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First of all, thanks to all the well wishers when I was feeling ill recently! You guys are super awesome and I'm glad I have so many supporters out there :) But, let's get to the good stuff ;)

I've done a few mockups and participated in the design of a few different applications, and came up with designs for new applications, but one guy going around one by one isn't really going to have a ton of impact. So I've been thinking about designing things on a per-widget basis. In this way I can provide more modular designs that anyone can make use of in any of their apps. And I think that's a pretty cool idea, personally :)

So, in keeping with that theme, I attended a session at UDS today about Quickly Widgets. Quickly Widgets are essentially a kind of drop-in template solution for adding (sometimes very complex) widgets to applications developed in Quickly. So, in the session and a little after, I got a nice chance to chat with Rick Spencer about bringing some design to Quickly and it's widgets and he was just as excited about it as I was :D I'm really looking forward to exploring this kind of modular design and to see if we can get some superior tools into developers hands to create really intuitive, fun, and beautiful applications.

You can check out my first design for a specific type of widget here: danrabbit.deviantart.com/art/S…

If you have any ideas for widgets, please post them in the comments! I'd really like to get some discussion going about designing custom widgets, especially commonly used ones that seem to be poorly implemented across the desktop.

If you don't know about Quickly, you can check it out here: wiki.ubuntu.com/Quickly
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A good widget to make would be a font formatting widget like in my mockup for abiword.
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This is excellent. Ubuntu really need to lower the barriers for "opportunistic developers".
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Quickly Widgets :) you r0x Dan
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Oh hey, that'd be great. ^.^ I imagine things like Postler will take advantage of these widgets, of course!
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it would be cool if you could release some of your .svg for people who want to make mock-ups
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I have all my mockups in launchpad in this branch: [link]
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Thanks Mr. Rabbit
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I'm not sure I understood everything, but if it is what I understood...
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Oh shi- to install quickly I need to download 229mb's worth of packages. :O
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That's an awesome idea. :D
Would be great to actually see some consistency between (gtk) apps (both behaviour and look). Hmm, any ideas for widgets.. Well I'm not sure how this would work, but a global Zietgiest-style filter widget (as seen in your filebrowser mockups) would be cool. And.. a viewmode widget (again seen in your Noise and Marlin mockups)? A zoom-slider widget: [link] And a sidebar-style widget, as seen in your mockups + other software like iTunes, Finder/Windows Explorer etc.

Anyway, awesome work you're doing, keep it up. Haha. :D
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