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250 Rupees

By DanSchoening
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Edit: After looking at the piece again, and with the help of I altered the bg so that the characters would read better. A prime example of coming back to a piece with fresh eyes :) Hope you all digs!

Here's the completed follow up to the Mario Bros Piece I did a while ago. I went a little nuts and did a few more characters than I had planned on, but the Zelda Universe has some sweet designs that I've been wanting to draw for a while.

No prize for the person who knows why I titled the pic 250 rupees. Also, how many Gold Skultas can you find?

Next up...Metroid!
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Impa looks like she tripped over something.

Oh, my childhood! We had a gold cartridge for the original Zelda. The last game i sat down and played was Wind Waker. So many fond memories, summed up here with style.
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Looky there, it's ERROR
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Millenstein's avatar
I see 7 gold skultulas!
serendipity4u2's avatar
I am a HUGE Zelda fan, and from this day on, a HUGE fan of you, my friend ;) Huzzah!
l3rokeneye's avatar
just for lolz you should do one based on the Zelda CDI characters :p
DanSchoening's avatar
LOL Not after watching James review them! They looked less than desirable :D
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Love the awesome cartoon style!
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Damn that is cool, I love the style. It's fun picking out individual characters and monsters. Aw the owl rocks lol!!
Avalerin's avatar
HisuiKirei's avatar
do you have a larger version of this wonderful thing?
xD do you actually have 250 ruppees in the bg? crazy!
love the style!
The-Dark-Lord-Link's avatar
:rofl: I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this! Epic job! :D
Avalerin's avatar
Is it impossible for you not to be legendary
oto-yumeko's avatar
omg this is so trippy but an awsome style!
moonpuppy4's avatar
Really great! and I find 7 gold skultas
The-Seventh-Sage's avatar
Wow, omg, I like it :D!
GoblinPrincess's avatar
Such an awesome work :clap: :heart:
soulsister911's avatar
so i was just sitting here and trying to name all of the characters when i eventually gave up and decided to comment to you on how much i love this piece and how it is just so epic :D
wow, how many characters are there in total?
predawn's avatar
Amazing job! I can't stop looking at this. :heart:
contra-rawr's avatar
woah, this is great! :D
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