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Back In Time

By DanSchoening
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There are so many sweet BTTF events going on, I thought I'd pull this one out of the vaults. I did this over a year ago, and there are things I would def like to tweak as this is kinda scatterbrain in composition. Still, it's always good tines with Doc and Marty. Also, if you are in the Burbank area Nov 5, be sure to swing by the biggest BTTF reunion ever. Check out the link here; [link]

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If this was a cartoon I would SO watch It.
This is great!!
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Awesome stylization! I'm loving this ^_^ huhu!
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Wow!!!!!! I really like the your drawing style, it adds an interesting definition to the characters...Wow!!!
As a weekly comic reader and huge Ghostbusters fan, I love what you are doing with the Ghostbusters. It's my most anticipated book for me each month. That being said, I would really love to see what you guys could do with a Back to the Future comic.
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Thank you very much! I would love to do a BTTF comic :) Luis and I are HUGE fans, so you never know! Cheers
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Love that movie!!!
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GREAT SCOTT !!!!!!!!!! this is amazing
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Great Scott! This thing's heavy!
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Gotta get back in time! Back to the future!
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Great Scott!!

This is an excellent piece!
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Amazing piece!
Now, I would love to also see a BTTF comic series from you!! :D
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So awesome, excellent Dan.
Looks amazing! It would be so awesome to see a BTTF comic with your art! Now that you're a regular at IDW, is that an idea that is being thrown around? As you said, there are a lot of BBTF-related things happening these days.

Another avenue would be to create a t-shirt with this great type of art on a site like Ript Apparel. They always feature designs for a day based on great artists.
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brilliant work! back to the future is an awesome saga!
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VERY good, my friend! I love the Clock tower (or whatever) in the background right as it's struck by lightning!
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You are my idol !!!!!! =O
I love you! Ghostbusters, Back in time ... I love them, love them too ... but never mind, you draw what you draw will love!
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Oh the memories, slipping away like this old photo...
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I like the suspense going on in this pic :D
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I was told to come here by :iconchadrocco: for some awesome Ghostbusters stuff, but stayed for an awesome based on my all time favourate movie, Back to the Future. Awesme job. XD
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