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November 7, 2005
Who you gonna call? I think everyone knows the answer to that. Cleanin' Up The Town by *TraditionalDanimatio is a clean and polished illustration, wonderfully composed with great color and a cool style.
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Cleanin' Up The Town

Here's a commission for my good friend Kent Nelson aka Roadrunner_KN. I had a good time with this pic too. Originally it was just the guys, but I knew I had to have Slimer in there. I also followed the same designs for the Ghostbusters from an early pic I did. Happy Haunts everyone! :pumpkin:
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DaveAtze's avatar
wow!! love this pic, great composition. totally digging slimer
TMNTony's avatar
you think you might make graphic novels of the movies and can you draw the Cadet from the video game?
PhantomHourglass's avatar
Ghostly-darkness's avatar
As a Ghostbuster fan...this is great.
Silnev's avatar
That is a seriously cool picture.
TheCheshireKat's avatar
ooh, poor Venkmann! he got slimed! and i love Ray's face. "WHEE!"
LazarCotoron's avatar
This is just a great image. No wonder it has so many faves. Then the Ghostbusters tie in? Ya...
AjnosFTW's avatar
...Damnit, can't stop faving...
hackstermatrix's avatar
This deserves an Oscar or something.Truly Epic

p.s. before anyone thinks of putting any "smart" comments, I know what an Oscar is.
PiratoLoco's avatar
Wow...that is about the only response I have...HA!! Just watch these movies and they hold up really well. Nice work man.
saturn-man619's avatar
ecto1 best custom car ever built
MadOttsel's avatar
I love the style XD, peter got slimed again :lmao:
AgentC-24's avatar
Absolutely thrilling! :highfive: Incredible likenesses and cartoon style! :) Well done. :D
brothersdude's avatar
This is brilliant! X3

......and that Cadillac looks so....beautiful.:iconfinallyplz:
Blockwave's avatar
loremjay's avatar
expressions are great.
DestroyahDes's avatar
Wow that is amazing!! The colors and the shading are wonderful as are the facial expressions!
rflhnsn's avatar
Fckng Amazing bro!!!
gyung79's avatar
This thing rocks! Love everything in there, especially how most lines aren't visible...
Nice work, and a great homage!
Motorfish's avatar
Ghostbusters was an inseparable part of my childhood! The perfect blend of science, science fiction, and the supernatural! This illustration is just so good! I love to look on Ray's face! You know he loves ghostbust'in!
apcomics's avatar
if only theyd make a ghostbusters animated series like this
Muzickjunki91's avatar
Do you know about [My Way] Entertainment ghostbusters parody?

It's soooo funny!
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