolts figured out, then we take it apart!"

"Magic? Neat, now look what I can do after paying attention in science class..."

"Unknowable horrors from beyond our cosmos? Pfft, I've read Lovecraft front to back; there chumps don't compare in the least!"
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Double YES!

Granted, one of my friends would beg the differ.

Did you watch the films and/or cartoons by any chance?
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The first movie, but not the 'toon.
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I see. Anyways, I highly recommend the "Extreme Ghostbusters" cartoon. Watched it back when I was a kid, basically a 'Next Generation' spin-off/sequel of the films. It amps up the horror aspects a bit, too. 
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I may check it out. :)
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i gotta get these comic i'm heading to mr comic's first thing tomarrow
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Just started reading issues #1, 2 & 3. Really enjoying them. I'm not a comic collector or anything but I'm really liking the New Ghostbusters.
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I will never get sick of saying i love your work :)
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They truly ain't afraid o' no ghosts! :D
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Ghostbusters is, without a doubt, one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) franchises of all time!!!
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I'm on issue #2 -- The inclusion of Highway Haunter!

Good stuff, man....Excellent stuff as always.

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