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GB 1 Ghoul

Picked up a copy of Ghostbusters #1 yet? If you did, you'll have seen this ghoul for sure. if you haven't gotten a copy, a second printing is on the way; [link]

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Got my copy and love it. Loved the extra bit of drawings in the back with the concepts.
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The whole art school lesson on uses of Glowing Crystals... taken a step farther.

VERY nice, Dan! :D Ghostbusters has been a hit at the shop!
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I got it, Dan, you're great at drawing large scale, was it easy to draw some of those buildings ?
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:noes: looks scary!!!
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WOO GHOULS! The most underrated monster of all time! (next to Revenants. Gotta love a zombie with brains.)
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Uhm, the Crow....not exactly "underrated". =)
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Well, the Crow is like the only famous example. Ghouls are almost always mistaken for zombies ( zombies hunt, Ghouls scavenge. Big diff.)
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Is this what happens when you give the undead rock candy?
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"The ghost said, "I just love salt water taffy, but I can't eat the stuff anymore: it always goes right through me."
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Hahaha! Nice one!
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A stand-up doing his (not very) funny routine at a silent comedy club says to the manager, "How come no one's laughing? Is everyone dead?"
"Yes: we're also renting space to the city morgue."
"Don't feel too bad. The last act was even worse: three of the stiffs got up and left in the middle of 'Benny And His Magic Violin.'"
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:iconlaughingplz: It must have been horrible!
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You remember what they said about "the living envying the dead"? Well, this was one situation that both were on the same boat.
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